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  1. @Trevor-Matthews Welcome to the forums Trevor. 1. Yes you can install the addons anywhere you want, and it would in your case be preferable not to install it to your XP installation as you have placed that on your C drive. I may add that having XP on your C drive is not the best place for it due to the restrictions that Windows places on the that drive, it being the drive that the OS resides on as well. If you have room, I would put it on your D or another drive, but that is for you to decide. With XP it is simple to move as you just cut and paste the installation to another drive. 2. The answer is far more subjective based on your PC specs and your XP settings. TEGB addons have many Gigs of Custom POI's and overlay autogen, buildings etc and are more demanding than say an Ortho4xp version with a simple overlay or an overlay in Europe using X-Europe. There are bottleneck areas like London around the cir=ty that are very demanding, but everywhere else is fine. Personally I find some densely populated areas in Default XP scenery more demanding than many areas in TEGB.
  2. Yes excellent idea Nick. The shortcut/symbolic link method however also allows the individual placement of addons to the new or duplicate XP version rather than the whole of the contents of the Orbx Central Library, which in the case of the beta version of XP may and will include potentially, many incompatible addons.
  3. Well either I was seeing things or your scenery pack has been modified and looks OK at the moment ! So I am leaving it as it is. I suggest that to tidy it up a fraction, you look in the custom scenery folder for the 2 entries right at the bottom of your .ini and remove them. They are: m Scenery/The_Handy_Objects_Library/ _Handy_Objects_Library/ and remove 1 copy of OrbxLibs XP as your .ini has 2 entries for that library as shown below: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_OrbxlibsXP/ m Scenery/The_Handy_Objects_Library/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_OrbxlibsXP/ _Handy_Objects_Library/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_OrbxlibsXP/
  4. The lighting you see is correct as per the addon, but as a Hereford man I too have been a cross it many times and agree it's lighting is over exaggerated and too "colourful" I may appear modified in an update but that would be something for the devs to note and prioritise. This lighting issue has been reported a long while back.
  5. I assume you have an original installation of XP 11.40/41? If so make shortcuts to desktop of the 4 folders in your original installation, of the TE Florida. Then cut and paste those 4 folders into your v11.50 Custom Scenery folder. Start XP and then exit. Open your scenery_packs.ini and move the 3 Custom/Overlay & Orthos files and place them directly below Global Airports. Leave the TE Florida airports at the top of the scenery_packs. You can do that process for all your addons and save a large amount of unnecessary disk space
  6. Tony has kindly provided me with test download package to restore textures to the blank textured buildings near KSEA in TE Washington. I tested and it did the trick. Tony says I may now offer the link to all users so here it is. You need to unzip it and place the folder into TE Washington/Custom/objects folder Download Link
  7. When you install an addon in XP it will automatically go to the top of the scenery pack layer. I am talking now of freeware addons and most payware (NOT Orbx addons) Orbx addons are installed via the Orbx Central programme and therefore will layer the addon correctly if you have ticked the option to do so in the Orbx Central/settings/configuration option. See pic. So no I never delete my scenery_packs. I always install a new addon and then run XP and exit without creating a flight, I then open the scenery_packs.ini and check that the new addon is correctly layered. If you install an airport there is really no need to check the ini because it will be at the top of the layering anyway because that is what XP does, it puts new addons at the top. If it is an orth4xp scenery it will also go to the top which is wrong so I would open the scenery pack and cut and paste the new ortho4xp to it's correct layering, and save the change.
  8. Also check this link out please and make sure you have the World Objects set to maximum.
  9. Because there are different prefixes used by some companies and you need to make sure you correctly label each individual folder. A PITA if you ask me, but you are welcome obviously to do what you wish. For example you didn't stick with that logic when you didn't rename the Aerosoft airports, and they ended up below Global Airports when they should be above Global Airports. The Avsim pick is not quite accurate in it's detail. It should start at the top with 3rd party freeware and payware airports and then another layer named Global Airports. What I do is similar to your idea but actual prefix with a name. For example every non Orbx airport, i.e. 3rd party freeware airports from the XP.org site, I name as Airport- like in Airport-EBBR Brussels etc. I also name all no Orbx libraries as Library- like in Library-Mister X_library. ALL other files I leave the names as original names. Aerosoft airports that come with XP don't need a rename because they begin their folder titles with Aerosoft so it is already an A
  10. Have you got "Runways follow terrain contours£ enabled in XP settings/general? If not the enable then enable/tick it please. Regarding the horizontal lines, please read this link from last year. The anomaly is not on everyone's screen and the devs have found it impossible to replicate on their PC so this link may offer you some ideas and a possible fix. You could also attach your scenery_packs.ini so I could check all is layered correctly
  11. Please note I have removed ALL the additional letters you added your addon names. Please make sure you do the same with the folder names in Custom Scenery. Make sure the folder names are exactly as I have them named in the scenery_packs.ini For example,your folder name now for 00EGKK Gatwick should be renamed EGKK Gatwick without the OO. Just got your Avsim pic. Yes that is correct. It also shows that your scenery pack is therefore incorrect. Please don't dwell on it as I will relayer it correctly, then you can compare the Avsim pic with the layering I have done. Please DON'T put this new scenery_packs.ini into your Custom Scenery folder until you have renamed all the folders that need renaming. Here you are: scenery_packs.ini
  12. The layering sequence of the 2 KBHB files looks OK, so I am suggesting initially that you run the Verify Files option via Orbx Central. If you are unfamiliar with that process then open Orbx Central, find KBHB and click on it. The details of it will appear on the right hand page. Scroll down until you see the Options, and click on Verify Files. If it doesn't change the situation I suggest again using Orbx Central, you uninstall, reboot PC and the reinstall. Report back.
  13. I used the wrong phrase. I meant that they are alphabetically prefixed. That is they have an A and a B in the file name to indicate the required sequencing. Your layering sequence in your picture is wrong. I think you are maybe not understanding that my reference to files with A, B & C etc are referring to Orbx addon file names only and not a general statement. You also appear to be adding your own prefix lettering like OO for airports. Unless you are 100% confident and consistent in doing that correctly then you will cause layering issues, For example you appear to be renaming your airports with OO but have not done the same to the Aerosoft airports. The Aearosoft airports are now not correctly layered in your picture. Please attach, not a pic, your scenery_packs.ini and I will happily arrange correctly for you. If is do rearrange you scenery_packs.ini you will also need to remove all the prefixes like OO etc from the main addon folders in your Custom Scenery, otherwise XP will be reading those files as OO etc and that will screw up the new.ini.
  14. Thanks Greg. Just needed confirmation.
  15. Have you set World Objects to maximum? Attach your scenery_packs.ini for checking.
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