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  1. Thanks Ken but I do have EDVY in Global and It got fixed somehow when I rebuilt my CFG. Thanks again
  2. Yeh it didn't fix it, it is the only airport in that area with this problem.
  3. Thanks Stufer and yes I am running vector I also having issues with KCGX on another thread "KCGC" which I made a typo. I will try to run it and get back. rick
  4. I am having this problem with one of the airport of EDVY area, not the main one. Wondering if anyone could shine some light. thanks
  5. Thanks all I have plenty of that, it turned out it too a while to unwrap, I never experienced this before as my main PC is quite beefy. thanks again
  6. I am trying to update KJAC 110 but installer gets stuck on unwrapping installer. any suggestions?
  7. I have a feeling is do to with FSGlobal Ultimate Mesh being precise against FSX not. I some times have to use the flatting Tool because FSX inaccurate elevations. and as h3pilot said ... "The real world airport elevation at KJAC is 6451 ft." is what the instrument shows. I have tried earlier even turn the altimeter nob on the plane manually and got a FSX warning (your altitude is not correct) pressing the B takes you back to 6450ft , I had no idea YS was that high.
  8. Thanks all for the leads, I am now positive is a FSX weather engine issue, I used FSUIPC4 to clear all weather and they all gone, I also flew over YS and found several geysers and they look real spitting steam upwards amazing the detail these folks @ Orbx created. And thank you h3pilot for the clarification of the altitude of KJAC. here a pic showing the geysers.
  9. Hi Brad thanks for the reply, I know about Yellow Stone geysers but this is over a airfield and homes in KJAC. and my altimeter is registering 5.654 ff @ the airstrip. I have a feeling is a cloud issue and not a Orbx/FTX special effect. I might have done unintentionally a mistake somewhere. Could you confirm you have the same thing @ yours KJAC airstrip? thanks
  10. I have yesterday re installed on my FSX PC most of my 500 gig Addons and left my Orbx last, when I opened KJAC or KWYS the clouds were on the ground and my altimeter was very high (2000/4000ft). Could someone help me on how to fix this? Any help would be most appreciated. Rick
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