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  1. Hello again, I finally got some time to do more testing, I went ahead and cleared the shaders and made a new p3d.cfg, but I am still seeing colors in only some of the waves. They seem to be random and they go from a bluish to yellow or orangish red, if it was greenish it would look like see weed or kelp. lol I don't have any shader app installed (unless it came with some addon airport I have and I don't know about it), I don't use the atmospheric effects, they don't seem to work good for me, use too much V-ram. I do use ActiveSky P3D with the AS Cloud Art??? Anyways it's not a deal breaker, I like the look of these waves rolling up on Miami beach TOO much to get rid of them. I'm just curious if anyone else sees this?
  2. Very cool, I got them installed and they are working, love those new waves!! I am getting some multi colored waves occasionally mixed in with the whitecaps, do i need to clear shaders or is this normal?
  3. Does this work in P3D v5 as well? thanks
  4. OH crap add-ons, Nicks post even says it!! lol I need to slow down, that's what happens when I'm going 10 different directions at one time.... Got it, thanks guys!!
  5. Got it!! Thanks!! I want to try some comparison, but not remove it just yet. EDIT:::: It seems that I can't uncheck any of the vector files? Any ideas?
  6. Quick question, I'm not sure, how do I disable the vector? thanks
  7. That first shot wow, very realistic!! Looks great!!
  8. I fear I may have stumped you guys with this one. I wonder whats the best way to disable TE Washington without uninstalling it? I want to wait until some of these issues are fixed before using it. Can I just "disable it" in P3Dv5 somehow? If so, what precisely do I have to disable to get this done. thanks!!
  9. Hey y'all, great scenery in many ways, and I'm sure this is just a "thing", but, any ideas on how I get rid of this? It appears that when I fly over "some" areas the new textures disappear and the old Orbx PNW show through. NOTE I do not have any other third party add-ons/airports/nothing in this area. Do I need to disable PNW? My video of the issue Also, I have this at KTCM after TE Washington was installed, it's like a wall of terrain textures? is there some texture missing?: Also, I have blurry terrain textures, roads and grass and stuff, the houses and building seem to be ok, as well as some of the photo-real stuff...except for the disappearing stuff in my video. Any ideas? I have verified files from this scenery and the libraries, I have Lukla, but I have the very latest files for that, and have checked the updater. I have run the insertion point tool. I get pretty good frames, just a lot of strange stuff going on. thanks, Rob C
  10. Right here brother, follow it to the letter and you can "totally" update P3dV5 without losing a thing. Or at least that was my experience.
  11. Roger that, it's less noticeable in the day time. Just to make sure I checked the Boulder/Hover Dam to make sure it wasn't leaking, it's still up...lol
  12. Thank you thank you, I can't wait for the Orlando scenery!! I want to see how it looks in the new sim.
  13. The sun and sky looks amazing right out of the box here....
  14. Hey y'all, I was flying from the Grand Canyon to KLAS (FlyTampa Las Vegas) and ran into something odd in the desert. I'm not sure if this is a compatibility issue with the FlyTampa scenery or not, I'm pretty well outside the city, near Boulder City, it was just after dusk and becoming night and I ran into what looks like water, or a shiny surface (you can even see sky reflections in it), but it it's seems to be over some houses or the outskirts of a neighborhood. If anyone has this scenery combo with Orbx, Global, NA LC, Southern Cali, have you seen anything like this? I don't remember this being here in P3Dv4. And if it is some sort of clash with the FT Vegas scenery and Orbx is there anything that can be turned off maybe to get rid of it? thanks Lat:N36° 1.38' Lon:W114° 55.56' NOTE: I guess I could just not look down when I fly over this area...but for some reason it bothers me as I would hate to run across this over large parts of the area.
  15. I didn't turn on the the recording until right after takeoff so, that's missing...lol But this shows some good performance and some really good looking scenery, note that my scenery complexity is on dense so some stuff is missing, but this was my first "test" flight after following Nicks FANTASTIC P3Dv5 update advice. Thanks Nick, worked perfectly! I'm not sure how to attach a video so, I hope this is correct. P3Dv5 HF video
  16. So I can assume that I will only do this as a last resort should some unusual problems show up. But the P3d.cfg is always a good idea to replace. Got it, thanks man!! I'm downloaded now!! I'm excited!!
  17. Hello, I have a quick question as I get ready to install the new files, I pretty much understand everything and will follow it to the letter as it sounds like a solid plan. One thing though, this: Ideally, you should run the P3D\Delete Generated Files batch file but it will leave every setting back at default. If you have spent time on controls settings, for example, you will loose them all. It's up to you. If I have my controller settings saved and I don't care about the other settings will doing this affect ANY other sceneries? like FlyTampa or Flightbeam, FSDream such as that? OR does it just affect the main programs settings and details? NOTE, I haven't installed any other add-on aircraft yet. thanks man, sorry to bother.
  18. Hey Nick, If you say it looks good then I won't worry about it any longer. Yeah so far everything looks ok, I haven't run into any crazy anomalies yet. I'll post back if I see anything way out of the ordinary. Thanks man!
  19. Please take a look at this and see if this looks right? I never noticed this before. I installed the new FSG-FS Global Ultimate 2020 mesh and flew a few flights, did NOT crash into any invisible walls at Hollywood Burbank Airport like earlier today by the way, on 3 different landings on 3 runways, BUT, a bunch of my Orbx stuff is ALL over the place in my scenery library now, take a look: (I ran the insertion point tool just to see if it would fix itself, but it's still like this) Any ideas?
  20. I just hit an invisible wall flying into Hollywood Burbank/Bob Hope Airport. Made a short video to show:
  21. Well I tried running it while I was in the V5 section of Central, even though it says P3Dv4 in the configurator dropdown, and I think it works. The lights that "I think" are Orbx global lights seem to look a little better. but It could just be me...
  22. Is this working? The night lights are a little too bright and bloomy for me, but when I run the configurator from within the Central in V5 sim mode, it only shows P3Dv4.x as a selectable sim. I haven't had to use this configurator in awhile so I kind of forgot how it even works. thanks
  23. I think if I had anything installed in the P3Dv4 folder itself I would just redownload only those NEW for P3Dv5 and let them install properly, then for the stuff in my library I would try downloading one of my other small sceneries into the P3Dv5 library folder just to make sure the folder is established in central, and then copy all of my "compatible only" library stuff into the folder. THEN, I would run "verify files" on all of the scenery I didn't just re-download, one by one and let Central check those files/entries. Or, You could just try to run "verify files" on all the scenery you already copied and see if that works. I also saw a post that said to try to run sync in central, to sync the simulator and central I assume. good luck.
  24. OK that worked!! It told me that before installing the trees that an Orbx libraries would have to be installed, and then it made the folder. THANK NICK!! after this is done I'm going to try copying over global base and see what happens.
  25. Roger that, I'll try it now see what happens. thanks Nick!!
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