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  1. Regarding the ability to make Orth4XP equivalents to TE I would hasten to add that the imagery is only part of the TE experience. I have most of western Europe and all of US west coast (except Washington which TE Washington replaced) in Ortho4XP and can confidently report that the imagery is at least as good as or in some instances better than TE in resolution and fidelity. However, and a big "however", is that the colour correction, autogen placement, tree placement, accuracy of placement etc is no where near the standard that TE offers. So us XP users can provide imagery at ZL levels equal to or even higher than TE offers, but can in no way match the Overlay quality without spending many, many hours of learning and then processing the "free" imagery to the level TE offers, and then placing the autogen and trees etc accurately, like TE offers. If it was that easy, then Orbx could just issue Orth4XP type imagery with no colour matching, having paid a fortune to allow them to distribute it commercially and slap a default type Overlay on it. I think the quality (ZL) of the image textures after decompression and conversion to dds is important to VFR flyers but is being slightly overplayed in it's resolution/fidelity importance by some. In my opinion, as a slow and low flyer. Even low and slow would normally be from 2000+ ft and I am struggling to see the difference between ZL17 and ZL16 at that altitude, especially over populated areas where autogen is covering a large percentage of the terrain. Wide open spaces like the area from Spokane flying west in TE Washington will look just the same in ZL16 ans it would in ZL17, and you wouldn't realistically be flying below 2-300ft in that area would you? In summary thern, I am all for offering the lower ZL16 option if it means more sales for Orbx and less HDD resources for the people who have limited or restricted resources to be buying new hardware. I also back the call for the new format to be an option, so that those who wish to have ZL17, and with really good eyesight to spot the difference at 3000ft, can choose the current ZL version.
  2. Found this fascinating and of importance in aviation history: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-49012771
  3. Agree with you totally. France is one of the most geographically beautiful countries which has a true diversity of topography, let alone architecture. I wanted France and italy to be made as Orbx Regions (forP3D) a few years ago, but now we are in the True Earth era and I now fly XP and not P3D, I really hope we can get a TE France, and also a TE Italy. In the meantime we rely on Ortho4xp which is a halfway solution until we both get what we want. I watch the Tour de France every year not just for the cycling but also for the gorgeous scenery en route.
  4. @Tony Wroblewski Regarding the proposed new ZL levels, and the subsequent smaller download size and HDD imprint of the installed addon, I want to know if the Orbx method of "compression" ( to reduce the download size) can be reviewed. I am no techy but read a lot about loss of resolution/definition/fidelity ( unsure of the correct terminology!) resulting from compressed Jpegs which are then uncompressed and then converted to dds format. Considering that I believe most people don't have too much of a problem on the downloading side of things, but may well have a problem with the final HDD imprint (which is what this new method is all about) then would it be possible to forgo the compression aspect if it does indeed result in less fidelity at the point of final image?
  5. I think it makes a lot of commercial sense as it is proving via some of the above posts to have potentially increased the sales. I would only add, that there has been comment regarding the current ZL17 imagery as looking less defined than it should due to the "compression" and in contrast to ZL17 in Ortho4XP imagery. I, for one, have 90% of western Europe in Orth4xp at ZL16 and it looks fine to me, so TE in ZL16 +ZL17 in some areas is of no concern regarding quality. As JV states most of the urban, cities and towns will be covered in autogen/objects, so the definition of the ground imagery is really superfluous. If the ZL16 imagery has the sharpening filter applied throughout, then the image quality will look superior to ortho4xp (without sharpening filter) Are the pics provided above, one's that have been compressed and then decompressed, i.e. a version of what we the customer would see? I am all for the new idea and look forward to trying them out. Will the customers of the existing version(s) be paying for the alternative version or would it be classified as an optional update/SP?
  6. In the meantime, use ortho4xp and x-europe as the overlay. This will serve you well until a final decision on whether Orbx will do a version or not. I will not post pics because neither of the elements I mentioned are Orbx products, but suffice to say my ortho4xp in conjunction with x-europe is 2nd only to having an Orbx TE version of many areas of Europe like France, Italy, Spain, Germany etc.
