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  1. will this be as hard on the system as gold coast?. still on FSX with a 5 yr old pc( not sure about when upgrading), so wondering
  2. Curious to know how performance will be in FSX around melbourne with city scape. Hope its not going to be as heavy on the system as gold coast with high chance of OOMs
  3. Hi Graham I wont be able to use this since I don't have p3d. but have been looking around for the a321 paints for AIR NZ as I did some updated plans for them for myself, but none is available. are you able to share the paint somehow or would that be not possible
  4. enjoyable stuff. and wow what a set up you have
  5. I only noticed now too . strange though it says posted tues anyway waiting for the release
  6. looks really nice. hope it doesn't suck the life out of my system though, with the cityscape already proving a huge load on it
  7. new titles also at such a big discount . simply wow. that is just plain awesome. thank you so much just grabbed nzwr . looks fantastic
  8. nice shots yes a very pleasant surprise to see the sale and this gem included in it.
  9. I saw graham ecclestone mention on another site, that fs9 models wont display properly
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