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  1. Not sure what you are asking since TEGB South/Central and North cover the whole of Great Britain and are available already in the Orbx Direct store.
  2. Nice shot Iain. The Librain plugin is the best rain mod I have seen in flightsim, and usable in several planes.
  3. Great shot sir. I am pleased to note that for those who are a little critical of the haze that XP always produces in various degrees is actually very realistic and true to life. Your XP pic shows less haze than the actual real life shot.
  4. Truly awe inspiring for us simmers. Regarding size of file etc I have a site which can give us UK flyers an area-wise comparison of US states versus UK (square mileage). The whole of Washington for example is 0.75 the size of UK, so the file size could possibly be about the same as TEGB (3 volumes).Considering that Oregon forms part of the PNW then it is 1.04 times the size of UK. Should Orbx move on to California then we are looking at 1.74 times TEGB. I am obviously unsure regarding actual file size because the terrains are different and there may be a huge difference in the number of Objects/Autogen that would influence file size, but at least there is a "guide" available Time to start HDD/SSD planning Here is the site for area comparisons of UK versus US States: http://www.lostinthepond.com/2014/02/11-us-states-that-are-larger-than-uk.html#.XLggquhKguU
  5. Well I have never set a FPS target to determine if my sim is OK. What I do use the FPS reading for is as a guide to the sim's performance. If I am experiencing a stuttering mess and see the FPS at 3-15fps I know something is wrong somewhere. If I have a smooth flight and check the FPS and it is 15+ FPS I know things are just OK but there is an area of stress maybe from Objects/Autogen. You can get massive FPS by having all your settings low and fly over the ocean....you should be in the 100+fps but that is totally irrelevant in the big scheme of things as your system is not being tested at all. What I do object to is the assumption that if someone quotes FPS readings in a post it is regarded as though the FPS was a holy grail rather than just a way of monitoring system performance. Having 100fps over the ocean approaching London doesn't mean you will have 100fps when you land at Heathrow, and that is when your fps reading can assist in determining your settings so that you can have smooth flight for the whole duration regardless of scenery demands like autogen etc. FPS rate is a Tool and guide to performance not the main or important aspect of the sim.
  6. Hi Adam. Nice to see you in the XPlane tribe! Regarding the "offending" exhaust trail, it can be removed for individual planes, but not reduce the effect as far as my knowledge goes. You need to open Plane Maker rom your XP directory. Go to File and click Open. Click on Aircraft Choose the plane you want to modify from the list including Extra Aircraft or Laminar aircraft. Click on Open Aircraft Click on Expert Click on Invisible Parts. At the bottom of that screen you will see " Disable X-Plane's Built in Effects" Untick all or just start to untick and test individually to see which effect you want to remove. I think the exhaust Wing heat effects but can't be sure as I have unticked all in my goto plane the Cirrus. Oh and Happy Birthday O
  7. Nice pics jack but there is something wrong with your ASXP programme. You have lived for while in the UK so you know that in reality the weather is always bright and sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky. Rain is almost a non event and the temperature is always around 18-24 deg C. For it to be portrayed as anything else is what is termed as "fake news".
  8. I recall JV saying that fly over photography of RoI had stopped for the winter and would probably resume again I think in Spring/Summer, so it won't be for a while yet before RoI would be a TE. TEGB North has a bit of NI in it, about a third apparently, but JV also said that the NI government was wanting way to much money for data that would allow a decent Overlay to be done. That is why TEGB North has 2 Overlay folders, the smallest one is just a generic XP overlay so is pretty poor in comparison to the one Orbx did for the rest of TEGB North.
  9. Jack, it's the name of the river...Lee on the River Solent.
  10. I echo those best wishes Tony. Orbx are very lucky to have a XP guru in their employment. Long may it last.
  11. Due to a large reduction in Police funding, it is well known that Police cars in the UK only have reverse gear and are modified to be able to do 150 mph in reverse.
  12. Nice shots sir, but it looks like the bridges are shut to road traffic
  13. Thanks Nick. I must have a blind spot as I truly didn't notice the P3D discussion forum!! I will leave this topic alone now, but just to say that the forums need to be revised to give equal forum topic classification to all 3 sims, whether that be Support or Public General Discussion.
  14. I agree with your response in most aspects but not all. You say that the forums are designed to support Orbx products and not sims. Considering that ALL Orbx products for FSX/P3D are FTX products then surely there is no need for separate Support forums for P3D v4, P3D v3, P3D v2 and P3D v1. They all conform to support under Full Terrain Experience (FTX) Payware and not under a specific sim heading. The only changes in P3D occured when it went to 64 bit from 32 bit and Orbx had to rework with the 32 bit addons to make them 64 bit compatible. I will use the Public General Discussion forum for both any XP or P3D non support related opinions or dialogue with other users. I am assuming you didn't mean that particular forum was becoming redundant? You mention that the "Prepar3D discussion forum" was becoming redundant but I don't see such a named forum. No Public forum is becoming redundant as far as I can see but there certainly are more than necessary P3D Support forums and then FTX Vector, FTX Global, FTX central 2&3 etc which are all FTX payware covered by that named support forum anyway. My point is that if you look at all the P3D/Orbx forums versus XP for example, P3D outnumbers XP vastly. P3D support forum options is bloated and many are redundant and could be amalgamated. Just my thoughts. Nothing too serious
  15. With Orbx now firmly in the XP market place and influencing newcomers to both XP and Orbx, should we not have a XP General Discussion forum? There appears to be one hidden away in the Tips and Tricks forum for some reason. Orbx has been FSX/P3D centric since it's beginnings but now has evolved with products for additional sims. Maybe the forums need to evolve accordingly. Tips and Tricks is exactly for advising users about tips and tricks not really the place for a subforum for XP General Discussion. I will probably get responses quoting user and purchase figures showing that FSX/P3D users are a huge majority as far as Orbx customers are concerned but that is not my point. The new to Orbx sims should be considered as equal in importance and customer discussion and customer support. Currently XP support is very limited and relies heavily on Orbx forum users who happen to use XP either solely (few in reality since they were part of Orbx community due to FSX/P3D and not XP) or in tandem with FSX/P3D/AF2. I have some comments to make about the new TEGB South SP1 but don't know where exactly I should post them. I am not looking for support so the XP support forum is not the place. If I post in the Tips and Tricks subforum of XP General Discussion it won't be seen as there are only about 20 posts in there since it started. If I post it in the General Discussion forum it will no doubt get moved to the XP General Discussion sub forum in Tips and Tricks.
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