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  1. You require ORBX Central to install Oregon. May I also add that due to time differences, support may not be available at your beck and call. I can imagine frustration and anger being vented if you were talking about not being seen by medical staff for over 6 hours, but to be shouting about not being able to install an addon for a flightsim is a bit of a " first world" problem !
  2. @Gabe777 To answer your questions: 1. Yes you can have as many overlays as you want as long as they are related to the ortho files you also have. 2. X-Europe is a very good overlay for all the european countries you may have Ortho4XP imagery for and therefore no additional Overlay files are needed for the large amount of Europe as X-Europe seves that purpose. 3. Yes any non Uk ortho can remain or be installed with overlays (as a separate file). I have all of western Europe in Ortho4xp with X-Europe as the Overlay. I have TEGB North, South and Central but these are placed higher in the scenery_packs.ini so have no effect on the ortho files for Europe. You do need to make sure that your X-Europe folders are placed well below your TEGB files and above your Ortho files. If you have any queries regarding your ortho/TEGB set up i am more than willing to help you set up your scenery_packs.ini in the correct layering sequence to make sure you enjoy the full benefit of both the TEGB and your Orth4xp scenery. If you reply to this post make sure you address your response to @jjaycee1 as i may not return to this old topic otherwise, or you can PM me.
  3. You have a very vivid imagination Renault, the result of that being some great immersive narrative to accompany some beautiful and well thought out screenshots. Kudos to you sir.
  4. Orbx Central does allow dual/triple installations. You just need to create "Libraries" for each XP install you have. Remember though that the Licence is for one PC so no problem if you have 2 XP installations on the same PC.
  5. Showing my age here but I remember the US$ being over $US 2 to the UK £. I believe today it was around US$ 1.06. Oh joy, woe is me
  6. I fully understand the new Orbx policy regarding the termination of cross platform 40% discount on products owned for one sim and being purchased for another sim. I do however query whether or not a discount would be offered on a different version of an addon for the same sim? The recent topic of ZL16 versions of TE addons may fit into that category potentially, in particular in relation to XP where the downloads are of a greater GB than for P3D, and that factor being one of the primary reasons for the topic. No result of the discussion has been announced but it appeared to conclude that both the existing ZL17 and proposed ZL16 options would be winners. JV mentioned his concern about users/buyers downloading both versions for comparison reasons and therefore affecting bandwidth costs, but if the products were priced as separate entities then bandwidth costs should be covered (to an unknown degree). So in the case of 2 options for one Scenery, would a discount for the alternative version be offered, if indeed Orbx decided to offer 2 versions of the same Scenery for the same Sim? I can see the possibility of seeing what one version was like and deciding in the end that the "other" version would suit the buyers requirements better, i.e. HDD space versus Zoom Level detail.
  7. Good point Michael regarding the distinction between bought and not bought/installed. Maybe a different colour font would do the job. At first I didn't work out why one of the font sets was duller than the other !!!
  8. So can we now reach a conclusion on this topic? From what i see there are 2 camps. The first camp wants the full ZL17 or even higher and uncompressed version as options. The second camp would like to see a ZL16 (unsharpened/sharpenned?) option because of their file size/HDD footprint and the fact that they can observe no real difference in fidelity (especially if they follow the XP graphics settings advised) I propose 2 versions and those versions to be seperate addons at the same retail price each. If you want the ZL17 you buy and install the ZL127 with whatever improvements are offered. If you want ZL16, then you buy and install that version. Should you also for some reason or other decide you would like both versions, then the other version would be offered at a 40% discount because you have already bought one version. A bit like the current Orbx policy of offering a 40% discount of a product you may have purchased for FSX/P3D and are purchasing now for XP. These options should satisfy both camps and also hopefully introduce more sales from current customers who are reticent to buy the full ZL17 offering due to download size and required HDD space. A win-win as far as i can see.
  9. TYN=Thank you Nick. Showing my age here. I remember the days we used to use words or should I say: IRTDWUTUW I thought it was an Aussie airport Icao !
  10. Digressing slightly from the main topic, but surely loading times are completely subjective and relate to hardware specs including SSD or HDD, number of drives being used, symbolic linked content, and number of addons in the Custom Scenery folder. To state that my XP loads in xxxxx seconds/minutes is somewhat meaningless.
  11. @Tony Wroblewski Sorry to bother you again Tony, but would request clarification. You replied that the Conversion stage would become less relevant with smaller files. My question (being a non techy!) is does it also mean you would not need to use Compression, where I am led to believe that this compression reduces the quality of the image. Does this also mean that Orbx could have non compressed dds files in the download rather that compressed jpegs, which would need converting to dds? Sorry to sound dumb but tech is not my strongest point and your answer would help expand in detail exactly what we could expect in a ZL16 version. People are commenting on the pics submitted but there is no indication as to how the pics were achieved. Were they original Photoshopped dds pics( the ZL 16 ones) or were they originally compressed jpegs that were then converted? If we would get downloads with no compression and therefore no conversion required, are the sample pics an exact replica of what we would see in our sim?
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