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  1. Thread not reqd as managed to fix it. pls close or delete
  2. Well, how about that. Had no idea there was a fix for the numbers on the apron. Looks so much better now Thx Nick
  3. Hi Somehow my road traffic around the YPMQ scenery has become misaligned. The same had happened for my YWOL scenery, but after searching around here, was able to find a thread for someone with a similar issue. The resolution was a couple of files in the orbx FTXAU05_roads folder was out-dated and the updated files provided in that thread fixed the issue. Just wondering if maybe the same issue has happened in YPMQ for me, and what files would control the roads in that area and what date they should be.
  4. Hi Nick I have replaced with your scenery.cfg but now have none of my addons appearing in the scenery library inside FSX
  5. I'm still on FSX. this is the one in the main folder? . is that the right one? The blanks appear in the scenery lib inside FSX itself . some of them are unremovable. and there's some more
  6. guess no one knows why either
  7. is the eventual fix to orbx central going to clean up the scenery lib, ( ie all the blank entries etc)
  8. perhaps you can point towards the so called clips you've seen that show the number on the apron for gates,, cause as far as I know the domestic side of terminal which is what your image seems to show never had numbers included . No idea why that was so. I don't have P3d so unless it was suddenly fixed for that , I don't know.
  9. Am completely stumped as to why something that used to be ok with YPMQ and YWOL in regards to road traffic is now suddenly stuffed.
  10. ok. but what about the road traffic issue now?. I had this before and an uninstall and reinstall fixed it, but not working this time
  11. is this getting any closer to being resolved? seems each time I use orbx central( unwillingly) it does something new. now its just created 99 blank entries above ozx scenery which was at 1 , and some its not letting me remove saying its needed, WHAT????????????????????
  12. Hi Doug With Orbx central mess atm , all my orbx scenery were all over the place. the cityscapes are already in there just shuffled around along with other orbx airports. Some AU airports are above holgermesh and freeware AU and rest are below. I tried to follow your post about order in another thread, but wasn't sure about the cityscapes. also another thing now I have noted is my road traffic around YWOL,YPMQ are all over the place.
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