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  1. Do not select to DirectX 10, it is not support by FSX and FSX Stream, so these squares are displayed. You need to select back to DirectX 9.
  2. I also have ES Alderney/Guernsey/Isle of Man working in FSX from Earth Simulation. It is good news that P3D v 4 will be available soon.
  3. Excellent shot to show the beauty of San Diego, thanks.
  4. WOW Amazing photo, beautiful morning screen shot.
  5. Fantastic shots. Thanks for your great job, JON. For No.10 photo - Tokyo, Japan, the Japanese/Chinese Characters should be 眼鏡店
  6. Wow, unbelievable, amazing work. Thanks to the Orbx Team.
  7. Thanks for the fantastic shots. The whole sim world has changed after 64 bits software released.
  8. Please note the following from one the web site : https://orbxdirect.com/product/egff-xp11 It mentions that "Please note that without purchasing and installing TrueEarth Great Britain South for X-Plane 11, the airport will appear differently as it shown in our promotional screenshots. You may experience one or more of the following issues: Missing or misplaced forests, non-aligned road or motorway traffic, missing or misplaced houses and buildings surrounding the airport, ortho colour matching and blending or other visual anomalies." Prerequisite Products You require Orbx Libraries - X-Plane 11 (freeware) product to use EGFF Cardiff Airport - X-Plane 11. All your scenaries need the above mentioned 2 software to run them normally.
  9. WOW! So realistic and beautiful shots, like aerial photos taken at scene.
  10. Cannot believe Orbx Team can change the XPlane default scenery to such releastic and beautiful scenery. Thanks.
  11. The download file size is 14.9 GB, how about the installation file size for this Central area. I am afraid that when finally the Northern part is out I have no disk space for just an UK main island.
  12. Just take this good time to purchased four 50% discount items. Will install to enjoy them.
  13. Very beautiful scenery shots. Thanks for sharing.
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