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  1. i noticed the same issue with the NGXu in the last weeks. The AC banks inflight from left to right up to 6 - 10 degrees. Don't know the reason. I'm using EZDOK. Joachim
  2. For me a winning TE scenery would be norway ! We have a couple of airports there and a magnificent nature too! I think i had read something like norway.... joachim
  3. Hi Nick, since the release of the v5 many things have changed. You can read in the Orbx forum, also in different foren about the certainity of Users, to handle the library. Is there an opportunity, to pin a short thread with an explanation to handle the entrys. I mean, in the german forum, years ago Friedi did for v3. Regards Joachim
  4. Nick, thank you for your effort. I think its not the difference between V4 and V5, its the difference between using GES or non GES and only LC. I think without GES its looking more harmony,using GES its more realistic. Joachim
  5. ...und Blickrichtung Westen. Schau dir mal meine Einträge in der Bibliothek (dein Beitrag im deutsches Forum) an. Ich fand sie komisch, aber vielleicht soll es tatsächlich so sein
  6. aus Lowi raus gen Norden. Hier sieht man es besser, im Hintergrund der Airport. Ja richtig, mit allen Orbx Addons.
  7. ich habe mal drei Screenshots gemacht, wie es bei mir aussieht. Bei mir sind die gleichen Scenerien aktiv. Ich glaube ganz so zerschossen, wie bei deinen Aufnahmen sieht es nicht aus.
  8. Hi Jacob, i had the same issue. After verifieing the files, i corrected the insertationpoints in ORBX Central. This solved the problems with Germany North an South. Joachim
  9. Hi Rob, What is the Aircraft, you're using? Joachim
  10. fantastic pics, what sky colour (REX?) are you using? Greetings Joachim
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