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  1. In my opinion the True Earth product line is more suitable for AFS2 than Prepar3d or perhaps XP11. In AFS2 one can simply enjoy the scenery without having to adjust settings and with airliners. I hope Germany will make it to the TE product line as well. Kind regards.
  2. I'm still hoping for LC Asia and perhaps some areas in the likes of FTX eg Malaysia and Singapore or a Cityscape Singapore. Is there anything known of since it has been a long time since LC was focused last. Me, too, can't and won't want to afford more HD space for the True Earth (TE) sceneries, which are great, but more for local simmers who live there or have bonds to that areas. In my opinion TE is more than suitable for Aerofly FS 2, since that Sim is based on that type of sceneries, whereas P3D v4+ is more the FTX like of sceneries in due respect for the fps and or in combination with flying airliners of PMDG or FSL which are very hefty on their own. Thanks anyway for Roadmap 2019 which just shows that there's a future for P3D and raises the excitement for many new and innovative products from your company. My P3D setup is mainly based on your products by the way. Kind regards and merry Christmas to you, your staff and your beloved.
  3. Actually, we don't need Switzerland Professional anymore, when I look at this images. I guess it's a matter of time until FTX Switzerland and Austria will appear, isn't it? Kind regards.
  4. Japan Air Lines did fly to South America for many years via LAX. Kind regards.
  5. I'd take it, as nothing gets closer to reality is a photo scenery, and if it has seasons like CH Pro I can imagine it being awesome in the know FTX quality standards. Kind regards.
  6. And if I have FSX Global Next Gen, will I need FSG 2018, too? I'm a bit confused right now. Kind regards.
  7. Thanks for the answer, John Venema. I hope it's okay, if I ask more precise, if Germany is also scheduled for the photo scenery upgrade and if it is also scheduled for X-Plane 11? The reason being Germany is my home country. Therefore I appreciate your patience and answer. Kind regards.
  8. Are there any plans to bring the other FTX regions to this new standard? Kind regards.
  9. I'd love to see Austria, Malaysia/Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland for the next FTX regions and hope for LC Southeast Asia, too. Kind regards.
  10. Oh my goodness. This will be a purchase on day one. The quality is so amazing. Any chance for images from the Nuremberg area? It's my home town. Kind regards.
  11. I'd love to see the Nuremberg area. For me a day one purchase as well. Kind regards.
  12. And where can I do that? @those who think there's so much time: let me tell you, there are several reasons, as to why last minute shopping could occur. One of them is people are working and may not be in their home town area. Another is the time zone difference, as to why I agree that a countdown may be great. Then news may not spread too far out, since some forums don't report it or e-mails come very close to the end or are overseen. And finally, some may also wait for the new month in terms of debit cards. Kind regards.
  13. I'd like to cancel my purchase since the processing of the credit card took too long and the regular price was taken off. The reason is, that the sales prices was within the max limit and bow it's above and I fear my card will be locked. Any chance to do so? Kind regards.
  14. Will Germany South be for P3D and AFS2 from the start? Kind regards.
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