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  1. I see that TE GB1 installs three lines into the scenery config file. One is for orthos, one for overlays, and the third is called Orbx_A_GB_South_TrueEarth_Custom. Is this a library file? I'm trying to decide where to put it in the order of the config. The installer just put the three of them in randomly, and I moved the other two to appropriate places in the list. Don't know where this one should go.
  2. Hi again, Nick. Since this topic is still "active," I thought I'd add to it. I bought and installed Pearson and Meigs Fields for XP. The installer again added an empty entry for KVUO: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery// So, some installers are still adding this unnecessary entry. I don't believe it hurts anything, but it shouldn't happen. In addtion, the installer put the Orbx library entry at the bottom of the list, below mesh entries (where it shouldn't be), and an overlay near the top of the list, where it also shouldn't be. It also put what I assume is a mesh entry near the top, since it started with ZZZ, which would indicate you wanted it added near or at the bottom. This is an example of what I was worried about. Non-savvy users could have problems with where the installer adds entries, if scenery elements aren't read because they are listed out of order.
  3. Okay, I installed FTX and added L52, ENOV, and ENHA to my Xplane through it. L52 just added an entry at the top of the config .ini (scenery_packs.ini) and didn't change anything else. ENHA and ENOV added entries at the top of the config .ini for each airport and also added another entry placed randomly below in the config: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery// This is an empty entry, and wouldn't hurt anything if I left it, but FTX really shouldn't add anything other than the airport entries. You might want to look at why it adds these empty entries.
  4. Well, I’ll reinstall FTX (I don’t have P3D installed anymore on my new computer and don’t intend to), and test the FTX install procedure with the freeware airports to see what it does for myself.
  5. Well, there are three freeware airports on the site listed for XP11, which is the three i downloaded and tried to install using the manual download option for MacOS or Linux. I’m talking about those. And if those airports can’t be installed manully, then I guess I won’t be getting the payware airports either. I understand the need to insure against piracy. But there is no need for FTX to try to arrange the config file as it does in FSX/P3D. A simple naming convention, with “a-“ before airports, “y-“ before overlays and “z-“ before mesh files would work. As I understand it, the files already follow those conventions, and so will be placed in the correct order by XP when it starts.
  6. I would like to try the freeware airports for XP11, but don't want to use FTX Central to install them. I don't want FTX to have access to or change my scenery order in my config file. So, I downloaded the manual zip files. But something seems wrong with them. They contain numerous zip folders with long string number/letter names. It doesn't seem that there are the actual airport folders and files in them anywhere. How does one install them manually? I run Windows 10.
  7. May I ask what is SODE and what are the differences in the Orbx version that might make it worth transferring?
  8. I wonder if when you click on LOWI or Meigs in the Global scenery section, it won't open with the option to buy or install both the P3D and AF2 versions and you can then install the AF2 versions you bought?
  9. Flying that lovely girl to the left, I S-turn while taxiing, which others here call zig-zagging. Just taxi Slowly from one side of the taxiway to the other at a slight angle so you can see out the side window down the taxiway to ensure you're not going to run into anything/one(deer). Imagine the taxiway line is actually a long series of curves like a snake and track that. If you're sure nothing is in front of you (as you can be in the sim) just look out the sides at the edges of the taxi way to keep the plane in the middle. You'll have to S-turn a bit near the end to see where to turn onto the runway. On takeoff, it is perfectly fine (and the usual practice) to push the stick forward to raise the tail. Most taildraggers are NOT flown off the runway in a three-point attitude. I do so once I have full throttle applied, which I do slowly, so after about five seconds. Push the stick forward slowly and get ready with a little more right rudder to counter-act the P-factor. The slower the tail raises, the less yaw you will experience. By the time the tail raises, there is enough air over the rudder for control. On landing, you can either three-point or wheel land. In a cross-wind of any real force, I wheel land. Three-pointing is easier, as you are no longer at flying speed when you touch. Still, ground looping is always a possibility. The main thing is to land straight, with no side loading on the gear. Land on one wheel if necessary to be straight and keep her straight until she is slow enough to just be a ground vehicle again (a walking pace). Taildragger pilots are real pilots, they say. :-) Give me a taildragger and a nice grass field over any other kind of flying!
  10. I had the same issue and it worked as you suggested. A 0 second response and everything showed up fine.
  11. I'm sure someone with a link to the file will pop in soon. In the meantime, might be worth searching the scenery folders for any other 65S scenery that could be conflicting. That's another common reason for these elevation issues.
  12. Thanks John. John Dow kindly PMed me with a tip for installing as well. I will give it a try today. I used to fly this lovely plane quite a bit. I'm very much looking forward to replicating Dow's flight.
  13. Wonderful. Hope to be flying these valleys myself by this weekend. Gotta figure out how to get the L-39 installed into P3D.