  7. Typhoon scramble and escort for this Ilyushin visitor. Typhoons from Leuchars airbase in TEGB North
  8. The MarineTraffic x plugin also includes ferries although i cannot vouch that the Washington State ones are included. However if you don't have the plugin I suggest you get it. It adds a lot to the immersion and scenery. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/43684-marinetrafficx/
  9. Nice shots including the obvious quicksand in pic 11.
  10. Well if you do the same flight in XP TE Washington or when TE Washington comes out for P3D....... I just hope you like TREES!!!!
  11. Very clever and very good camo.
  12. In my P3D days my default airport was KAWO Arlington which in P3D was a default version but I believe slightly enhanced in PNW. I used to have a short flight from KAWO to Darrington, the Orbx addon version with the school bus and logging etc. Lovely 15 minute flight. Take off from Arlington and head right towards the hills leading to Darrington and then fly all the way in the valley, looking at the greenery, field, woodland pylons etc. Now I have TE Washington and in the real world all the valley journey is over thick forest !!!!!!!!! What's happening here. I don't like the real world
  13. I am attaching a slightly reworked scenery_packs.ini for you. Your .ini is not accurately layered at all but I have only moved the Orbx TEGB South files to where they should be. You are also missing the default XP Landmarks files for London, Sydney, Dubai, Las Vegas and Chicago. You should at least install the London landmarks because they are an important addition to the TEGB South area of London city. You will get odd buildings appearing instead of the proper ones. The Millenium Dome by EGLC London City airport is an example of this. I will let you sort out the rest of your .ini. Just a hint as to the problems in your .ini, you will see that you have several entries with the prefix of zz- which in an alphabetical order should beat the bottom of the .ini. You also have some 3rd party airports layered below Global Airports. Insert the attached .ini and check TEGB South again. The Orbx scenery is absolutely fine and what you are seeing and say is an Orbx problem is not an Orbx problem but a scenery_packs.ini problem under the control of the User not Orbx. scenery_packs.ini
  14. I think the flight requires an overnight stopover in Seattle, a couple of cold beers and a hot meal, then in the morning, on to the final destination of Victoria B.C. That should cover the East to West aspect of TE_W. Then of course the North to South journey needs looking at
  15. Best way to see a large cross section of TE-W is going from furthest east to the west coast, so I left Spokane and flew to KSEA Seattle. First part was very dull with flat featureless land. Then.........wow! 9 pics along the way. Boring! Looks a bit more interesting. OOHH. nice. Nicer Really nice Still nice Lovely End of the road.
  16. I have never read that on any Microsoft posting which is where i would base all my knowledge to date on this new sim. All else is pure conjecture or rumour. Remember that when Microsoft announced the development of the new sim and posted details, some people immediately started posting on forums that it was for X Box only, despite the fact the statement clearly said for PC first and then X Box. I would rather wait to hear details from the horse's mouth rather than from the other end of the horse This comment is not directed at you ArtFlyer but a general comment in regard to all the conjecture.
  17. @Lordka You need to attach, not a pic, a copy of your scenery_packs.ini. I am guessing that if you have successfully installed the addon and it is all installed correctly, then your scenery_packs.ini is all messed up. Attach it and I will see if I can assist.
  18. FRAPS and you can select which corner of the screen you want to display the FPS.
  19. Just wanted to show the extent of the range of the night lighting. View the pic in fullscreen and check the left half of the horizon and you can see the lights in the distance. Very impressive.
  20. I should be thanking you Tony plus your Orbx colleagues for producing such a fabulous piece of work. I am extremely impressed with the performance aspects as well. Now get off the forum and back to work on Oregon
  21. Around Victoria B.B. Very early morning. I am extremely happy regarding the FPS (i.e. Smoothness) rates that this addon is allowing. The rates are in bottom right corner on some pics.
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