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  1. Hi Nick, I still have a problem. One of the addon files I created was a fairly good representation of Cambridge YCBG, near Hobart, Tasmania, where I live. I was very pleased with it, and it was far better than the default one in FSX at the time (June 2013). Cambridge YCBG in Orbx AU V2 is very much better than the old one, and more up to date than my effort. Since then the whole airport has changed. Runways removed, industrial buildings are now on the airport and so on, a large shopping complex has evolved nearby etc, and these are all included in the new software. My problem is that my creation is still in the programme and overlaying the new files, combining with them and making a complete dog's breakfast of that area. I deleted my file from the Settings/Scenery Library, and taken the folder for my Cambridge out of the Addon scenery folder on the hard drive, but still the combined mess is in the programme!!!! Help! I have tried everything I can think of, but just cannot get rid of the mess my old scenery is creating!! Cheers
  2. Yep, thank you so much!!! All is now back the way it was with the addition of the excellent AU V2 scenery
  3. Aha, I think that might have fixed it
  4. Yeah, the Corona Virus is worse the the FSX virus
  5. Thanks Nick, I will try that and let you know. I think my evening meal is just about on the table, so there may be a delay
  6. Hi Nick, No, they are all below the FTXAUv2 entries.
  7. Thanks Nick. I have just had a close look at the scenery. In most cases I can just make out my runways but none of the buildings, aircraft, birds etc that I have in my files. It is not only my scenery that is missing. We have lost the oil wells in Bass Strait, Valley Field, Claude Road, Melaleuca etc. that were created by other simmers. It appears that the texture files are just not showing up?
  8. I have several small airports for Tasmania that I have created, and which worked well with Australia V1, but since installing V2 (5e731000cab3d), they have all disappeared! They are still showing in the scenery library and are all ticked, but when flying in the sim, there is no sign of them. I have run the Flightsim Commander Data Base manager, and my airports show up on the map OK, but are not showing in FSX? After all the work and time in creating the airports I do not particularly wish to lose them. Any suggestions??
  9. Well, tomorrow was a long time coming! Finally got around to it and I did everything you said Graham and that has totally fixed the problem! Thank you so much for your help. Mike
  10. Many Thanks Graham, That sound like a job for tomorrow ) I will try your suggestion and let you know how it goes. Cheers for now Mike
  11. Hi The Avalon Air Show works beautifully but sometimes I would like to use Avalon without the Air Show. When I bring up the ORBX control panel and click on ORBX YMAV it brings up the panel Turn Airshow Mode ON and it has a tick in the box. When I click on the box to remove the tick, a small panel comes up saying "Could not switch option 'Turn Airshow Mode ON' How then can I turn it off? If I bring the request up again, the tick is back in the box. Many thanks, Mike
  12. Hi, I have all the aircraft OK, and the control panel comes up in FTX Central OK, but I cannot turn the airshow off. When I click to remove the tick, it says Could not switch option "Turn Airshow Mode ON" Any clues on how to fix this problem? It is all working fine, but would like to use Avalon without the airshow ) Mike
  13. Recently the textures around the helipad at the Twelve Appostles, Victoria, Australia has become corrupted. Instead of the normal textures, it is basically black with the buildings and other items incorrectly coloured. Any ideas? I have not noticed any problems elsewhere in the scenery.
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