  14. Yes, there are a number of pilots here, I believe. I've been flying since I was 14. That's a very long time ago now. It it is very expensive to train and fly now, but as Bermuda said, there are less expensive ways to get into the air. Depends on what kind of flying you want to do. Over the years, as airways have become more crowded, I've been less and less interested in the typical GA $100 hamburger, A-B-A kind of flying. I've enjoyed grass patch and home-built/ultralight, keep her in class G airspace kinds of flying. Low and slow in the extreme, tree-top low and follow the rivers kind of IFR. I've also enjoyed soaring, and a sailplane ticket is both pretty inexpensive to train for and fly if there's a gliderport near you. Flying the wings rather than an engine is both quite enjoyable and a great way to learn the fundamentals of aerodynamics. Find a school and take a "discovery flight" and see what you think. Learning to fly is a challenge, and there is a lot to know in today's GA environment. In the meantime, you can simulate the experience and practice that learning as accurately as you're willing to if you put in the effort. Grab an addon plane that lets you pre-flight. Grab the free FAA handbooks on flying (they're actually quite wonderful), get some charts and sectionals and start learning. The sim can't simulate everything, but it can simulate a good bit if you put in the effort to learn and follow the rules and procedures. Have fun.
  15. Hmmmm....must be a recent issue. I've landed on those many times in the past.
  16. Well, I'm convinced. I rarely buy new airports when they are released, as I have so much Orbx scenery now to enjoy, and have regretted a few low performing airport buys. This will be an instant buy. Both from the still shots and the video, this is one of the most realistic looking sceneries that Orbx has done. I'm looking forward to hours and hours in my own Birddog exploring those incredibly detailed rivers and lakes and glaciers. Just very impressive work on display here. Yes, color can be adjusted (and saturation does seem too high in this vid) and this vid shows that autogen is clearly where it should be (timberline is low that far north). This scenery captures reality to a degree that we don't usually see. Excellent work. It's hard to know what it would take to convince if this doesn't rise to that standard. As a real pilot who is always looking for scenery that accurately reflects my experience in the air, this clearly is more of what I'm looking for than I usually see, and I'm looking forward to flying it soon.
  17. That did the trick. Not listed in FTX Central any more. Thanks. I wish it didn't have these performance problems. It's an interesting airport. The frustrating part is that I held off on buying this airport for a long time. Then bought it, switched to P3D within a week or so after buying, and noticed that it didn't work with P3D. Waited until recently to be able to use it in that sim, but once I did, found terrible performance. Oh well...should have just skipped it in the first place, I guess.
  18. I would appreciate some help on this. I'm not sure the steps in the sticky thread on uninstalling airports still apply since we have the new FTXCentral and unified lookup. I tried manually removing the relevant folder and two script files, after deleting the airport scenery from my scenery library first (from within the sim). But it still shows up in FTX Central. Is it safe to run the FTXconfigurator.exe in the scripts folder? Will that remove the airport from FTX Central?
  19. I have installed the P3Dv3 version of CEF4. I had the problem noted in this thread: Disabling the suggested files fixed that problem, but the performance of this airport is terrible. I don't remember it being this bad in FSX, although it was a bit demanding, I recall. I have a good computer and can fly almost all my many, many Orbx sceneries at my FPS lock of 32 with no trouble. I can fly over LA in the SCA region in the high 20s. But CEF4 is a bit of a slide show. When I check, both around the airport and looking at or near Calgary, FPS is in the teens. And, of course, there's really not much of anything in this area. It's pretty empty. Is there something else I can disable to improve performance? If not, how do I uninstall this particular airport? I know it adds things to Calgary as well as the airport itself.
  20. Thanks Holger. I did indeed search for this issue before posting, using several formulations, but didn't find anything.
  21. I ran the test after doing the migration and everything came up green. Would that be the case if the migration was incomplete? But I can try the procedure to build a new terrain.cfg. Will it build back fully by itself? I have Tongass Fjords installed. Will I need to add those terrain.cfg entries to the newly rebuilt file? Might there be other entries in the .cfg from other sceneries that will be missing if I do this? Since it only seems to be affecting that one area (so far) is there perhaps a more surgical fix?
  22. Yeah, I think it must be landclass. It would be nice to get some help on it. I guess I just won't buy the new airport, LDDU.
  23. I've fixed the terraced terrain with a mesh patch, but there is still the water problem that may be a LC unified lookup issue. Here's my post on the other thread: Some support on this issue would be appreciated.
  24. Well, the patches fixed the tiling, but the water issue seems to be separate and perhaps a LC issue. I haven't noticed it anywhere else I've flown. When I spawn at LDDU, no matter where or what aircraft, I get water where ground should be, and, as I move, the ground tiles around me turn to water. This remains after I take off. The tiles right beneath me turn to water. I flew from LDDU to LYTV and most of the way this happened. By the time I was near LYTV, it stopped, and it didn't happen on the ground there. Pics: Could this be related to the new unified lookup migration?
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