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  1. Hi I had the same issue so just uninstalled and downloaded full file and re-installed..Issue fixed Terry
  2. Great thanks for your assiatance stewart, Terry
  3. Hi just to the south of klax airport there are numerous storage tanks that are visible one minute and then disappear the next. as showing in the attached images ,could someone please check and see if this happens with others..all other textures seem ok ..I have global,vector and sca installed thanks Terry
  4. ok thanks Larry,I will continue my search,thanks for the additional info.. and yes I do remember the bathtub races to the mainland but am not sure if they still have them.. Terry
  5. Hi Larry awesome scenery ,this wouldn't be the easter egg would it..
  6. Hi Nick,double j thats srange isnt it,as all my other files are marked as bgl's and that was the only one marked with off ext. I run in hybrid mode as as well Terry
  7. Hi Double J I had the same problem awhile back..Check this file in world scenery folder ADE_FTX_SAK_CFA4_elevation adjustment.BGL.for some reason it was marked to off and wasnt even in the ftx configurator to enable it so just renamed the ext to bgl instead of off Terry
  8. Nicely done, Marshall enjoyed it very much, have flown into castlegar a few times my self in my own plane ,I fly the q400 in the sim and picked up a lot of good info from you thanks Terry
  9. Nicely done, Marshall enjoyed it very much, have flown into castlegar a few times my self in my own plane ,I fly the q400 in the sim and picked up a lot of good info from you thanks Terry
  10. Thank you all for your replies and Ed for confirming my suspicions Terry
  11. Hi Can anyone tell me why there would be a sub folder in my main Orbx folder when I dont have S43 installed or have never purchased it..It is not listed in the fsx library so is inactive Thanks Terry
  12. Hi I see this anomaly was missed in this update http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/90849-puerto-vallarto-mmpr-anomaly/ Hopefully will get fixed in next patch Terry
  13. Hi Js I have a data backup drive for my whole fsx installation and keep it up to date for this reason.. comes in handy sometimes Personal choice if you wish to do a backup..I also use usb backup drives for certain things Terry
  14. Hi Js Glad its working for you now.. just follow the path that is indicated on the red error box that you posted and you will see the batch file in there.. Terry
  15. Hi Js I downloaded the global base pack version 1.40 by mistake when I didnt need to and after installing 1.40 I got this error because for some reason it deleted the restore batch file..Luckily I had a backup copy of previous versions so just copied the batch file over and all was fine again hope this helps Terry
  16. Hi Nick I finally found where fsg put their files ,located inside the base folders and removed said files and it fixed the problem , almost except for a few lake elevation issues which Larry probably was talking about. Will maybe look into getting a better terrain mesh Thanks for your assistance Terry
  17. Hi Larry,Nick I didnt disable FsGenisis but I will try that ... and let you know thanks for your suggestions Terry
  18. Have a great trip nigel,I have done that cruise twice and it was great both times, best part you can just walk out your door and get on the ship Terry
  19. Hi Guys thanks for your responses, the only airport that is Orbx freeware is norman wells cyvq ,which is ok, its the surrouding area thats messed up and yes czfn is the default fsx airport and wasnt so much concerned about it as the surrounding areas. as was just showing it and furthur south for reference in the mackenzie valley to ft simpson etc.I have FsGenesis installed ..havent noticed any other location that is messed like this...I checked all my lib insertions and all are in correct order from what I can see. Larry, yes that is mostly the problem with lake elavations , so you
  20. Hi I installed the freeware airport cyvq and did a flight down the mackenzie valley to yellowknife and in doing so noticed these terrain issues ,kinda messes up the landscape... so was just wondering if anybody else is seeing what I am seing in the photos. I did disable the the vector cvx folder in lib and fixed the issue...but could be more to it than that thanks Terry
  21. Hi Tiger This may be what you are looking for zip file @ flightsim .com ( q400_majestic_easy_guide_1012.zip) by Rainer Pecksen Terry
  22. Hi Doug No, I just updated it over the original installation, hope you get it sorted Terry
  23. Hi Doogles I just did the update and with no issues Terry
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