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  1. UPDATE, I went and downloaded the latest version of FSGW and it now shows P3Dv5.1 in the list. so it is working!! thanks for the heads up!!
  2. Other than my waves missing I haven't seen anything "yet", BUT, except for the initial default flight which looked fine, I have been flying over TrueEarth Florida so I can't say for absolute yet about the entire globe. BUT, if I have to reinstall Global it's not a huge deal, it goes pretty quick. I have FSGlobal and it tells me it cannot connect to the sim, wrong version?? I'll try re-installing it. LM has verified that ASP3D is broken until a hotfix is released so I assumed it was the same for FSGW. https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=
  3. Yep, like Nick said, follow the instructions step by step, I have done this several times now and it works like a charm. You have to make sure that IF you have ANY of the Orbx parts installed in the P3Dv5 folder that you pay close attention to that second part as well as you might have to reinstall the Global or some of the LC's, I have EVERYTHING in a library so I just have to re-sync the library/sim and I was good to go. (NOTE: I also re-did my library insertion point again, just to make sure everything was in the right order, not sure if this is even needed but I did it anyways
  4. Hello all, I just updated to P3D 5.1 and so far I'm liking it, I followed Nicks guide for updating to the T and it went smooth as silk. I do have one small problem though. My waves seem to be missing. I used the modified waves found here in the forums, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. Any ideas what I can try to get them back? thanks
  5. These are over Tampa Bay, first set is looking at KTPA (NOTE I have FlyTampa KTPA and it blends perfectly) with downtown in the back ground, Then one right over the bay overlooking St. Petersburg (notice the details in the bay water), then looking at the nice job they did on MacDill AFB (which is where we go to watch airshows), then KPIE St. Pete/Clearwater International, then 2 shots of downtown, NOTE I was way to low in these downtown Tampa picts, kinda blurry. Haven't been to Orlando yet.
  6. All of this makes sense when it is explained fully, THANK YOU for taking the time guys. And, on a personal note, I think Orbx did a great job with TE Florida!! The other TE products I bought and installed but I don't seem to like them as much (at least at this time), like for example Washington, I just don't seem to like it as much as just with the regions and global. Not sure why, probably because the Pacific North West was such a well done product to begin with? For as much as Orbx has given us with FREE (fairly major) updates and discounts for completely different
  7. I see what you are talking about, I also see this. Not sure why they are so different though, you would think with DX12 things would be much clearer/crisper, but it looks the opposite?
  8. I have flown over Tampa, and it blends pretty good with FlyTampa KTPA, (although I would like to turn off the old surrounding coverage that FT KTPA has with it keeping the stadium and International plaza) AND I have flown out of KMIA and over to the beach (in an Active Sky rainstorm with the newest Traffic Global) and I am getting pretty good frames (steady 30 to 50'ish). Here is how it blends, note I turned off the LVR city and surrounding areas....so that is all Orbx. NOTE I also have South West Florida airport and Ft Lauderdale form LVR running as well, so not too bad performanc
  9. This is interesting, I wonder as I am still trying to understand all of this new tech, what about if photogrammetry is turned off, BUT, the Bing data is still turned on? The airport (buildings, runways, gates, clutter) itself will still be rendered correct? Keep in mind I have NO idea what I'm talking about lol, I'm trying to better understand. thanks
  10. KORS Orcas Island Ok, I tried logging in and out of X-Box Live (or whatever it's called) and restarting and I do see it in my apps/addons/content (whatever) area, does this look like it's working?? and yes, the menus are confusing... thanks for the help sir!!
  11. Hey y'all, just had to get one of my favorite airports for the new sim so I got it tonight and did the "in sim" install just to try that out, well it installed fine (I assume) and it shows a green check mark, BUT, when I open the sim it shows in the FS2020 store menu page that I don't have it yet, and I can't seem to be able to find it in the airport lists? Now keep in mind this FS2020 is ALL new to me, I'm still figuring out how to use the menus. But can anyone guide me on how to get this straightened out? Maybe I'm in the wrong place in the menus?? than
  12. I have found for me that I can get a nice balance by setting my "Texture Resolution" to 1024x1024, I can jack up other settings and still keep my Vram under 6gb even at the most detailed airports (Miami and Las Vegas). And surprisingly everything still looks great. Most of the time I am under 4gb, in the 3.5gb range. FXAA - off AA: 8xSSAA
  13. I just went through this, so I can give you some heads up if you want. 1st and foremost, if I were you I would properly uninstall as much as you can for V4 through any method you can find, SOME addon things share install/uninstallers. PMDG specifically recommends this. Next, expect "some" addons that are compatible and being used in BOTH versions to have to be reinstalled, 3 that I can note that caused my P3Dv5 to crash (after) were F1 GTN Complete, UGCX, and AI Lights Reborn. As a safety precaution I uninstalled each one (as best as I could) and just reinstalled the
  14. That's what I was thinking, same drive. Should be pretty easy if I can do it from within central. I don't think I have ever looked into the users guide...lol thanks again Nick, that should do it!!
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