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  1. A nice late evening sunset over southern England.
  2. https://orbxdirect.com/freeware Scroll down the Freeware list and then choose the NA /AU Pack to suit your version of P3D
  3. A true flight simulator is not possible on a PC. A true flight simulator is the type of equipment you see airline and airforce pilots train on and cost millions. PC based sims are marketed as entertainment and it is upto the buyer as to how far he/she wants to use it for actual flight type training etc. If you want to simulate flying a real aircraft then you would buy addons of very sophisticated planes which allow the technical aspects of that plane to be replicated as much as possible via a PC. Still no where near real but a damn sight nearer to reality than say a default sim plane. Scenery would be a secondary consideration since the whole objective of the buyer would be to simulate flight as much as a PC's capabilities allow. Then we have people like me, who love the "sim" but are more scenery orientated because we like to view the world as real as much as a PC will allow. The aerodynamics and realistic functionality of a plane are not as important but still a major part of the flight challenge. I would not have spent so much money over the last 15+ years (10 of those years almost exclusively with Orbx) on scenery if I was plane orientated. The scenery would be very much a secondary consideration. I would want all my PC hardware capacity to be concentrating on the Flight aspect rather than showing real world pics and autogen/objects. So, although I totally respect those that shudder at the thought of any flight sim being regarded as even a gesture of being a "game" , there is a huge market for those of us who use the sim as a method of viewing the world as realistically as possible, while incidentally, flying an aeroplane. Orbx exists for simmers like myself as they produce top quality sceneries. This new Microsoft Flight Sim looks, on first view, to be the exact type "sim" i would really enjoy, but is way too early to know exactly what costs are, how much details and satellite imagery is available as default, costs of additional scenery (like AF2 DLCs?) etc. If all these aspects are revealed then a qualifies judgement can be made as to whether it is the sim for you. I feel that it could be a very big winner, but time will tell. Happy flying to ALL simmers whatever your preferences
  4. The best decision Orbx/JV made was when they/he reversed the decision not to pursue with X-Plane. I think the TEGB and now the TE Washington pics are testimony to that. Lovely shots.
  5. Never mind "more" shots, I am waiting for your usual statement.....Final Shots
  6. You install it into X-Plane/resources/plugins. In flight you open up Plugins from the toolbar at the top left of screen, click on AviTab, open it and choose Maps. That's it, you then have an OSM type map with all the names of the places your flying over and near to.
  7. I hope you weren't looking at the Orbx forums in work time. You might have lost millions
  8. I could watch that allday. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Jack why don't you install AviTab? You would then know exactly where you are: See this link and install into XP11/Resources/plugins. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44825-avitab-vr-compatible-tablet-with-pdf-viewer-moving-maps-and-more/
  10. Only made a couple of million today in my 3 hour shift in the Financial Centre at Canary Wharf so decided to fly home having obviously turned all the lights off in the buildings so as to save energy
  11. First time I have seen deliberate sloped car parking. Make sure your parking/hand brake is in good condition!
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