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  1. new titles also at such a big discount . simply wow. that is just plain awesome. thank you so much just grabbed nzwr . looks fantastic
  2. NZWR a nice surprise

    nice shots yes a very pleasant surprise to see the sale and this gem included in it.
  3. Coolangatta Airport YBCG

    wow , awesome to hear about cooly,hobart.
  4. I saw graham ecclestone mention on another site, that fs9 models wont display properly
  5. looks interesting. might finally get myself to make the switch
  6. useful tip Orbx 2017 Roadmap

    mixed emotions when reading stuff like this exciting , yes perhaps, confusing - definitely, and no doubt costly oh well lets see
  7. Canberra Airport

    im just trying to figure out where to park the Singapore airlines 772 AI aircraft
  8. Canberra Airport

    just curious where does it say they are doing Adelaide?
  9. FS4 - remember this?

    aah yes brings back memories think fs4 was the 1st sim I bought . loved making the short trip from meigs to ohare
  10. YMML V3 on finals

    isn't it just some of the 772 and 767 that are still in old colours.
  11. YMML V3 Very Soon.

    great set . thx iain waiting impatiently
  12. YMML V3 on finals

    nice indeed that is one long jetway in the 2nd shot
  13. announcement Release frenzy in August!

    ymml already? i thought it maybe a whille yet awesome John just on the side . any update re NZAA . is it still in the pipeline?
  14. OZx 3.5

    ahh bankstown