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  1. I find gambling futile and a total waste of time and money.
  2. Certainly not 9 DOF they only demonstrated 3 directions and in reality if your in cockpit that is all you need. and you could potentially have 10
  3. Great Shot there !! . Sorry to change the mood here but I don't know WHO is running the Back Country Prop Club Team Speak server but they need a right royal kick in the arse !! Why well I dropped in there this morning to see what was happening and who I knew were still about and was somewhat unceremoniously was kicked and banned by some clown with the User Name " hfrizzle ". As a long time member of the orbx and Back Country Prop Club I find this to be highly offensive when we as flight communities were pretty laid back and helpful to each other and other communities. Now I don't know if t
  4. I have absolutely no issues at all , but then again I have wide screen ui in FSX AND the Screen control within the ATI CCC interface,
  5. As a real world Pilot of Soaring as well as Light GA you won't find my in the Sim in anything bigger than a Beech 1900 and generally Beech 200 Max, I like to do the flying not the on board computers and changing Heading, Altitude etc with knobs and then the auto pilot doing the actual flying. But that's me I am and always will be a died in the wool GA Low to Mid Alt 500 to 15000 AGL flyer and realistically what is the point of spending good money on excellent scenery if you going to fly a bus with wings at 35000 Ft and miss it all, apart from the Airports. FSX and Simming for me is about ex
  6. MANUALLY clock it up and not use MoBo software like Turbo Boost etc I have found is generally more reliable . Some boards can work well when OC'd but I have seen 3 systems with supposedly identical MoBo's all behave very differently so IMHO treat every PC as a separate entity. and suck it and see.
  7. No drama so any evening time is likely to be better I dare say and we can chat on Teamspeak (which is better than the inbuilt Audio in TV
  8. OK Team Viewer is a Remote access software that in essence allows me to see your screen in near real time and assist in locating the source of the problem. so if you want to schedule a time that suits perhaps we can locate the source of your issue.
  9. Completely useless for anything but demo's though unfortunately
  10. OK putting this out there why do you not simply export the screen video, yes I KNOW what I said ! via a cloned video card output to a DVR ( requires a DVI or VGA to RCA Video/Audio Cable) Create your flight and then you can cut and shut edit the video to your hearts content with any number of video programs available. And without the lag and or stuttering normally associated with CPU load of recording Video live while flying.
  11. Bush Plane and Autopilot are 2 words that should NEVER be used in the same sentence or phrase. trim your aircraft well
  12. Admittedly Compression programs are getting better . And it depends on How they were compressed to start with too.
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