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  1. capt sl

    YBCG Gold Coast My Final Shots.

    I only noticed now too . strange though it says posted tues anyway waiting for the release
  2. capt sl

    YBCG My First.

    looks really nice. hope it doesn't suck the life out of my system though, with the cityscape already proving a huge load on it
  3. ok stop posting real pictures
  4. Hi trying to do the crossgrade for one of my products , but am not sure how to post the evidence. on the page it only gives option of browse. I have saved an image on my pc but am not sure how to post it on the crossgrade page
  5. new titles also at such a big discount . simply wow. that is just plain awesome. thank you so much just grabbed nzwr . looks fantastic
  6. capt sl

    NZWR a nice surprise

    nice shots yes a very pleasant surprise to see the sale and this gem included in it.
  7. wow , awesome to hear about cooly,hobart.
  8. I saw graham ecclestone mention on another site, that fs9 models wont display properly
  9. looks interesting. might finally get myself to make the switch
  10. mixed emotions when reading stuff like this exciting , yes perhaps, confusing - definitely, and no doubt costly oh well lets see
  11. im just trying to figure out where to park the Singapore airlines 772 AI aircraft
  12. just curious where does it say they are doing Adelaide?
  13. aah yes brings back memories think fs4 was the 1st sim I bought . loved making the short trip from meigs to ohare