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  1. Another set. These are near Gan Gan.
  2. These were taken flying in the far north by the mouth of the Walker River estuary. Australia 2 in P3D v4.
  3. Australia 2, with John Oien's YMER download installed. Afternoon Next Morning Now it's off to Moruya!! Brad
  4. Sand bar and reef formations. L' Haridan Bight in Shark Bay West Australia (Australia V2)
  5. Fantastic water masking and scenery at Shark Bay West Australia in version 2. Well done to the ORBX team on an amazing new rendition of the land down under! Brad
  6. I was able to attend the FSExpo19 announcement session for the Skypark software coming soon and which will be available here at ORBX. Parallel 42 is the developer of this exciting new product that combines many facets of the simulation experience into an innovative user interface. It can be accessed before during and after a flight inside the simulator. Flight plan interface, planning, job creation at custom airports, etc. many more features. It is like a combination of several other past and existing products involving cargo operations, passenger flight service, charter, freight flying. It looks like a very promising way to add a lot more purpose to flight simulation. A few more months to wait but it’ll be cool and I cant wait to dig deeper into this. I await more details shared here soon. Brad
  7. We have several options for you at Misty's Flying Club!! It's part of Return to Misty Moorings. Stop by and check it out. http://www.mistymooringsflyingclub.com/ http://return.mistymoorings.com/ Brad
  8. Make a copy of your Prepar3D.cfg file and save it somewhere just in case. Rename the Prepar3D.cfg file left inside your Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ folder to Prepar3Dold.cfg, OldPrepar3D.cfg, etc. Restart your Prepar3D program and it will rebuild a fresh Prepar3D configuration file. You'll then need to go in and choose settings options for graphics, etc. Especially things like resolution, autogen, lighting, etc. Might be a good idea to try less details first then increase one at a time and test to see how that might impact performance. You should have a smoother running simulation again. Brad
  9. First, you have to have ORBX Australia installed in it's entirety to be able to get the OZx addon scenery to have it's proper base. So get that first. OZx's previous home has been hacked and is unusable. However, thanks to the team here at ORBX and the OZx owners who've kept the files alive, Craig Hanley, Trevor and Flukey, it lives on here on the ORBX forums. Go to the Community Scenery Addons forum and then look for the various OZx base sceneries and libraries first. Install those completely in order first. Craig has a great step by step descriptive list that will make sure you install OZx in it's base form first. After you have ORBX Australia and OZx all set up, then you can expand your collection to add the great barrier reef scenery I show in these images. As well as Ants Aussie Airports, Flukey's extensive collection of OZx airports and many other separate files that can take up some time to get all installed and set up but man is it worth it. I've been enjoying the various OZx collections since day one and highly recommend this freeware that helps bring Australia to life. Brad
  10. Glad to see you're developing for ORBX Richard since those reefs are your creations I believe. Hoping that we see more of this kind of reef detail in AU v2??!! Brad
  11. In anticipation of the upcoming release of the new Australia, I still use OZx scenery and other enhancements for Australia. While flying from ORBX Australia Rockhampton airport out to Lady Elliott Island, I flew over these exquisite coral reef representations. Passing over Tern Island, One Tree Island, Lady Musgrave Island and various other coral formations along the reef all the way out to Lady Elliott Island. (Ant's Aussie Airports complete collection). The scenery is Lady Musgrave Island and that includes quite a few of these reefs using photoreal scenery. (https://wwvecscen.blogspot.com/2015/05/lady-musgrave.html) Hope it's okay to post these here and looking forward to seeing the reef from ORBX someday soon. Until the new Australia comes out, this can be found online. Brad
  12. Please let me know if I can help in any way.
  13. I didn't think you were criticizing as much as asking for some assistance actually. That's why I offered to help. I just want to find out what seems to be so difficult with our scenery installation. I've never seen it as that troublesome I guess.
  14. As I mentioned to Jack, please let me know if I can assist you with the process. Send me a PM and let me know what you need help with. Brad
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