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  1. You can and I suggest you make sure you turn heads while you drive by using this car: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47949-ac-cobra_spider-car_v2/ Sorry just read that you were given vehicle info by renault
  2. A fix is due shortly, maybe next week, which hopefully addresses the lilac problem. There is less lilac I notice when xVision is not used. Here is the link to the update news from the developer: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/180040-ultra-weather-xp-v251-works-on-progress/
  3. Could show the journey but until Orbx covers the world with an addon like Global can only post the TEGB part XP11 .34r1/xVision 1.25 with FilouOrbxxVision.xvs with mods/UWXP 2.5/4K
  4. Experimenting with UWXP and xVision to find best results from both programmes working in harmony. The xVison preset is FilouOrbxvVision.xvs. I am unsure if the xvs is an original from Filou or a modded version of FilouOrbx.xvs. The UWXP settings are disabling via setting to far left (0) any shader settings that are included in Filou's xvs e.g. Fog & scattering, Sky saturation. The Clouds are UWXP as is the Sky colour. The mist/fog and sky saturation, PBR and sun vibrance and rays (they can make the sun appear smaller than the default huge sun in XP) are xVision. The flight is overhead of my home airfied EGBS Shobdon at 6.34 am in July. Thanks for viewing and I would welcome any other experimental pics showing UWXP and xVision complementing each other, and NOT having duplicate shader setting options enabled. By that i mean if the xVision xvs has options ticked for Clouds or Fog etc that are also options in UWXP then the UWXP options for those settings then the sliders are set to the far left. Vice versa if you want those options via UWXP and unticking those options in the xvs by modding the vxvs accordingly.
  5. https://store.x-plane.org/Ultimate-Water-Enhancement-_p_847.html Maybe suitable?
  6. Agree and I will start one in General forum.
  7. Looks like mainly default settings for UWXP, by that I mean mostly Auto selections. I am now interested in the x-Vision settings because JV stated a while back that UWXP was in his opinion the only addon needed in this regard as it now had shaders etc. Others have said that UWXP can override x-Vision settings in certain areas as both programmes have Sky/Fog and Cloud options. Interesting to know how/if you have modified any settings in x-Vision or UWXP so that one programme doesn't counteract the other. Would like anyone else with knowledge to chime in as well and let me know if my understandings are correct or not.
  8. Lovely shots Iain as usual and am looking forward to this release.What version of UWXP are you using in conjunction with x-Vision?Ignore this as I have just read your other posts relating to Washington
  9. It's also worth noting that P3D TE's require less storage space than the XP versions if TEGB South is an example.
  10. I assume you are asking from a P3D perspective since there is no FTX PNW for XP. I would think that the whole process would be the same as is currently advised for FTX ENG and the TEGB South for P3D. You can have both as long as the layering in your Scenery cfg is correct. Once you start flying out of TE Washington coverage you would enter into FTX PNW coverage, just like you can currently fly in TEGB South coverage and then enter FTX ENG. Orbx would need to confirm that but logically it would be so.
  11. Yes. The reloading of Sky Colour and Cloud_puff are only required when you change your Sky or Cloud selection. Both Sky and Cloud have 12 options each so if you have initially chosen option 1 for clouds, then you reload. If you subsequently decide to choose option 10 for example then you reload. If you have option 10 reloaded you can then start adjusting the Sliders ans unticking any Auto functions in Clouds that you want without the need to reload cloud_puff. The reload installs the textures you have chosen and after the texture is installed via reload, you can play around with brightness, gain, amount of cloud, size etc. The same rules apply to Sky colours. I missed out that reloading is required when you change the cloud colour option. There are 3 options of White, Blue and Grey. Again regarding 4K, if you click on the 2K it then reads 4K. Reload via cloud_puff and you will see the texture change to 4096 for at least the last 2 cloud_puff sets that you click on. See pics:
  12. @Jack Sawyer You only need to reload sky colours and cloud_puffs when you change your Sky Colour selection (1 -12) or change your Cloud selection (1-12) All other tweaks are not requiring the reload and are in fact done in real time as you view your screen. Things like cloud size, cloud brightness, sun coloration etc the changes happen as you use the sliders. 4K is operating when 4K appears in the box and you have reloaded the cloud_puff accordingly. When do the double click on the cloud_puff you will see the last 2-3 cloud_puff reloads show the resolution as 4096. My cloud settings are shown in the second pic I submitted and are the main settings you need to know about as the Sky, Water and Lights are all easy to do using the sliders and seeing the changes the sliders make in realtime on the screen. I suggest you try by unticking all the Auto boxes and using the sliders to see the changes. The other option to save time is to choose the UWXP default setting. Remember that changing a Sky Colour or Cloud type requires the reload process, which only takes a minute or two. The rest of the time once you've chosen your Sky Colour and Clouds, is a matter of using the sliders to see what you like. For example I find Crom UK's clouds undefined compared to the ones in my first pic but they are probably his preference. Mine are 4K and you can see the difference in resolution and definition. He may well not prefer mine. It's a matter of personal preference.
