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  1. Great ride and great shots mate!
  2. I'm liking of your rides in P3D: with the same good humor ever! Smashing shots! Cheers,,
  3. Very fine shots indeed! Have good landings, mate! iPad
  4. Here, I am traveling to the Northeast. Soon be home again: I will download it immediately! Btw, great shots, mate! Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  5. I enjoyed this discussion: extremely informative - learned a lot! Thanks all of you! Cheers Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  6. High perfomance, great shots! Cheers
  7. Lars, mate, visually speaking: a breathtaking work! You developers, with Orbx support, I think, have transformed this simulated world so fantastic that, sometimes, I think I've been somewhere, but I was there in simulated flight.😄 How much detail! The choppers love! 😘 Thank you!
  8. Cracking ones here, mate! Cheers,
  9. Good journey, mate! Great shots indeed! Cheers, PS: Strong winds around ...😠Cheers,
  10. Very nice indeed! Cheers,
  11. Good coordination! You could have continued, leaving the nose drop, gaining speed, proceeding, making a Cuban eight, is not it? LoL Just kidding 😊 , mate, great shots! Cheers,
  12. Very nice vid, mate! Waiting another! Thanks,
  13. All fantastic: good visual, she was lovely in her presentation (aircraft), LAX was well populated, super nice colors! Great, mate! Cheers,
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