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  1. The post is marked as resolved because the originators problem was actually concluded. You added your problem rather than creating a new post. What version of XP are you using? I would like the XP Log as an attachment please not a pic of a part of it. Thanks
  2. Some part of your graphics settings are too high, or there is a driver/gpu issue. Try lower settings on the Graphics side as a test and gradually increase them until you start getting the issues returning. This is not an Orbx addon issue but Graphics/11.50 beta issue.
  3. Check your Wave height option in Weather setting in Flight Configuration. Putting it to zero will give it a more static look.
  4. I think you may want to read this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52769796
  5. The installed size of 127GB is made in the info section. The figure i gave you of approx 190GB relates solely to having a download, extraction, conversion and installation ALL on one drive, plus the 10-15% of free space a drive is recommended to have to operate at optimum designed level. Once you have installed it then it will take only 127GB of space, but only having one drive means all the processes will be done on that one drive. The norm is to have an additional drive for installation as XP is not recommended to be ion your C or OS drive. The figures are therefore correct in the info 27GB for download 54GB for extraction 127GB for installation So for most users, you would need 54GB +10-15% free space on the C drive, and then 127GB +10-15% on the drive you want to install onto. I hope the above clarifies.
  6. @Raz Goeta @Greg Jones I recall several posts in the past about runway lights at EGNX but my search in the forum is not producing the results I am looking for . I am searching for a resolution or explanation post from the devs regarding the edge lights. Can you assist please.
  7. Welcome to Orbx Full process is: Login to account. Get Orbx Central downloaded and installed. Go to Demo offers page in Orbx Direct Add TEGB Demo to your account. Open Orbx Central Go to My Products Pick TEGB Demo Choose Install You MUST use Orbx Central for all downloads and installations
  8. There are many reports from user in regard to fps rates dropping in 4 airports that i recall. Edinburgh, Leeds/Bradford and East Midlands and London City. All are of the new PBR infused addons and all have had varying fps issues especially near terminal buildings. I use 11.50b+ and have found that I need to turn down my 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution to 2560 x 1440. I also turn down the AA to 2 x SSAA + FXAA. My XP settings are all max to the right except AA. I don't now have fps issues at those airports. I am not suggesting that this is the answer to the question as to why these airports can perform relatively poorly in specific areas of the airports, but we must remember that each of us has different hardware, choice of plane, speed of Disk drives, VRAM, Memory RAM and XP settings, which will influence performance. I can only offer my solution which works for me..... in 11.50. Worse in 11.40/41
  9. Check what there is in your Custom Scenery folder. The .ini only reads what is in there so maybe you have a folder with that incorrect name in it. I also remind you that there is no support for 11.50 beta
  10. Sign in to Orbx direct and purchase the SD version. It should show as 0.00 cost. Add to your account and then use Orbx Central to download.
  11. You may wish to consider the SD version which you will have for free since you bought the HD version. It is only 49GB in size when installed, loads quicker, and you will not see much difference in texture quality from above 2000ft. It is what I use an it allows me to have higher XP settings. Also this link may be of interest to you: https://questions.x-plane.com/5194/will-my-macbook-pro-be-able-to-run-x-plane-11
  12. Again looking at your Log your PC specs are not suitable to running 11.50b9. Please confirm that you have a Nvidia 750M GPU and a CPU running at 2.8GHz If that is correct you may also struggle with OpenGL 11.40 version without lowering your XP settings
  13. A couple of points. There is no support for XP 11.50 beta nor any beta version of a sim that has Orbx addons. However, I use 11.50 all the time so i will advise you of the following. If you are going to use 11.50 remove the SeasonsXP folder. I notice from the log file that yopu only have currently installed TE SoCal and OrbxLibsXP. SeasonsXP does nothing at all in ortho type scenery so is wasted in your current installation. It is designed for default scenery only. It is probably also not compatible with 11.50 b9. This is the error message in your XP Log that indicates the problem: :00:01.958 E/SYS: | There was a problem loading the scenery package: 0:00:01.958 E/SYS: | Custom Scenery/SeasonsXP/ 0:00:01.958 E/SYS: | The scenery may not look correct. 0:00:01.958 E/SYS: | Please see the Log.txt file for detailed error information. 0:00:01.958 E/SYS: | (io_locate.cpp:564)
  14. Bright daylight pics would be better please. Please attach your scenery_packs.ini
  15. Welcome. Have you just installed TEGB North? Looking at your Lg file info I see also that your scenery_packs.ini layering is a mess and all wrongly layered. I need you to do the following. Read this link and pay particular attention to the importance of the location of your Temp folder, by default on your C drive. Also to the amount of free space required on the disk with your temp folder on it and also the disk you want to install onto. The missing textures messages are normally associated with an incomplete installation due to lack of required free space. What is the free space on your C drive? What is the free space on the drive you are installing TEGB North onto? Where is your Temp drive located? Read the link and make all adjustments that may be relevant to your situation BEFORE you try to download and install.. I attach a couple of pics to assist in knowing where certain info/files are located First the Link:
  16. No Log file attached. Also please attach your scenery_pacls.ini for review. Thanks
  17. I suggest you go to the Gateway link and download the new version of EGHQ dated 16March2020. https://gateway.x-plane.com/scenery/page/EGHQ Here is a pic of it installed in 11.50b9. It also works fine in 11.40/41
  18. Orbx direct. I believe you log in and choose to buy the HD version. It will take note that you already have bought the SD version and will price the HD version accordingly. Before you purchase and download it please ensure you read this link, paying special attention to the details regarding the location of your Temp folder and the free space requierments on disk drives. make the necessary changes if required, PRIOR to attempting the download an install. The HD version is much larger than the SD version @Nick Cooper Have I got that right Nick regarding how to buy the HD version?
  19. Please use 11.40/41. Use 11.50 beta with its anomalies or wait for 11.50 to be an official release version
  20. Are you are using 11.50 beta? As far as the Westminster Bridge is concerned it wasn't in the list of fixes. Blurred ground texture is possibly XP 11.50 as far as i know there was no change to the quality of the ortho in the update There is no support for XP Beta. I show you animated cars at Goodwood race track. This is in 11.41. I cannot show you the same in XP1150 as you are correct, they don't show and neither do the animated cable cars near EGLC. There will be no fixes until 11.50 becomes an official release out of bets
  21. The road signs are all in German in XP. Unsure about the US as I never check, but suffice to say it is a XP thing.
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