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  1. Orbx TEGB North, Orbx EGPH Edinburgh, Traffic Global, X-Vision (SH2019.xvs) Carenado Phenom
  2. @Rooster I haven't used P3D for almost 2 years now, but I did make a post about how to slow traffic down in P3D. I don't think the file structure has changed much in the latest versions of P3D so what I wrote may still be relevant. Anyway it's worth a try.
  3. Easiest way is as advised in this link. Very quick and simple and easily reversible: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/146328-disable-custom-scenery-in-scenery_packsini-file/
  4. I don't think MSFS2020 will be replacement for any existing flightsim, more of an additional offering. Simmers vary in their specific favourite aspects of a sim from highly detailed planes, to as realistic as possible flight model, to must have seasons, to those who love scenic flying with the emphasis on scenery vs flight realism. We on the Orbx site must be interested in scenery as that is what Orbx produces and is a market leader in. The semantics of how realistic plane's details are and flight models are, is another topic. You don't need to be spending money on scenery if you want to use the sim as a learning to fly tool. You would be better spending money on as sophisticated as possible planes, weather programmes etc. I think the sim most affected or challenged by MSFS2020 will be X-Plane. I say that because P3D is the most "mature" all round sim available. It has several AI Traffic programmes available, several Weather programmes available, large amount of planes and helicopters available in various degrees of sophistication, it has 4 seasons and is now having photoreal scenery being offered by Orbx (albeit summer only for now) Some, none or all of those attributes of P3D are not available to the 2 other major flightsims like X-Plane or Aerofly (FSX not included in the conversation although still popular with some simmers) and nor are they yet offered I believe in MSFS2020. So, if you fall into the category of being a scenic flyer then I can see MSFS202 having a serious attraction. If you want to learn to fly I would suggest X-Plane (limited sophisticated planes but they do exist, just not in numbers), and finally if you want an all round mature, "does all" sim then stick with P3D. That doesn't mean though that it has to be your only sim.
  5. I would suggest that if you are struggling to get 20 fps around some large UK cities, then your settings are too high for those areas. here is no hardware yet that will give 30+fps with ALL settings to far right in the XP settings options. I get 27 over London, the most demanding area with PC specs way below yours. It is a matter of balance. I don't think, from listening to the full videos , that our hardware is as important as our internet speed/connection/bandwidth. There are 3 levels of display, from the full whack with high speed internet, to a lower spec display for slower connections, to an offline cache mode. So it should cater for all specs.
  6. "Hi John, and I did consider it. It's be nice if you could just switch aircraft mid flight like in P3D as that would be an easy way to get the Cobra there - just land and switch." @andy1252 You can switch planes in mid flight. Press the "i" button and a small window appears which has an Aircraft option on it. Click on that and then scroll to your plane of choice and then click on Change Aircraft. Wait a bit and the chosen plane appears on screen.
  7. The Orbx products that are labelled as being for XP are compatible. Those labelled as for FSX/P3D are obviously not compatible. The OrbX Direct Products page clearly separates their addons by Simulator: FSX/P3D, Aerofly and X-Plane, and then subsequently by region.
  8. Washington SD with high texture settings.
  9. Things are fine in Hereford thanks I know the software organiser you refer to and I don't use it as I trust my own judgement. I used the freeware version for a day and saw all kinds of "differences" in .ini layering structure than I would have done. You can never " once" have been a Scotsman. You know they say "Once a Scotsman always a Scotsman" You just happen to be a Scotsman with US citizenship, residence, and loyalties and allegiance. Good on you
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