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  1. The result and message is typical of not having enough free disk space available. Please read the link and ensure you meet ALL the requirements. Particular attention needs to be made to the references to free disk space both on the disk to which downloads go into your Temp folder and the free space required for the installation. Guides on how to move your Temp folder if required are also in the link. Failure to convert the files is a strong indication of not enough free disk space on either the C drive where Windows places your Temp drive by default, or the drive you are wanting to i
  2. Please read this linked topic as it may well be the cause of your issue in parts.
  3. @Pilot Plus for comment please on the ATC aspect. @EagleSkinnerThe female voice is the responsibility of Asobo I believe.
  4. Have you logged in to Orbx Central/My products and scrolled to KFAT? If so there should be an option to install. I am assuming I am understanding your problem correctly. If not then please advise as to what steps you have taken via Orbx Central.
  5. The pic that you are comparing to is one that Sentry 11 fixed and i agree it is accurate.
  6. Just to clarify then. It is now installed and displaying....correct? So that problem is resolved. As you posted a link about the trees you know that this issue is already known about and being addressed
  7. One of the difficulties in all this KBUR issue is that it could be a combination of PC specs, other addons, plane being flown, time of day, MSFS settings, installed driver version, MSFS version i.e Steam, GamePass or Microsoft Store plus other combinations. It is also very evident that it is not being experienced by ALL customers. For those who are experiencing this issue your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.
  8. @RaoulRdc As advised above please attach your scenery_packs.ini. Do you have a payware version of Chicago Medway or just the default? I also suggest you make sure that your scenery_packs,ini is layered as below regarding Orbx Meigs: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_KCGX_A_Merrill_C_Meigs_Field/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Global Airports/ place the next 2 files near the bottom of the scenery_packs.ini SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_KCGX_C_Overlay/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/ZZZ_Orbx_KCGX_Merrill_C_Meigs_Field/
  9. Welcome to the forums. Please attach a copy of your Orbx Central log file by opening Orbx Central/settings/help and using a text editor like notepad, make a copy of the log and attach it.
  10. Please tell me how and where you installed the addon. Was it directly into the XP directory or into a library you made. What version of Orbx Central are you using? Which disk drive did you download onto and which disk drive did you install onto if different from the download drive? Finally, please attach a copy of your Orbx Central log file by opening Orbx Central/settings/help and using a text editor like notepad, make a copy of the log and attach it.
  11. Quite honestly your GPU is below the recommended level required for something like TEGB South which is highly detailed and full of autogen buildings and modelled POI. To get the true benefit of the addon requires the XP settings to be at least 6GB vram GPU. XP settings would require the World Objects at Maximum, not high or less, and the Texture Quality at least at High. I don't think your current laptop specs would handle that. The result is what you are seeing in as much as there are large gaps of "missing" autogen/buildings. The colour of the road is a different issue, but can be rectifie
  12. I believe the idea was already suggested and @Ed Correia was going to look into the feasibility of it
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