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  1. I just checked and the offer is still there. On the homepage, underneath 'Latest Releases', click the 'Buy Now!' where you see the line 'Get 30% off YCBG when you buy YMHB in the same order! - Buy Now!' You will then see both products appear totalling e.g. Eur 32.28 - Eur 18.99 for Hobart and Eur 13.29 for Cambridge.
  2. Good news and amazing scenery from NZA who have also produced some excellent FS 2020 freeware on the flightsim.to website. Why is there no 30% discount offered on Cambridge if buying Hobart at the same time, as per the offer on the NZA website? Surely Orbx can match this same offer for the same products?
  3. Nice shots Jack. In the perfect autoland shot - have the sequenced strobe lights be modelled in the approach lighting system?
  4. Thanks for the updates. However I echo previous comments re: what about YBBN and YPPH for FS 2020? Also what is the status of the following main Australian airports for FS 2020 - can the lead project manager and/or lead developer comment? YBAS Alice Springs YBCG Gold Coast YBCS Cairns YMML Melbourne YSCB Canberra Any plans for Adelaide, Darwin or Townsville airports? I think FS 2020 needs some more detailed Australian airports to satisfy a lot of flight simmers. I am certain you would sell vast quantiti
  5. Thank you John. Thank you adambar. Thank you Tom.
  6. Hi Ed / Greg Any chance of a quick YBBN v2 weekend update for P3Dv5 and FS 2020, including any new screenshots? Thanks.
  7. Really nice shots Gerold. Reminds me of my trip to Uluru in June 2019. Such an amazing place to visit especially at sunrise and sunset.
  8. Hi Ed / Greg Just wondered, do you have: - any latest update re: the release of YBBN for P3Dv5 and then when the MS FS 2020 version will follow? - Any new screenshots to share? Thanks.
  9. Very nice shots - great clouds.
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