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  1. OK found it, thanks gents. Another case of clashing beagles.
  2. and reshaped it ???? No perhaps not ... but they did rename The Rock
  3. The attached image is of JSL in the Bogia District of PNG. I have not been able to rectify with FTX Vector Configurator. Most other airports, not quite all, are OK. Your ideas and assistance please. Cheers, Mac
  4. Cheers, thanks Tim. I know how to handle in that case. My issue is definitely a slightly sloping runway. Mac
  5. Tim, if you are still watching here, please take a look at AYMR and let me know if it is OK at your end. FTX Vector Configurator run and nothing in the Addon Scenery folder at my end but there is still an elevation issue. All the others look fine. Mac
  6. Thank you kind Sir. I can now get back to enjoying PNG as you intended. Mac
  7. You nailed it, thanks Tim. The story is this. I tried to install Vector 1.0; 1.1; 1.15; 1.2; 1.3 and 1.5 in that order. But I fell over at the first hurdle because my version of Vector 1.0 can not find P3D v3.x. I am off to find the correct installer. Cheers Mac
  8. Thanks Tim. I had covered those bases before coming here, but I rechecked anyway. The screen grabs are from NDR; BLI; AYKW; I have also included my loaded files and settings. Note that I have switched the Addon Scenery out but it made no difference. I have been hanging out with the ADE crowd for some years now, so I very much doubted that adding ILS would be causing the problem. Mac
  9. G'day Tim, thanks for coming to my rescue again. The screen grab is taken about 50nm north of AYDU. The problem persists fairly well right across the Western and Gulf Provinces. Mac PS: I installed ILS at AYMR so I can go all weather flying. The ILS beam is invisible except for a distance of about three quarters of the runway. In the past this has meant that the transmitter is buried as a result of an elevation issue. I hasten to add, the ILS is all I did and I then compiled to the Addon scenery folder. But this might be where I have created the elevation conflict? Will moving the Addon scenery folder behind the ORBX folders in the Scenery Library rectify the problem. Not yet tried that. PPS: Nope that did not work. The ILS Transmitter is still buried.
  10. G'day all, I have the sort of elevation problems that I used to get with FSX. What I have I done to get them back, please? More importantly how do I get rid of them? Country PNG; AYPY installed; Pilots installed; Gobal Base in stalled; Vector installed: FTX Vector Configurator run: Mac
  11. A nice man said that I could share my creations here and at the same time perhaps put in a plug for YPJT becoming P3D v3.x friendly sometime. So with thanks to the creators here is YBLA at Benalla. http://www.arismac.com/p3d/images/benalla_airport.jpg
  12. Many thanks for house keeping me, Tim. The problem was with one of my own creations, YBLA at Benalla. I rather stupidly left a corrupt copy of a .bgl in the Addon Scenery folder. I renamed it but did not rename the file extension. So the sim was trying to look at two copies of the same .bgl and it got very confused. So rogue copy removed and everything is looking good again. Mac
  13. The first image shows the airport as ADE see's it which is correct. The second image shows how P3D v3.1 sees things. Please note that bitumen has changed to grass, which is FSX default. Scenery objects such as buildings, are not FSX but have been added to the .bgl created by ADE. I have lost some of my textures. FTX Central 2 is set to Oceania. The ADE .bgl is located in the Addon Scenery --> Scenery folder at number 1 in front of the Orbx and default scenery. In fact every thing is OK except that the bitumen has disappeared and taken the parking bays with it. So P3D no longer designates the parking bays. Your wisdom will be very much appreciated. Cheers, Mac
  14. Well done and thank you Dominique. I uninstalled, manually, and reinstalled Pilots Global and lo and behold Mount Hagen is now as it should be. Cheers, Mac
  15. The complete airfield at AYMH (Mount Hagen) appears to be at the bottom of about a 150ft hole. Clearly I have not got my settings or installation set up correctly. I have Global Base, Global Vector and AYPY Jacksons installed into P3D v3.1. I have run FTX Vector Configurator which made no difference at all. I do not know how long it has been like that because this is the first trip I have made to AYMH for some time. ie: What I last installed that may have caused this. Your wise advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Mac
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