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  1. Great ride and great shots mate!
  2. I'm liking of your rides in P3D: with the same good humor ever! Smashing shots! Cheers,,
  3. Very fine shots indeed! Have good landings, mate! iPad
  4. Here, I am traveling to the Northeast. Soon be home again: I will download it immediately! Btw, great shots, mate! Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  5. I enjoyed this discussion: extremely informative - learned a lot! Thanks all of you! Cheers Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  6. High perfomance, great shots! Cheers
  7. Lars, mate, visually speaking: a breathtaking work! You developers, with Orbx support, I think, have transformed this simulated world so fantastic that, sometimes, I think I've been somewhere, but I was there in simulated flight.😄 How much detail! The choppers love! 😘 Thank you!
  8. Cracking ones here, mate! Cheers,
  9. Good journey, mate! Great shots indeed! Cheers, PS: Strong winds around ...😠Cheers,
  10. Very nice indeed! Cheers,
  11. Good coordination! You could have continued, leaving the nose drop, gaining speed, proceeding, making a Cuban eight, is not it? LoL Just kidding 😊 , mate, great shots! Cheers,
  12. Very nice vid, mate! Waiting another! Thanks,
  13. All fantastic: good visual, she was lovely in her presentation (aircraft), LAX was well populated, super nice colors! Great, mate! Cheers,
  14. This is a good patrol flight ... it seems so! Great shots, mate! Cheers,
  15. Really such is maneuver to Circus! Great shot, mate!
  16. Wonderful! Great angle! As if it were taken from the wingman cockpit ...! And this livery? Seems prime paint ... or not, is it? Cheers,
  17. Great screenshots! Cheers,
  18. Superb screenshots. Impressive as well! Cheers,
  19. Impressive this set at high altitude! Very lookin! Cheers,
  20. All very good! I really enjoyed the lights ... especially the sun! Cheers,
  21. Very nice! But one can not forget the tide! Cheers,
  22. I liked it very much, buba1974! All your videos are great! The traveling that you usually do on/into/over the airports, aircraft and surrounding area details is a great difference: I, in my humble simmer condition, like you, used to do it with my choppers - close, slowly, like a bee, I see the details! It's nirvana! I know how much work it is to produce a video like this! But I know too, because you like, this task is happy! Thank you, buba1974. Cheers,
  23. Great shots, Gerold! I liked them very much! Thanks to God this is a simulator: no notifications from the authorities! Cheers,
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