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  1. Hello All, I live in a town called Harrietville, which is in North East Victoria, Australia. My wife and I and many other communities in the North East of Victoria have been devastated by the events this summer due to bushfires. We had to evacuate our home on the 2nd of January and have been allowed to come home today, 8th January, after many days of worry. We have now been advised by the CFA, that we may need to evacuate again and as the tempratures soar once again, and high winds causing more issues, it is a very stressful time, and if it was not for the brave firefighters and the pilots of many types of aircraft, then our house could have been lost. The community spirit at the moment is high but we are also on the edge. The help and support from everyone has been overwhelming, and I would like to say thank you to everyone for your assistance and donations. It has also impacted in a massive scale to our wildlife as well. As a grown man it is hard not to cry just seeing so much loss of some of our most vulnerable species. Kangaroos, wombats, sugar gliders just to name a few. Thank you Nick for starting this post as many many people need as much help as they can get, especially those who have lost there houses and live stock. Regards Sam Craig Harrietville, Victoria, Australia
  2. Hello HiFlyer, Crikeys, I thought I just updated drivers a month ago. Technology is rapidly advancing. Us oldies just need to keep up. Will give it a whirl and see how it performs.Thanks for the heads up. Regards Sam
  3. Hello Nick, Thanks for that. Much appreciated. Regards Sam
  4. Hello Nick, Thank you for your advice. Just not sure how to turn off "content error reporting". Is it within P3D itself or is it a windows thing. Regards Sam
  5. Hello All, I am starting to receive this contents error every time P3D 4.5 is shut down. A copy of errors is attatched. Any suggestions are welcome or even a possible solution. running Windows 10 Pro 1903 P3D 4.5 OC 4.0.15 Regards Sam ContentErrors.txt
  6. Good luck Ben77. You will be very happy I am sure mate with your new rig. Cheers
  7. Wow is right. I am stunned at quality. Technology is just amazing.
  8. Already hooked. Magic stuff. Thanks for sharing. Cheers sam
  9. Great video HiFlyer. Looking forward to my new rift s and having a go with VR in Aerofly. cheers Sam
  10. Hello Colin M, Interesting stuff mate. I am in the process of going from yoke to stick and your information is very informative thank-you. I am a recreational pilot in the real world and mainly fly stick. So it makes sense to change to stick. In my case I am not sure which to buy. Already have a full Saitek setup and I just want to replace yoke for stick. Great setup by the way. Any advice is much appreciated. Regards Sam
  11. I have done that many times over the years. They both work just as well. cheers
  12. Hello Traveller, A very important question. I have a Corsair Hydro H80i Liquid CPU cooler. I also run a "fluid gaming" A120 water cooling system for my GPU GTX2080Ti. Cheers Sam
  13. Hello All, Thanks Ben77. Happy with current rig. Great info Doug. Thanks for finding the link. I use to run an AMD rig before I got hooked on ORBX. Will be interesting to see the new AMD stuff for sure. Got to love technology. cheers Sam
  14. Hello Ben77, I am currently using the i9-9900K with a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Motherboard combined with 32GB ram with a GTX2080TI GPU, and in my opinion it runs just like magic. I run all Orbx products as well as many other add-ons. Never misses a beat. Very happy with my upgrade. Just don't tell my wife. Cheers Sam
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