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  1. You could try a Verify Files option, and if that doesn't work then an uninstall and reinstall may do it using Orbx central for both actions. Before a reinstall make sure you Clear the temp folder and i suggest moving any Backup copy you may have in case it is corrupted some how. See the pic below for guidance:
  2. Thanks for the info regarding the Fly With Lua script. I can keep that info for further use if I get another customer reporting the same issue as you.
  3. @Nick Cooper @Richard Lincoln Please respond. Thanks
  4. It looks as though it is installed as Orbx central can find it installed. Open your Community folder and scroll down until you see this entry: cloudsurfasiasimulations_wsss. You may be looking for a different title in the folder, like e.g. WSSS Here is what I see in my folder.
  5. The only time you should have a concern is when you get an Onscreen Error message rather than something noted in the Log. There are occasions where remnants of previous aspects of an addon may remain after an update to either the addon or for example an OrbxLibs update. If as you say, there appears to be no onscreen error messages and the addons appear to be working fine, then I would ignore the report in the Log. You can always run the Verify Files for TEGB South and see if it picks up any required missing or incorrect files. Please note though, that if you have the opt
  6. It is recommended IF you are having display issues with the Orbx LOWI version. Not everyone has an issue but it does no harm to remove the Asobo version to pre-empt any clashes. It is superfluous if you have the Orbx Version anyway.
  7. Please Clear your Temp folder using Orbx Central, the original one and remove any Backup copy that may exist again, using Orbx Central. Ensure that you have edited the path to your new Temp folder in Orbx Central. Reboot PC and try another installation.
  8. Welcome to the forums. I need to pass this over to @Richard Lincoln or @Nick Cooper for a reply.
  9. No problem Gerd and many thanks for your decision to reply. By the way the horrible looking tree colours only appear at dawn & dusk. You can resolve the tree colour effect with X-Vision v2.0 and increasing the option in that addon of the PBR setting to 3.
  10. @woweezowee Thanks @Sentry11 Here you go: WA45 - Olympic Field (MOD) E.zip
  11. Sorry that you want to revert to the Forkboy ortho. Maybe you should consider therefore using the Orbx Custom and overlay files with that as they are far superior to any Overlays you get with ortho4xp imagery.
  12. I therefore suggest an uninstall and reinstall after making sure you have Bing Data, Photogrammetry enabled and that you have deleted your Rolling Cache.
  13. Try deleting the contents of ScenryIndexes AFTER you have confirmed that you have deleted Rolling Cache and have enabled Bing Data and Photogrammetry.
  14. I have adjusted your scenery_packs.ini. Please replace your existing one with this copy and report back. scenery_packs.ini
  15. Yes East Midlands is demanding and VR will also add to the resource demand. The fps also fluctuates depending on where you are viewing and if outside view or cockpit view, plus how detailed the plane you are flying is, payware or default plane.
  16. I have slightly rearranged your scenery_packs.ini but this will not resolve you reported issue. just a optimised layering adjustment. I am afraid i see nothing in the Log file indicating any installation error or missing scenery tiles. If you want to post a pic of your XP settings I can take a look and see if there is a setting that may need adjusting. scenery_packs.ini
  17. Yes they are exactly the same product as far as I know. Glad the issue is resolved though.
  18. Please attach your scenery_packs.ini and a copy of your XP Log.
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