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  1. Only just announced but Central says No download available, and no download options appear in the Freeware section of OrbxDirect.
  2. Graham, can you confirm that will not be doing the NA version?
  3. Release will be after we see Iain posting " My final shots".
  4. St Helena Airport

    OLC mid Atlantic should be a quick addon
  5. Journey into the heart of the Tongass

    One of the best set of "sequence" shots I have seen. They show the great details within the scenery rather than the plane. Kudos to you sir.
  6. Where in Scenery would it go

    As a general rule all non Orbx airport type scenery addons should go above FTX in the scenery library. If you get "clashes" then check for duplicate afcads. There may be Orbx coverage for an airport that you have got from a 3rd party, so the relevant afcad files duplicated in Orbx would need to be amended to .OFF
  7. FTX AU AI Traffic for P3D V4 Preview

    Very nice Graham and much appreciated. They are currently sorely missed.
  8. When are you guys going to upgrade servers?

    It really is different experience for different folks in different areas and different ISPs. Since my ultra high speed Internet connection I have never had any problems at all and in fact wanted to say to Orbx that I can download from their server at 41MB per second. The best download speed from any server to date. It takes seconds to download large files. I am not "showing off" because until the beginning of May this year I was lucky to get 120KBps. I am just showing that it was not the Orbx server causing me the painful download speed but my personal connection speed for my line with that ISP. The Orbx server was probably kicking out the speeds of 40+ MBps but I couldn't experience it because of my connection restrictions on telephone wire. Now I have a direct Fibre link from the telephone exchange to my house, and it is a 300Mbps connection. I still empathise though with those who are stuck with copper connections, or fibre that is then shared through a roadside cabinet, as is the system in the UK. You are sharing a connection with who knows how many people.
  9. Map of airports in England and France

    Hers is the link Jimnz https://www.airdailyx.net/adx-earth-airports/
  10. Can you guess where?

    Obvious Jack................North Korea
  11. I have an idea.

    Lovely thought in theory, but I don't see that Orbx would be likely to do that. I maybe would understand more if it was gifted for example for 5 years or more of Orbx forum and purchases activity.
  12. Ninth year shot.

    Happy 9th Birthday Iain. I must say you look a bit older in your avatar
  13. Beautiful Benny @Tim Harris, what can i say? That was a truly stunning video. Glad you are on the Orbx team and can transfer your photographic skills. Where is Garden of Stones and it is represented in FTX AU?
  14. Fed up with the weather in the uk

    Nice shots Stewart. Now you've only got a 4 hour wait at passport control !!!!
  15. Such detail in OLC SA

    Not a candidate for screenshot of the day I admit, but just thought it would be good to show the extent to which the Orbx devs have gone to in providing such detail.