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  1. To Nick & Paul To address your specific comments, Nick. I have Win10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet and I am totally "pissed" off with the intrusive nature of the updates at random times and the overall philosophy behind this approach. I went through this same scenario with my Asus Transformer and Note 2 with auto updates always updating programs and drivers until my poor tablet just wasn't quick enough any more and became a sluggish dog. I had to blow away virtually all my apps and reduce them to a minimalist set but even that wasn't enough. Eventually did a factory reset and loaded a minimal setup and gave it to my grandson. My Note 2 OS updated on me and totally screwed the way the pen worked. Went from doing stroke recognition to whole word recognition and turned my "experience" into a total nightmare. I don't do typing with finger tips and use the pen for all my activity from taking notes to texting. With the stroke recognition algorithms I can take notes and text faster than most finger typists. I had to do a complete SW downgrade on the Note 2 to the earlier OS. Now I've locked out OS updates and I am happy as. So I would like greater control of my operating system and any updates that "I" choose to install. Also not keen on losing my peripherals just because Microsoft decide to do a driver update at some random time. So I will be going for Win 7. As long as MS are doing security updates it will be a very viable OS. Paul. Yes I read that but it still comes down to limited funds and best value for my dollars. In NZ this points to the Skylake processors as they are somewhat cheaper now and again its value for money. Other answers allude to Prepar3d. I have sort of looked at this but at the moment I will install FSX Acc on my new machine for a start and then maybe look at Prepar3d. Maybe at a later date. Thanks everyone.
  2. I want to create a flight sim PC for FSX Acceleration running Orbx scenery regions, Real Environment weather, A2A Accusim aircraft and other high quality payware aircraft (mainly WWII fighters and twins) along with freeware FS9 conversions and port overs. I would like to be able to fly complex weather at low to medium altitudes over the Orbx terrain whilst still getting 25-30fps. My present rig (i7 3630QM at 2.4-3.2GHz with 8G DDR3 Ram & AMD Radeon HD7600M 2GB Graphics) is not cutting it. I can only get decent fps if I dial the clouds right back to a bit of high altitude cirrus. Not terrible but I want better. I am thinking of assembling the following and would like to know if you think it would do the job. I would prefer to run native speeds without overclocking. CPU - Intel Skylake Core i7 6700K 4.0Ghz 8MB LGA 1151 MB - Asus Z170I PRO GAMING Intel Z170 Chipset for LGA1151,miniITX Form,2x DIMM DDR4 HDMI/Display Port,Lan,SATA3,USB3,USB3.1 RAM - Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 - 3200MHz - Unbuffered - 16-18-18-36 - 1.35V - Heatspreader - Red Cooler TBA probably air cooled but water is option Graphics - ASUS ROG Strix RX460 4G Gaming Card , Aura RGB Lighting, DVI+HDMI+ 2X Display Ports ,Triple Fan SSD - Samsung 850 EVO MZ-75E500BW 500GB, 3D V-NAND, SATA III 6GB/s, R/W(Max) 540MB/s/520MB/s, 98K/90K IOPS, 2.5". 7mm, 5 Years Warranty HDD - Seagate BarraCuda, 2TB 3.5 inch 7200RPM SATA3 6Gb/s 64MB Internal HDD ( 2 years warranty ) Case - Fractal Design CORE 500 Mini ITX Case USB3.0 Black PSU - Fractal Design Edison 650W Modular PSU - 80 Plus Gold OS - Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64bit OEM with SP1 So, what do you think. This setup will set me back about 2.2K so I would like to get it right. I do not expect anyone to give me an unqualified endorsement, I am just asking for your experience with higher end machines. The final decision is mine and mine alone. I'm also aware that there are many other options and opinions on what constitutes a perfect set up. Please no offense intended but this is my best cost benefit setup I can do. So whilst I can consider small changes to this lineup I can not afford radically different options, basically just whether I am on the right track or not to achieve my goal. And I definitely do not want Win10, so the Kaby Lake processors are out as well. Thanks for any help you can give me. Much appreciated. Paul
  3. My darling wife of nearly 40 years uses my old flightsim 9 computer (2.8GHz pentium with 512Mb graphics card) to play card games and interactive "blah" games. There is a natural order to these things. I get the latest, and in this house, the greatest computer setup to develop my skills on flight simming, and she gets the lesser machine to play patience. You want me to get her interested in flight sim and upset this "natural" order. The mere thought of this aberation, is making me shake with fear. Next you will be telling me I should let her use my power tools, or the ride on lawn mower. Aaag!! Joking aside, she tells me that she has no interest as such as the relaxation she gets from playing the interactive games is what she is after and flight sim would not give her that. Besides, every time she watches me doing a canyon run or ridge running she experiences vertigo and get a nausous feeling.
