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  1. Flew into Walla Walla this morning to find parts of the runways missing, along with the canyons. We had a program - in vector I believe - that corrected this problem.. Can't find it. Any suggestions?
  2. Using the Orbx scenery for this airport. Cannot see any of the buildings Here's a picture: CleElum
  3. OOps, forgot - Im using P3dV4. Guess my comments should be moved?
  4. Same here at S93 CleElum Orbx scenery missing buildings
  5. I can still do that, Can get to the place where a file is set up in the download manager. FS Global 2010 (compatible). I can load one into my download manager, but when I click on download a pop-up tells me " Cannot download this file. Connection has been closed by server." Cheers, Ken aka Tenpin
  6. Simple question; is the Flight sim Store closing it's doors? Flight Sim Store
  7. Don't know if you have the Utah Complete package or not. The latest update was March 2013. Here's the link. file:///E:/Scenery/SCENERY/Utah/utah complete v1_0/UtahComplete/Readme_Important.htm
  8. OK Holger, I'm going to ask a question, and by doing so expose my ignorance. Just how do I "simply add the entries to the different sims."?
  9. Thank you to all you dedicated folks for your time to enhance this great hobby.
  10. Want to thank Orbx for the great work they and done with FTX central. Reinstalling all that scenery was a snap. Didn't realize - for a couple of minutes - that I could go in and queue up the airports for install. Granted, you fill the queue, and you have some time on your hands while FTX Central does it's thing. Great feature gang. Thanks again, Tenpin
  11. Finally installed. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  12. I have sent two support request to the folks at FlightSim Store Support, but as of tonight no response (maybe there still on vacation) so I figured one of you may be able to help this thick headed person. I cannot figured out how to download the program. Here's what I'm looking at: FSX, P3Dv1.4, P3Dv2.5, P3Dv3 Wrapper Only - Download this ONLY if you still have a previous copy of the Complete Installation fileset downloaded to your computer. Extract the files into the same folder where the complete installation files have been extracted and double click the PILOTsFSG2010FTX.exe file to
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