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  1. Nice shots and comparison, global really suits the area! I wonder where the mesh difference comes from? Looks like there is some mesh enabled/disabled here, but global doesnt include mesh. Looking at the mountains they are a lot more defined in the FTXG shots vs. default.
  2. Nice "pirep" of your trip and that fswidgets program looks cool! BTW, Orcas city doesn't have a seaplane base, but the island does, W49 Rosario, which is included as a bonus airport in the addon (+ WA35 clam harbour). Just FYI for your next trip!
  3. Thanks for the kind comments Gents! I agree there's still much to discover in PNW atleast for me, and then there's PFJ, NRM and CRM... I hope I can finish these areas of the world before FTX norway, which for sure will be a favourite of mine, norway being a neighbouring country and all.
  4. Still, after all this time I manage to find new ways around the mountains while test flying my new addons; Carenado's CT206H here. Went up from Hope CYHE to Lytton CYLY following the BC-1 Trans-Canada highway. Beautiful scenery when you stay low
  5. Of course mesh will be compatible with FTX global, since global is only textures. Thus they are 2 different things and do not affect each other. So yes FSG mesh can be used together with global and create more accurate elevation differences in the scenery. I believe after FTX AU all FTX regions have included an accurate mesh so in those regions FTX mesh will override FSGenesis mesh, but will work when outside of FTX regions.
  6. Yeah, sure do! It's on avsim, nice 2048x2048 res repaint http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxacrp&DLID=170662
  7. Haha, thanks for the nice compliments chaps, I really like it too and love the C152
  8. Quick piccie after flight from CRM KSMN Lehmi County Airport - NRM 32S Stevensville airport Was quite a struggle to climb this little bird to get over the mountains on the edge of Idaho - Montana edits: resized, applied a bit of sharpen, did some Curves and Levels edits to achieve a Bloom or HDR look
  9. Quickie after a nice flight from Seattle-Tacoma to Spokane Intl It's been a while since I last posted a screenie, hope you like
  10. Yes i should be studying, but i am here on computer listening to the internet radio. Hope all goes well.
  11. Oh man... Just got to finnish news also, although as a "smaller" story with big headlines about blizzard thats about to hit USA. \ Hope all is gonna go well over there down under!
  12. That IS basicly the most essential stuff you need for delightful FSX/FTX experience. Altough, i would only use REX textures, and buy ASE (active sky evolution). Luckily for me, i bought ASX (predecessor of ASE) way before REX came out, so ASE was free for me. With all the bug fixes (into FSX's weather system) ASE is hands down the best weather program, with good accurate weather (my own tests, atleast for my location always the weather is the same as i see it out the window )
  13. Wow! Really loving the colors and atmosphere in 1st and 4th. Clouds are so dark in 4th, i love it! Hope to see more screenies like this in future.
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