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  1. Gee Nick, once again you continue with your typical rudeness to loyal customers. You could really do with some lessons in customer relations and manners! I asked a fair question in a polite manner. I and many of the other customers Should not have to put up with you constant rudeness and we don’t deserve to be spoken to this way! And l deleted it from the other post when l saw this post was more relevant, and it was deleted before you answered it! Not my fault but yours! Some basic facts if you had bothered to even ask. When this product first came out, l put it in my saves to buy. I saw nothing about it only being compatible with P3Dv4.5 I have again read the product review despite it referring to 4.5, l feel it still remains very ambiguous regarding compatibility with P3Dv4 1-5. And despite it saying under under the minimums, it can easily be read that it is referring to its PBR features requiring 4.5, not the whole product. At the beginning of the product it clearly states being for P3Dv4, nothing about P3Dv4.5. P3Dv4 refers to all v4.1 through to v4.5. There was clearly no oversight on my behalf regarding the P3Dv4 issue when l first saved it for purchase I have simply been away for the last two months, came back, loaded it and discovered an issue so got on the forums. I have a right to ask a question politely (and it was polite), to firstly ask if there were intentions of making it compatible with all versions of v4 (in which case l would keep it) and in return to receive a polite response, even if you chose to ignore my question. I did not in anyway deserve your rudeness!
  2. Have the same issues as limat in that I am using Prosim737 and a 1:1 scale 737. As it also is running perfectly, I will not be updating to 4.5. I also had understood like limat from reading the EGNX product info is that it only required P3D v4 for it to run, and that 4.5 was only needed for the PBR textures. On the other post relating to P3Dv4 being the only requirement, Nick seems to confirm this to be the case in the link below - comment 10. So I purchased EGNX as I run P3Dv4 thus meeting the product requirements, but as I only have P3Dv4.2, all the buildings are missing. As the product info can be misleading, is there going to be a fix so that it is compatible with all versions of P3Dv4 for us who purchased the product in good faith, or can I a least suggest that the product info be a little more specific, esp relating to "Comment 10" in the other post.
  3. Well it really is the death of P3D when XP looks this fantastically brilliant. Well done.
  4. So its definitely not worth buying MSFGs version if Orbx is putting it out. Esp if it comes with the City and is that city finish similar to Melbourne in v2? So maybe released this year???
  5. Any chance that Orbx's presentations (on video) could be posted. Some of us couldn't go as we had a choice of buying more Orbx products over the next year, or go to the show. The show last only 2 days but our flying goes all year.
  6. Hi Iain, I know your busy but is there any chance of some photos of the larger airports that have been upgraded, eg Darwin, Townsville, Williamtown, etc. I know they won't be Orbx's normal 'payware' standard, but would love a sneak preview anyway as l'm sure others who fly Heavies would as well. Thanks Anthony
  7. This is really worth a look at, not to mention his other Youtube videos that really addresses many of the questions we keep asking about the performance of different hardware (RAM, GPU, etc). The videos are basic and easy to understand and eye-opening! .
  8. Spacey


    Hi Robs, I thought I would respond as having exactly the same problem and despite looking extensively through the forums over the last few months, I have had no success. I haven't deleted it yet as it took so long to get to the same point you have, hoping someone may come up with an answer, but not holding my breath. And support from the developer is non-existent. I haven't even seen a response from anyone using it on a network where it actually works. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I really believe it is basically broken.
  9. Hi Ian, Possibly an impossible question to answer, but just about to update my VR computer (Oculus Rift). Is there any idea what specs would be needed to run the new Australia v2 flying in and around Melbourne (CPU and GPU) to get the visual effect that we are seeing in the photos. P.S. wont hold you to it
  10. Sorry to ask as I know this will be somewhere, but can anyone please post a link to the updates being done in V2. Did a search but couldn't find it. Much appreciated.
  11. thanks Ausie 123, much appreciated for the numbers. And thanks Haydn for the detailed reply. Most informative and worth remembering. New to the Heavies as real flying is GA so the Heavies are a learning curve esp with the full scale 737 cockpit. But a great challenge.to keep the brain going in retirement.
  12. Thanks guys, Will head to Flightware. Should have remembered that’s the go to place for my issue. Will also check AIr Services Australia. Much appreciated Anthony
  13. Hi, Just curious if any one knows the correct parking bays at Coffs Habour and Tamworth for Heavies such as 737s (not actually a question for Orbx Team). Have done a search in the Orbx forums but no joy to such information. So finally after all these years of having Coffs Habour and then Tamworth. I have finally moved from GA into flying Heavies ie the 737. Loaded Navigraph and behold Navigraph is a little light on for Coffs Habour and Tamworth in parking bays and SIDS, to the point Navigraph does not have a chart with any numbers of parking areas for 737s on chart 10-9. Or is there a SID for either airport. I notice on the Orbx pictures there are 737s at Coffs and articles from Coffs Habour confirms they can fly in and out of at least Coffs Habour, but nowhere can I find the correct areas to park it. Orbx lists Ramps at both airports, so clearly 2 or 3 of these would be the correct one for Heavies. So any help or ideas most appreciated. Also is anyone aware of a SID for Coffs Habour or Tamworth (as nothing in Navigraph, or do most doing IFR just find a waypoint close by as the first point of there IFR flight. Thanks for any ideas. Anthony
  14. I see the same thing as Himmelhorse. I thought it was just my computer which is on par with Himmelhors’s (as listed below). Nice to know finally its not just my computer. Is there any plan by Orbx to update YBBN. Of all the Orbx products I have (which is everything for P3D, YBBN is the one that hit framerates the worst by alot, and is the only one that has problems with taxiways and the runway looking like the above. Great airport otherwise, only let down by those taxiways and runways that look more like a dirt strip rather than a runway or taxiway.
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