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  1. Thanks for the list Francois. Also a note: The True Earth Scenery also includes all the airports done for the regions along with a few new ones in the extended areas. True Earth Florida also includes upgraded airports in the P3D version. All the existing airports at the time of release were included so no list is necessary for these areas. Larry
  2. I am not sure about MSFS but in P3D any custom markings are not visible for the same distance as the default markings. For this reason I only use them in special situations. They are OK for taxiways and aprons but for runways it is better to use the default. Larry
  3. That was my understanding but it would be nice if Orbx added them to the Discover Tab in Orbx Central so we have one reference for Discovering and exploring the Orbx scenery we bought. Thanks Nick! The problem is that there are so many that it would overwrite most of the map. There are over 500 airports in the Florida True Earth Scenery and all were enhanced to some degree. Larry
  4. Greenland and Alaska are both included in NA Landclass. Adak Airport and several airports in Greenland are available as Global Freeware Airports. I just finished a series of flights from San Diego to Haneda Japan and used mostly Orbx airports except for a couple in Russia and Japan. I will probably continue to Australia and may finish an around the world trip when I get time to do it. I am using the default Mooney in P3D with extra tanks for longer distance although I think I could have completed the trip without them. Larry
  5. I really like Santa Barbara (KSBA). Lots of character in a medium size airport. Larry
  6. The first thing to check is the elevation adjustment file in Vector - CYCB should be disabled. If this does not work could you check the elevation you have at the terminal ramp and on the taxiways. Larry
  7. What scenery are you using for YYC? The original FS does not include it although i did a version in Community Airports that includes the new runway (17L-35R) which was not in the original flight simulator. This should have the current ILS frequencies unless they have changed recently. Larry
  8. Hi Nick: All the airports in Florida have been upgraded to a certain degree (similar to the regional sceneries). There are several detailed airports under development for Florida but none released yet. Also some of the larger airports from other developers have been tested and seem to work fairly well (The P3D forum has more details on how to set them up). You probably won't be disappointed the scenery (especially the water) is excellent. Larry
  9. Could be a problem with vector Airport Elevation Correction. You could go into the vector configuration tool and enable or disable the files for these airports or run the auto configurator for AEC. Larry
  10. True Earth Northern California has the same airport enhancements as NA Northern California and a few additional airports that were not in the regional area so the enhanced airports are there. Larry
  11. I am only running an I7 3770 which is quite old but I have an GeForce 1060 6 GB Video Card. This runs P3D v4.5 with True Earth fairly well with 45-50 fps in the country and about 20-25 in the city. A good graphics card is needed but the processor can be older. Larry
  12. I think the problem is that the power lines are added as a vector element so all the poles in an area are the same. The decision was made to use the alternate poles in South Florida because the large towers do not work very well in the Keys. Larry
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