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  1. My recollection is that at least in the boxed product days, a colour was used as part of the names of some of the NA regions, PNW being one which was part of Blue. I think that Pacific Fjords may also have been under that colour. I also recall the colour Gold being used for others. A search of the Orbx Forums would probably clarify and confirm or otherwise. Gary
  2. Kim My customer period and spending profile with FSS has been similar to yours. So has the extent of success with telephone contact. I can't recall their phone being answered despite me having used both their 1300 number and their actual telephone number. However, historically I have received replies to my emails - until a week ago when I sent an email seeking some information I need to do a bulk reseller cross-grade exercise but have received no response. Prompted by your post, I will see if a follow-up email regains my past experience with FSS on that fron
  3. On AirDailyX News in the past couple of days, there have been an article and posts about two recent Turbulent Designs products. In the course of those posts, someone asked the representative of Turbulent what the state of play is for the YMML v3 patch. About twelve hours ago, Greg Jones of Turbulent posted by way of reply: "The YMML patch has been delivered to Orbx and I believe is still undergoing testing." Any idea from the Orbx end as to when the patch is likely to be ready for release? Gary
  4. Graham A month or so ago, I downloaded the AU and NA Traffic packages but (like some other products I got at about the same time) never got around to installing them. Was the discontinuance of the NA Traffic package for any reason which would suggest that I should not now belatedly install it (when I am installing the AU one)? Gary
  5. As an addendum to what Tore said, I have been able to successfully use it with FSX Default scenery - see my post at http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/119843-orbx-narvik-is-magical/#comment-1075472 Gary
  6. See posts #4 and 5 at http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/119852-please-help-me-figure-out-if-na-traffic-is-working-for-me/#comment-1084134 Gary
  7. I agree with what Sniper31 says about the quality and performance of Narvik, even though I am operating under different circumstances to him ie I have Windows 7 and FSX but I don't have Global etc . Although about a year ago I bought FTX Norway, because of the then reported problems of compatibility between Aerosoft airports and Norway I never got around to installing it. I have Narvik installed over FSX Default scenery. I can't fault the quality of Narvik and how it operates in that context. That is consistent with what I have experienced when previously installing FTX Notodde
  8. This might assist: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/119415-au-ai-traffic-duplicates/#comment-1071891 Gary
  9. ranger79 Have a look in your Downloads - see my post #3 above. Gary
  10. Have you looked in your downloads for the earlier version, FTXORBXLIBS160321? When the migration problem arose and I read about it, I had not accessed Central for a couple of weeks. I then turned off the update etc options in Central to prevent the migration, new LIBS etc. I had some recent Orbx purchases which I had not yet installed. I installed them and then opened and ran the March LIBS version by retrieving it from the list of downloads in my Internet Download Manager. Everything seemed to work okay doing it that way.The latest product I purchased and
  11. My vote would be for the Comet. I remember flying in a BOAC Comet in my early teens between Hong Kong and Rangoon (in Burma). Obviously, I was oblivious to the crashes which it had been involved in in preceding years. A couple of years ago, I was talking to a commercial pilot friend who had flown a range of planes including Metroliner, Dash 8, Saab 340, and Boeings. He said that he thought that the Saab was a "sexy looking" plane (if that adjective can be used for inanimate objects). Gary
  12. I experienced this problem on multiple occasions on Friday and Saturday but not since (I have only tried on my PC), even though people on the Avsim Forum were reporting it and continue to report encountering the problem. The two posters above are out of Australia as were the Avsim ones until yesterday. When I was able to regain access but others were still having problems, I wondered whether it had been solved for those within Australia but an Avsim poster yesterday still with the problem was from the east coast of Australia and that put paid to my theory. Gary
  13. Rodger See posts #10 and 11 in http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/110574-ftx-oceania-scenery/#comment-995569 Gary
  14. I don't have Global. Consistent with how I have used Global airports in the past, I have this airport installed over FSX Default scenery and have not seen any problem. This very good flight sim airport clearly has a flexibility to cater for and be attractive to a wider base than merely Global users. It is nice to get something like this for free. Well done, Sylvain. Gary
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