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  1. I tried resizing the textures to 2048x2048 and they look almost as good as the standard 4K - still a huge improvement to the previous ones as they much better textures. The size drops from approx. 10MB to 3MB per file. The only reason I would do this is if you run FSX with many other addons, complex aircraft, sceneries and need to save VAS. Otherwise there's no point.
  2. This is one of the best FS addons I have ever purchased. I wasn't expecting this level of improvement - It's dramatic! Amazing job Scott and Bill. Thank you! London Los Angeles by LAX Melbourne
  3. 'Final shots' by Iain means we're getting very close
  4. Hi Scott, You've done such a great job on this that I can't even bear to look at the autogen in my sim anymore. I need this!
  5. Would love to see some previews of Los Angeles and Singapore
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