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  1. Hi Nick: All the airports in Florida have been upgraded to a certain degree (similar to the regional sceneries). There are several detailed airports under development for Florida but none released yet. Also some of the larger airports from other developers have been tested and seem to work fairly well (The P3D forum has more details on how to set them up). You probably won't be disappointed the scenery (especially the water) is excellent. Larry
  2. Could be a problem with vector Airport Elevation Correction. You could go into the vector configuration tool and enable or disable the files for these airports or run the auto configurator for AEC. Larry
  3. True Earth Northern California has the same airport enhancements as NA Northern California and a few additional airports that were not in the regional area so the enhanced airports are there. Larry
  4. I am only running an I7 3770 which is quite old but I have an GeForce 1060 6 GB Video Card. This runs P3D v4.5 with True Earth fairly well with 45-50 fps in the country and about 20-25 in the city. A good graphics card is needed but the processor can be older. Larry
  5. I think the problem is that the power lines are added as a vector element so all the poles in an area are the same. The decision was made to use the alternate poles in South Florida because the large towers do not work very well in the Keys. Larry
  6. Hi Edward: Here is a photo of the power lines north of Turkey Point: The power poles in the south part of Florida are single pole towers. When we were testing some of the tester said these are more common in South Florida. If you cannot see them verify your Orbx Libraries and True Earth US Libraries. I have my Scenery Complexity set to Extremely Dense and Autogen trees and buildings set to Very Dense. Larry
  7. True Earth completely replaces objects with a new set based on the photoreal terrain. Where tanks and power lines show on the terrain they have been included. All previous sceneries have been disabled. Larry
  8. Hi Jose: All the airports you mention are flat so that is not the problem. I am hoping someone else may have a suggestion. As for SODE it is not used in any of the airports. Larry
  9. The airports are designed to match the mesh so if you disable it you will get trenches and plateauing. The mesh is quite accurate and a lot of the airports look bad with the default mesh. Larry
  10. It should be there. Perhaps try doing a verify on the install. The keys look great with the TE watermasking. Larry
  11. TE Florida will overwrite Orlando Cityscape. Both use photoreal textures and the result is similar, although I think the water masks are better in TE Florida. Larry
  12. I think a small high powered plane may be worse. I hadn't really noticed the bounce before but I get a slight one on the Mooney. I think there is a slight roughness to the runways which is a feature of P3D. I am usually trying to keep the plane straight so it didn't notice it before. Braking definitely causes more bounce than the runway. Maybe someone else has an idea how to fix this. Larry
  13. I am getting a slight bounce with the F35 on both runways and the taxiways, Almost none with the Mooney on the runway and none on the taxiways. I usually get a bit of movement at most airports. I checked a couple of other airports. I think it may be related to the plane being used. Not sure if it is an airport specific issue. What plane were you using? Could you check other planes and other airports. I can't see anything at the airport that would cause it as the layout is similar to other airports. Larry
  14. Trees are changing to fall colours. If you move the date before Sept 1 they will be green. Only happens in north half of state. Larry
  15. The KMCO in Cityscape is not in True Earth Florida but a new version has been done with revised parking and taxiways to match the underlying photoreal terrain. The parking matches current Jeppesen charts. I think the water masks around the airport are very good and the version in True Earth is on par with the Cityscape Version. I can't comment on compatibility with 3rd party airports although some of the beta testers seemed to think they would work (perhaps with the area around the airports disabled. I am sure that once True Earth has been available for a while most of the 3rd party airports
  16. Hi Stephan: All the currently active airports were upgraded to a similar standard to the airports in the regions. A number of airports that have been deactivated/abandoned were also upgraded if they were still visible on the Photoreal scenery. These airport use generic hangers and include parked aircraft and some vehicles/clutter/and people. The photos by Rod show the quality of all the airports in Florida. Also in the Miami area one of my favorites is Miami Homestead. Larry
  17. Hi Don: Click on the little tool sproket, Then on Libraries, and Create New Library. It will let you put it wherever you want. When you install something from Central it will let you pick the library to install to. It is also possible to move scenery into libraries although it takes almost as long as the original install ( I think some files are downloaded from Central. Nick has just sent pictures of the site. Larry
  18. Whidbey would be a nice addition to the Pacific Northwest. Especially with a carrier in the area. Larry
  19. Hi Manuel: If your airports are placed above the Germany Scenery in your scenery library and the developers included proper excludes they should work fine. Larry
  20. The Global Freeware airports have their elevation set to match the original FSX mesh so any add on mesh can result in some elevation problems with some airports. The photos do not show Freeware airports but I think this is the problem as the original airport elevations do not match the mesh. The airport elevation correction tool in Vector will usually fix this by matching the airport elevations to other mesh. I would try looking at the airports with the mesh disabled to see if this fixes the problem. Larry
  21. The green dots are Orbx global freeware airports. Larry
  22. As I understand from Ed's post on P3Dv5 the main problems with the airports would be elevation problems around the airport where the mesh has changed and duplicate airports where the designation has changed. I think most of the airports should work in P3Dv5 but for those that don't it would be easy to delete or disable them in the files. I am unable to upgrade to P3Dv5 at the current time so cannot check them out. I will certainly have a look at the ones I did once I can install the new version. Larry
  23. The best part of the sound video was the increase in waves at San Francisco as the windspeed increased. Larry
  24. Fargo has been done in the Global Freeware pack and is quite good. Larry
  25. I don't have access to my computer for a couple of weeks as I am not at home. Do you have the south America mesh installed? I think it works best with this. If you still have a problem let me know and I can Check more when looking get home. Larry
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