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  1. So Sad to see this news, Neil took our requests for freeware airports and I was so excited when he added a few that I requested, and he was always willing to help with any issues we were having in our Sims, what a great guy to do what he did for the Flight SIm community. Thoughts and Prayers to the Hill family Rest In Peace, Neil
  2. This is True, I really should have posted this in the “Flight Plans” Section, makes much more sense. If it suits the Moderators, Mabey it could be moved there.
  3. Thanks Teecee, I’ve got everything RTMM has to offer as well as Tongass fjords, I have flown to almost all of the locations using Air Hauler and absolutely love what the good people at RTMM have to offer us, truly amazing what they do for our hobby.
  4. Great stuff here! I have to agree, Concrete to Darrington has got to be one of the best flights for sure, and anything from Alaska down the West coast is certainly a must fly. I am going to try some of these East cost flights, I’ve only dabbled a bit out of Bar Harbour, I’m not super familiar with the east coast so thanks for the suggestions! keep em coming!!! This is much appreciated!!
  5. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone, I thought I’d try something a bit different for finding cool places to fly. First off, I haven’t used my Simulators for a little while as I have been quite busy with work. I work for a School district as an Electrician and Summer is our busy time. I mostly use P3D 4.3 and have all of ORBX NA Scenery installed as well as PNG and Pago Pago, I don’t have any of my ORBX Aus., NZ or Europe installed at this time. I’m hoping the good people here will let me know what their favorite GA flights are in N.A. preferably shorter flights that take less than an hour. I am always checking out the forums to see where you guys are going and looking at the pics and videos, it’s my favorite part of the ORBX forums. So hopefully you will show me your favorite flights, I don’t need flight plans, just a start and finish is fine but if you think a flight plan is useful or needed by all means please post it! (If that’s alright with the mods) I’ve got almost all the planes you can think of, small GA (floats, skis, Tundra, etc.) Mid GA, Large GA, small Biz jets, regional jets, AS Airbus’s and PMDG 737’s but no really “Big Heavies” and I don’t have choppers in my fleet as my home cockpit is set up for planes. Looking forward to seeing where all of your favorite places to go are and flying them myself!! Cheers,
  6. Best bang for your buck is definitely the Logitech (saitek) Proflight package (yoke, pedals and throttle quadrant) I have two sets in my cockpit build and they work great in p3d v4. I've also coupled that with FSUIPC 5 and spad.next with all of my saitek radios,autopilot and switch panels. They are certainly not the most robust pieces of equipment on the market and there are much "better" and more expensive products out there but you can't beat the price in my opinion for what you get, and no matter how much you spend on sim equipment, it will eventually break down. Just my two cents.
  7. Another Great video Robert! Looking forward to adding another RTMM scenerie to my V4 Library, love em all!!
  8. This guy “Airforceproud95” (The Pilot) has a whole bunch of these funny type videos on YouTube. He also goes with his buddies on some real rides. This guy is a riot! I recommend you guys and gals check out more of his videos, not all are great but many are.
  9. Happy Birthday Jack!! Same thing I posted for Iain! It’s your Birthday so you “MUST” have as many Drinks as your age suggests!! Have a Great day!!
  10. Happy Birthday Iain!! Have a few Beers, then wine, then your choice of hard liquor, but the key here is to have as many drinks as your age, so a young 30 something year old chap... like yourself should be able to handle all that on this fine day. Have a Fantastic day!!!
  11. Great shots of the new version Adam! I’m very happy with 4.3, I believe it’s a nice upgrade, not mind blowing or anything but a definite improvement imho
  12. I updated the client and content to V4.3 and couldn’t be happier myself. Your great shot shows the new version beautifully!
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