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  1. I went into my Antivirus and unchecked these two files from the quarantine folder. They are now in its rightful place and working, thanks, however I now notice that the FTX configurator will no work.
  2. Hi John. Thanks for your quick response in replying, will try as you suggest and report back. Antony
  3. Hi, Having intstalled my copy of FTX South Island NZ I am unable to get any response when I click on either FTX Day or FTX Night desktop shortcut. I get a window box popup informing me that it is unable to locate either FTX night.exe or FTX day.exe file which is supposedly located in the scripts folder.When I check the scripts folder there are no such exe files in there. I have done a fresh new reinstall of both FSX & FTX SI NZ and still get the same.Eveything else seems to be working fine. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Antony.
  4. Hi , just been browsing on the FTX website and noticed that YMML is listed with SP3. When you click on the "buy/more info" button and go to the flightsim store its listed as SP1, which is what I already have installed. Can someone please enlighten me as to if there is and updated version and where can we get it from? Thank you. Ajay
  5. Mine took an hour & a half using Firefox DownThemAll Ajay
  6. Hi, I to would like to uninstall YMML SP1 until the SP3 Certified version becomes available. Could someone please point me in the right direction as to which files I should remove and where I will find them. Thanks in advance Antony J
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