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  1. I can still do that, Can get to the place where a file is set up in the download manager. FS Global 2010 (compatible). I can load one into my download manager, but when I click on download a pop-up tells me " Cannot download this file. Connection has been closed by server." Cheers, Ken aka Tenpin
  2. Simple question; is the Flight sim Store closing it's doors? Flight Sim Store
  3. Don't know if you have the Utah Complete package or not. The latest update was March 2013. Here's the link. file:///E:/Scenery/SCENERY/Utah/utah complete v1_0/UtahComplete/Readme_Important.htm
  4. OK Holger, I'm going to ask a question, and by doing so expose my ignorance. Just how do I "simply add the entries to the different sims."?
  5. Thank you to all you dedicated folks for your time to enhance this great hobby.
  6. Want to thank Orbx for the great work they and done with FTX central. Reinstalling all that scenery was a snap. Didn't realize - for a couple of minutes - that I could go in and queue up the airports for install. Granted, you fill the queue, and you have some time on your hands while FTX Central does it's thing. Great feature gang. Thanks again, Tenpin
  7. In the Eastern Highlands of Papa New Guinea there's a village by the name of Wanenmra. Google Earth has it at -6.79686 145.891944. Runway is around 1500 feet - dirt of course - oriented on a 29/11 heading , with an altitude of 4858 feet. Of course FSX has it dense foliage. Defiantly be a great place for white knuckles, or one could wimp out and fly a helicopter in.
  8. Great pictures, thank you for posting them. PNG is one of my favorite areas to fly in.
  9. Thanks for making this video. Enjoyed it very much.
  10. Sounds good. Wondering about the 15 June date and price increase for those of us that already have the have the NA Canada Alaska Land Class pkg?
  11. Sorry for the delay. You can find it in the AVSIM Library " texture.rgekodiak.zip " http://library.avsim.net/index.php?CatID=fsxacrp
  12. Waiting on pax and cargo for a run to KGH
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