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  1. Thanks for answering, I do have a strong password and I do not log out ,I only close Orbx Central. The next time I want to open it I have to reset password and this has been happening for quite a while. Even If i did log out it should remember the password. I just tried it now and it did remember but tomorrow may be a different story.
  2. Each time I open Orbx Central I have to send an email and make a new password. Central is not remembering the password I entered. How do I get central to remember password so I do not have to make up a new one every time I open central Thanks in Advance
  3. tried to use that to log in and do its thing but cant figure that one out either,why are these things so complicated
  4. Downloaded again and when trying to run it says exception error, it say it cannot find. B: FlightsimFSX\ORBX\Scripts\Backup.xml Have been trying to figure this out for three days.
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