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  1. The Orbx products that are labelled as being for XP are compatible. Those labelled as for FSX/P3D are obviously not compatible. The OrbX Direct Products page clearly separates their addons by Simulator: FSX/P3D, Aerofly and X-Plane, and then subsequently by region.
  2. Washington SD with high texture settings.
  3. Things are fine in Hereford thanks I know the software organiser you refer to and I don't use it as I trust my own judgement. I used the freeware version for a day and saw all kinds of "differences" in .ini layering structure than I would have done. You can never " once" have been a Scotsman. You know they say "Once a Scotsman always a Scotsman" You just happen to be a Scotsman with US citizenship, residence, and loyalties and allegiance. Good on you
  4. Just attach your scenery_packs.ini and I will check it out for you.I don't see why you may need to reinstall.
  5. Make sure your TEGB Central layers in your scenery+packs.ini are in the correct order of: Custom Overlay Orthos Otherwise the Overlay, if above Custom, maybe masking out the Tower and the pier and the Big Dipper on the coast
  6. @olderndirt Nice pics mate. Unsure if you were joking about no Blackpool Tower so have taken a pic showing you it in all it's glory in TEGB !
  7. In the Custom Scenery folder of XP are the default files of Chicago landmarks along with London Landmarks, New York Landmarks etc. Just interested to know where the Chicago Landmarks sits in your scenery_packs.ini, in case it is duplicating landmarks that appear in Orbx Meigs, and maybe causing my stuttering, low fps.
  8. @Jack Sawyer Nice pics jack. I have a couple of questions for you sir because I had to remove Meigs recently cos it was a stuttering mess on my PC, and i am supposed to know what I am doing regarding XP !!!!!! 1.What are your PC specs? 2. When you fly inland from Meigs do the 2 other Chicago airports of O'Hare and Midway have buildings visible? I ask because unless you have the correct layering in the scenery_packs.ini the buildings are not visible. 3. Where do you have the default Chicago landmarks placed. And finally what fps performance are you getting when you fly inland towards O'Hare? I 'd appreciate your response if it's no trouble, as I would like to get Meigs working for me, but at present I am stumped mate. Anyone else can chime in!
  9. Saw this video on the BBC website and thought it would be nice to share the link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-lincolnshire-47897002/the-virtual-red-arrows-meet-the-real-life-display-team
  10. @Jack Sawyer Pushback requires you go into settings. Suggest you do this when XP is on the opening GUI page before going into flight configuration. So it is Settings/Keyboard/Operation: Then scroll down until you start seeing settings beginning with P, until you find Push-Back. There you have a few options. I just use Push-Back Stop and let go, but the choice is your. Then you just bind a keyboard key to it and when finished choosing make sure you click on Done. I attach 3 pics showing you the steps to take: Step1. Step 2. Step3.
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