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  1. A nice man said that I could share my creations here and at the same time perhaps put in a plug for YPJT becoming P3D v3.x friendly sometime. So with thanks to the creators here is YBLA at Benalla. http://www.arismac.com/p3d/images/benalla_airport.jpg
  2. Many thanks for house keeping me, Tim. The problem was with one of my own creations, YBLA at Benalla. I rather stupidly left a corrupt copy of a .bgl in the Addon Scenery folder. I renamed it but did not rename the file extension. So the sim was trying to look at two copies of the same .bgl and it got very confused. So rogue copy removed and everything is looking good again. Mac
  3. The first image shows the airport as ADE see's it which is correct. The second image shows how P3D v3.1 sees things. Please note that bitumen has changed to grass, which is FSX default. Scenery objects such as buildings, are not FSX but have been added to the .bgl created by ADE. I have lost some of my textures. FTX Central 2 is set to Oceania. The ADE .bgl is located in the Addon Scenery --> Scenery folder at number 1 in front of the Orbx and default scenery. In fact every thing is OK except that the bitumen has disappeared and taken the parking bays with it. So P3D no longer designates the parking bays. Your wisdom will be very much appreciated. Cheers, Mac
  4. Compliments of the season Ladies and Gentlemen of the FTX Community. Please would some kind person post the URL of the map showing the FTX scenery zones in the Pacific North West. I know it exists but can nit find. Many thanks and cheers Mac
  5. Nope I can not get this to work. I shall try again tomorrow.
  6. Ha ... many thanks "Tree Tops" ... I had a real "seniors moment" there.
  7. I think this has occurred because the "spoiler" did not migrate to the new format. It is perhaps worth mentioning that only one purchase is needed to validate a members eligibility for sipport Mac
  8. Please point me towards the instructions on how to add an avatar to my profile. Thanks Mac
  9. Gentlemen, thank you all. I shall follow your leads. I am determined to learn how to use like the pro's ... well like an educated amateur anyway. Mac
  10. Will some learned person please point me towards a payware aircraft with FMC that works in P3D v2.2 that really works AND the handbook/tutorial is not written by a person that thinks I have just spent the last ten years on the flight deck of an A330-300 or similar? I thought I had finally found one in the Black Box Airbus. A well written Tutorial for Dummies, like me, and everything went just fine until I tried to get the AP (that stands for Auto Pilot) to work and it just beeped at me and did nothing. I kept pressing buttons until it finally got the message, sort of. Got me to the destination but unfortunately thought we could all disembark at FL350 while doing 320KIAS. If you don't know what FL and KIAS means then that perhaps means you can't help me. Mac
  11. I wrote in case there are lessons to be learned with UT2 which I have never used.
  12. I should also have mentioned that there is an upgrade for My Traffic available from their website. It is named MyTraffic_3D_54_from_FSX.
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