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  1. This is a new version and looks hugely improved to the first version.
  2. Thanks @Ed Correia! This looks awesome! Day 1 buy
  3. Hey there @Ed Correia I wondered if this is still on track for February
  4. Orbx YBBN V2 and OpenLC Asia is on the horizon so no, they are still developing for P3D.
  5. Hello Orbx team, This question is directed at @Ed Correia I noticed that in a topic from last month it was mentioned that YBBN V2 would be scheduled for release in January. I was wondering if this was still the case and whether we should expect a release in the coming weeks. Ref: Thank you, David
  6. Wow! I'm quite shocked that there's news coming regarding this. Exciting
  7. Thanks so much @John Burgess and @stiletto2 That photo scenery of the 405 was suppressing the autogen. I removed it and it's now looking the same as your screenshots.
  8. Hello Support, Question regarding TrueEarth SoCal for P3D. Having an issue here near KLAX where the autogen buildings and trees abruptly stop before the 405 freeway. Could I confirm whether this is occurring for everyone? I didn't have this issue with Orbx's SoCal Region. Thanks, David
  9. I noticed that too. This would need to be fixed by an exclude rectangle. I'll see if I can create it and whether it works.
  10. Update: I managed to fix this problem. Looks like the TrueEarth SoCal Autogen is targeting newly created textures called 'TE_SCA_001.bmp' and 'TE_SCA_001LM.bmp'. that were placed the Prepar3d/Texture directory. Copying the files ORBX_SCA_BLD2.dds and ORBX_SCA_BLD2LM.dds from the BuildingsHD directory under Orbx/Scripts and renaming/replacing the above files fixed the issue. See results...
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