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  1. Thanks Guys! TFDi 717, FSX boxed, DX10 with Steve. ASN and Shade! Cheers
  2. Thanks Guys! FSX Boxed, DX10.
  3. Mighty fine settings. Great caps here! 3's my favourite! Cheers!
  4. Thanks Graeme!. Only got the model today then a quick repaint for Tassie with a bit to go.{Only done one side} But its paintable without medication. Love the VC and the 'IPAD' . You can put stuff in it. The model inside and out is high quality. Not cheap but could be my go-to tubeliner.. Frames are a bit like PMDG/Ifly stuff or a bit better. Watch this space. Cheers! Mitch
  5. TFDi 717 leaving Hobart. Cheers!
  6. Thanks guys! An oldie but goodie! http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1mustang
  7. I do like the Mustang! And Tassie. Cheers all!
  8. Steves DX10 fixer now has a cheap payware addon for cloud shadows. A game changer for fsx I reckon. https://stevesfsxanalysis.wordpress.com/dx10-cloud-shadows/ Thanks Terry. Been off work, in and out of surgery for a couple of months. On the mend though. Cheers
  9. A trip from Hobart to Lake Pedder Tasmania. FSX and R/L. Cheers
  10. All the best Fellas' and a happy new year. Cheers!
  11. Thanks Guys! Gumby, I'm off to Huonville in a moment......That will be interesting.
  12. Like a mozzie caught in a bug zapper. Like 'em! Cheers
  13. Haaaaaaaaaa! Anyhow, Like it Adam
  14. Damn fine set there!
  15. Nostalgia followed by suspense! Well?
  16. Another wet, cold and crappy day down here! Cheers all
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