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  1. This is excellent news. Fly Tampa are one of the best scenery developers. I just had a look at the Orbxdirect Fly Tampa page (screenshot attached) and the price of the FS 2020 YSSY Sydney version is currently AUD $1,234.00! That is a high scenery launch price so this must be amazing scenery. Hopefully this price will be reduced on launch day and also existing Fly Tampa YSSY P3Dv4/v5 customers will receive a discount? https://orbxdirect.com/partner/flytampa
  2. Awesome shots John. It would be amazing if Orbx could also develop and release an ultra detailed Orbx Sydney Kingsford Smith international airport to go hand in hand with this Cityscape Sydney.
  3. Thanks Rob - taking MS FS out of developer mode solved this for me too. All good now after going through the various setup screens.
  4. Hi Nick The same problem happened to me tonight upon starting Orbx central. MS FS 2020 has disappeared. P3Dv5 is still there. I followed your advice above but still the same problem. 2 relevant screenshots attached. 1st screen - shows P3Dv5 ok but the box below just searches for MS FS 2020 but does not find it or display it. 2nd screen - does not list MS FS 2020 as an option to choose. Not sure what has happened or changed recently for this to occur. Please advise.
  5. Absolutely awesome announcement and preview shots. This is a day one release purchase for me. This scenery is going to be a massive seller for Orbx. Really looking forward to further Australian airports and scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
  6. I am looking forward to the upgraded Version 2 of YBBN and the special 'inner circle' discounted price. That will be a 1st day purchase for me. YBBN is an awesome Orbx airport. Be good to see some preview screenshots of version 2 YBBN at some point soon when available.
  7. Happy Birthday Jack. “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci
  8. Thank you Jack. Thank you ozboater. Thank you Dario. Thank you wain71. Thank you Murray.
  9. Thank you Laurie. Thank you adambar. Thank you John.
  10. Thank you John. Thank you Ian. Thank you Anthony. Thank you Iain. Thank you adambar. Thank you Taph. Thank you John. Thank you Jack.
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