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  1. Hello Captains, I tried everything I could remember. I uninstalled completely UTEX and all its entries, switched-off some nearby sceneries and I rearranged the layers following the 'how-to' pdf. It didn't work. I allways have an urban area at the litle island on the Tagus estuary. Well, I can live with that. But somehow that urban area maybe created with UTX in my 1st install of FSX.....I'm guessing here, I really dont know, I'm no scenery maker Anyway, thanks a lot, I'm really hoping for new versions of vector and openLC. Best regards from Portugal
  2. Hi Jan! Thanks for your post. In fact you have it right! I have the same orbx add-ons as you except for mesh. I have FSGenesis Mesh instead of FS Global. I also have UTEX installed but all the layers off. Even though, I'll uninstall it to see what happens. Thanks a lot, I will look into it best regards
  3. Hi, I've been doing some VFR flights after OpenLC was released. I found litle issues over some areas in Portugal. 1. those litle isles at the Tejo (Tagus) River estuary don't have urban areas 2. Some urban areas are missing near Faro, about 7NM WNW from LPFR. I haven't got too much time to fly, but when I did, I found those. Some other issues in Portugal were already reported here. I hope the dev team can fix those issues in a future update. Thank you and best regards
  4. Thanks for the tip Friedi, it worked best regards
  5. Great, great shots! This is a giant leap towards UTX landclass. Some OpenLC portuguese screenies would make my day! Keep posting! Best,
  6. Just incredible John! Thanks for posting! "I can tell you that flying over the whole of Europe will never be the same ever again, once you install FTX Global, VECTOR and openLC EU!" I say MSFS had never been the same since orbx exists! Thanks alot!
  7. Great shots! Looking forward to see how Portugal and Spain look like!
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