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  1. Same here .... Just purchased Florida and getting a maximum of 3MB/s on a 300MB/s Fibre. Getting constant Connections Interrupted messages in the Download Queue.
  2. Well thanks for the support Orbx .... Oops what support ? Anyway you've done me a favour :-) Florida half price now !
  3. Thanks for the suggestion John but I was trying to purchase directly from within Central because I needed to use the PayPal option. Certainty appreciate you taking the time to reply though thankyou :-)
  4. Well that's me having now missed out on the election sale without even a reply. If this is a typical example of how you value your customers then my last purchase ( one of the UK TrueEarth sceneries ) maybe my last ....
  5. Well I cant help but feel a little frustrated with this situation dont you guys want my money ! ?
  6. Hi guys any update on this there are sceneries I wish to buy in the election sale. Thanks
  7. Spotted an topic already open for this please close this one. Cheers
  8. Hi guys ! Just to add I've opened a new ticket that I guess can be closed now ? I have exactly this problem also I've been sat here tonight trying to purchase Florida and a few other airports and have eventually given up.
  9. Hi guys ! Just wanting to purchase Florida click on Credit/debit card and it opens up asking for details click on PayPal and nothing happens ? Cheers
  10. Hi all ! I'm about to purchase the Florida scenery do Orbx have any specific airports available to use with it now ? If not anything you guys would recommend to tide me over ? Cheers
  11. Hi Wolter ! Been a while but I thought this would be worth a revisit now .... Luckily ( not ) over the past few days I've had to too a system rebuild. Full fresh OS install etc. Loaded up FSX and patched to SP1 then SP2. Installed Orbx UK and ran latest libs. EGNF is still exactly the same !!! It must be broken in the latest installer ? Cheers !
  12. It's weird because the other small airports in the area are OK... Just had a thought. I recently purchased the UK2000 version of Doncaster which is very close to EGNF. I'll disable that and see what what happens.
  13. Downloaded latest 3 in one UK installer Set FTX Central to default and tested.... Set FTX Central to Europe and tested Installed latest UK Installed latest libs Launch and close FSX EGPB Installed Latest Libs installed Launch FSX and.... Drum roll !!!!! EGNF Still the same lol !!
  14. OK Wolter here's phase 1 ! The before pic .... egnf by Nick_He, on Flickr
  15. Thanks Wolter will report back when I've done my Wife chores !
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