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  1. Hello Fanatical_Passion, I am also getting this issue and not sure how to fix it. Thanks Doug for posting the previous post from Ron. I also had contributed to this issue back in august last year but did not find a solution. It is now almost 12 months later and my issue is no closer to being solved. Seems as I install more Orbx airports my weather numbers are growing as per pic. Regards Sam
  2. That was just magic SOG Pilot. I want to do the same one day here in Australia. I fly mainly VFR in a Eurofox 912 rotax, in North East Victoria. Thank you for sharing. so much fun Regards Sam
  3. Hello Anna, I would like to say thank you Anna for this amazing news. Been with Orbx from the start and have everything Orbx installed on my PC. Great news also that Orbx will be part of this exciting new venture. I am also an alpha tester for the new MSFS and its going to be an amazing journey when released. Once again, Thank you Anna for the great news. Keep up the amazing work team. regards Sam
  4. Hello SOG Pilot, Thank you for your kind words. I agree 120% on the sim. Most of my flying in my area for real is all VFR, and the scenery is amazing. Orbx have done an amazing work to bring our sims alive.. cheers Sam
  5. Cheers for that. My Aero club love the idea of a sim at club room. Thought I would add a few pictures of my rig. Regards Sam
  6. Hello Orbx Flyer, Great pics. Thank you for sharing your experience with drivers and stuff. i am about to go and do it now myself. cheers Sam
  7. Hello Ron, All worked just fine for me Ron. No crash at fuel pump Regards Sam
  8. Hello SOG Pilot, Great tutorial on crosswind landings. Magic video. I have to agree with you about training on a sim when it comes to real world flying in crosswinds. My CFI and I highly recommend the use of a good sim just to get some basics down. Just a simple taxiing exercise on sim can save many dollars. As our sims become more realistic thanks to Orbx, anyone utillising the use of a sim to become a real world pilot will benefit for sure. I am one of those guys for real. First solo was in a Tecnam at YBLA in Victoria. With only 4.4hrs with Instructor. I had been usi
  9. Same here, I feel like a real wally. Thanks all for simple solution.
  10. Hello All, Thank you for your thoughts. Great stuff Aussie123. I will get up there one day and see for myself. May even get a chance to fly in. Thanks for the information and an awesome description of the actual airport. Much appreciated. Regards Sam
  11. I just love flying into this little gem of an airport. Approaching RWY 07, downwind, base, final. May also be known as Lake Macquarie airport. Anyone live up that way? I am trying out a new screen capture software "bandicam". Fisrt try and it appears ok. Enjoy Regards Sam
  12. Hello RobC, What I have done is just to untick all entries in "vector configuration tool". Make sure to click on "app[y" button. I too am unable to untick boxes within scenery. Regards Sam
  13. Hello Nick, Well, sure enough I went and disabled vector and everything was as it should be. Not sure why vector could be causing this issue with scenery. Just to be sure I completed the same flight and the scenery was amazing and not blurry.. Also wanted to mention this issue was a global issue for me and not just AU. For the moment I will leave it disabled Nick. I am wondering if anyone else has seen this problem I have with Vector enabled. So I will have to leave vector disabled until a fix can be generated. In the mean time, Happy Flying Reg
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