  13. Adam there is no need at all for the clouds to be lilac. 2.5 requires tweaks to suit individuals choices, and the tweak options are substantial. The 2 pics below are my curent 4K 4096 clouds and although my eyes are very old (!) I don't necessarily see any overt lilac. 2.5 allows tweaks to areas that had been criticised before as being unrealistic in XP, for example the Sun size. If you go into clouds settings and untick the Auto sun coloration you can reduce the sun flare to almost zero which leaves the impression of the sun looking normal without the huge default glare that makes it enormous in default. Anyway see the cloud settings in pic 2 and also the Sun Coloration setting.
  14. Heathrow in the distance along the right wing:
  15. @John Venema JV would you be good enough to clarify that you feel X-Vision is no longer required as UWXP 2.5 has the attributes to do what X-Vision does? Can you enlighten us on what aspects of UWXP 2.5 relate to X-Vision and more importantly, how UWXP can be set up to not only to choose sky, water clouds options, but to utilise post process shaders to the same defined extent that is offered in X-Vision. I am not technically knowledgeable enough to understand how certain options in UWXP can replace X-Vision.
  16. I haven't checked. The pics I put in my post to you above were taken with xVision in use. They were taken with Renault's Natural Colour xvs. With UWXP you are reloading the sky, cloud and water textures of UWXP included in the programme. With XVision I believe you are loading different bespoke Shaders not textures.
  17. @Jack Sawyer Hello jack. I may be wrong but the clouds in your pics look to me like you have just installed UWXP 2.5 and then flown. No settings made. Again I may be wrong so will apologise if I am. However, it "appears" that you have not made any adjustments nor completed the process required to allow the UWXP features to be displayed. Regarding the cloud colours: Have you gone into the Clouds settings at all? In those settings is an option called Cloud Colour Gain. You need to adjust that setting to suit your preference. I will attach 3 pics to show the effects of adjusting this setting and show that clouds don't have to be blue/purple haze. I also ask if you completed the requirement of reloading the sky and clouds textures as per the User Manual. Your clouds do not look defined and the reason could well be because you did not reload either the sky colours or the Clouds textures. Once you have chosen your preferred Sky Colour you need to reload the textures by going into the Xplane menu, developer/Show Sky Colours and hit Reload. With chosen Clouds setting you need the Xplane menu/developer/show Texture browser and enter "cloud_puff" then double click on each window that shows to load in the UWXP textures. The full instructions are on page 37 & 38 of the User manual which is contained within the UWXP folder in X-Plane directory/Resources/ Plugins/UWXP. Here are the pics to show that clouds don't have to be purple by adjusting the Cloud Colour Gain option. The option is on the right hand side of the Options/Settings offerings which I have included in the pics. You will note the slight difference in the Cloud Colour Gain Slider. I hope the above explanation is helpful in allowing you to make the required adjustments so you enjoy what UWXP 2.5 offers. PURPLE clouds: Less purple but also note the much more defined details of the clouds. White clouds.
  18. I have to agree with JV regarding seasons. I find them overrated. Bear with me ! You pay for a really good piece of scenery like a TEGB where meticulous detail has been worked on to colour match etc, then you blanket all that in white to represent hard winter snow. You don't need TEGB for seasons. You can use default XP GB scenery or GB Pro by Orbx' Tonywob, and use the winter mod available as freeware. Voila..you have a snow covered GB, or anywhere else in the world that has snow. I admit TE Washington will be a different scenario because it actually snows a lot in that region in winter. However, again meticulous detail is being added to PNW and it is best viewed in spring/summer (not a lot of difference). So fly TE Washington in spring/summer and revert to default PNW region with the seasons mod for winter flying. Simples. For P3D flyers you have all the US landclass addons which will give you seasons. Use TE Washington for spring/summer flying and enjoy viewing the excellent details of topography, meticulous tree, autogen, objects, POI's placement, and colour matching work that Orbx has spent six figures in obtaining and working on.
  19. Nice shot Iain. The Librain plugin is the best rain mod I have seen in flightsim, and usable in several planes.
  20. Great shot sir. I am pleased to note that for those who are a little critical of the haze that XP always produces in various degrees is actually very realistic and true to life. Your XP pic shows less haze than the actual real life shot.
  21. Truly awe inspiring for us simmers. Regarding size of file etc I have a site which can give us UK flyers an area-wise comparison of US states versus UK (square mileage). The whole of Washington for example is 0.75 the size of UK, so the file size could possibly be about the same as TEGB (3 volumes).Considering that Oregon forms part of the PNW then it is 1.04 times the size of UK. Should Orbx move on to California then we are looking at 1.74 times TEGB. I am obviously unsure regarding actual file size because the terrains are different and there may be a huge difference in the number of Objects/Autogen that would influence file size, but at least there is a "guide" available Time to start HDD/SSD planning Here is the site for area comparisons of UK versus US States: http://www.lostinthepond.com/2014/02/11-us-states-that-are-larger-than-uk.html#.XLggquhKguU
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