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  1. As I said earlier I have contacted the Dev so he may take a look at the whole of this topic again and hopefully comment
  2. Please oblige and post a pic of the area that you find a problem with. I attach a pic of what i see and have highlighted a dip I see on the Runway 7 but it did not disrupt or cause any issue when I landed there. I will ask the devs as well.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I do assure you though that the re-layered scenery_packs I sent you is not the cause of any CTD you've had. The True Earth files are in the exact correct position directly below Global Airports and in their A/B/C sequence and not separated. It is sounding more of hardware problem but obviously me in a remote location to your PC cannot confirm that theory especially as you had a CTD when you removed the MeshXP files and also the Airfoilabs update to the King Air 350. I suggest you try the renaming your Custom Scenery folder to Custom Scenery.BAK and make a new
  4. You can in fact place ALL your addons that appear in your Custom Scenery folder onto any disk/library you wish. 1. Yes you can Clear the Temp folder. Have you moved the Temp folder now to your new external drive as well? If so you need to and also then Edit the location of the new Temp folder which would now be on your external drive. 2. Up to you. You can keep it where it is or move it. Your choice. Personally I would move it. 3. Same response as my answer number 2. I repeat that all addons that would/do appear in your Custom Scenery folder can be housed on your external
  5. Please provide pics of the anomalies you describe as I see no planes on top of each other for example. I am assuming that you are using some additional ai traffic that is duplicating parking of planes in the place where the custom static planes are placed. "plus other scenery problems" is too vague a description and I would ask you to elaborate please. A pic of the truck parked in the gateway is also a vague description which a pic would be helpful. What I see is:
  6. Look forward to hearing from you. A word of advice. Add one addon and then check if all is OK by running XP and ensuring the scenery is displayed correctly. Note: if you are reinstalling the TE addons into your existing XP set up then they will not be correctly layered in your scenery_packs.ini. They will probably appear at the very top of the scenery_pack. You need to move them to directly below Global Airports or better still attach your scenery_packs.ini after a successful installation of all the TE addons you are wanting to put into your new external drive's library
  7. The "patches" are within the Digital Design addon files for GCTS for use with Orbx TE Canaries. Not an Orbx issued patch
  8. That would be a question for the Asobo/MSFS people to answer. https://forums.flightsimulator.com
  9. Yes it is possible and it is what I use for some of my ortho4XP photoscenery.. You will need to create a Library, for example name it Orbx True Earth, on your external drive. Then open Orbx central and go to settings/libraries. and Create a new library. Point Orbx central to the location of your new library (Orbx True Earth) and ensure to give it the name fo the Library. That is it. Uninstall TEGB addons and when reinstalling Orbx central will show your new library as an option to instyal into. Click on the new library and Orbx central will install it on there. I
  10. I will have the Dev review it. Regarding the Zibo, please also ask the Zibo dev about the issue so we can have a two prong inquiry as to why the Zibo won't work as this has been reported before.
  11. I need to ask @Ed Correia about any updates that do not appear in the roadmap.
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