  4. Malibu Congrats on your new laptop. I am sure you will enjoy it. I have been running FSX with Orbx scenery on my laptop for just over 18mths now and am very happy with it. I do run a cooling base and a 27" monitor but thats all. My specs are I7 3630Q @ up to 3.4GHz, 8G ram 2G HD7600M Radeon graphics and a single 1TB hard drive partitioned into 3 drives. Oh yeh plus Win8. I have two joysticks hooked up, an old Microsoft Sidewinder for primary flight controls and a Saitek Cyborg X for additional buttons and throttles (it got too sticky for primary controls). I mainly fly country and manage to get a solid 30 frames most of the time. If I load the weather up this does drop to 15-20. My choice was easy when purchasing, a desktop for flight sim was going to set me back 3+ big ones, this laptop was on special for NZD1200.
  5. What about Aerosoft's Bronco, or for that matter Piglets freeware one. Great visibility and power to spare. I personally use three warbirds for most of my scenery work. First is Ground Crew Designs Bf110G with C clothing and a worked config file, Fichier's Fokker G1 and Aircraft Factories Heinkel 219 Uhu. I am a fan of twins. Also have and use Mathias' Fw190A's and D's and the Me108 and A2A's Spitfire. All are enjoyable and provide very different experiences but all my flying is low and slow (well relatively speaking when not ridge or canyon running).
  6. Hi John I was going to contact you privately as I don't want to start a topic that may spiral on the general forum, but I don't seem to be able to do that so here it is. I have a quick question regarding FTX Global. I am very interested in this package but am more interested in portions of it rather than the whole. I have your NZ scenery and all your American regions minus Alaska (my next purchase). I will then look at some of your European regions. However the cost of the full Global package is prohibitive for me in one hit. Have you given any thought to offering this as smaller continent or region based packages. For example, The Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. This would enable those like myself to incementally purchase the regions (continents) we are more interested in while slowly working our way up to the entire world coverage. Thanks for your time and thank you for your commitment to this hobby and for the oustanding work you do. Regards Paul
  7. As of 10 minutes ago it was three from three for my wife's PC in downloading the Orbx files with the successful download and subsequent transfer and install of NZSI.
  8. Hi I have just spent a very frustrating 4 days trying to reload my Orbx scenery files onto my new PC. (64bit Toshiba Satellite Laptop with I7-3630QM @ 2.4-3.4GHz, 8G RAM and Radeon 7670M with 2GB RAM.). I was downloading the files from FSS using a 64bit download manager. I was consistently getting zip file errors and corrcupt file warnings with just enough good returns to keep me going but it has been very frustrating and at $1 a gigaByte for the downloads I have just spent another $30 to download files that I had already bought. I originally thought it was FSS but when I started doing the same with the patches from Orbx site I realised that it wasn't the store but either the download manager or bloody windows bloody 8. Last night as an act of deperation I tried the same downloads, using the same download manger (albiet a 32bit version) on my wife's single core 2.8G Windows XP machine. Two downloads from Orbx, right first time, no worries. I will be trying the NZSI file from FSS tonight. Has anyone else experienced this sort of behaviour from Win8 and 64bit download managers? Of course all this came about because my tried and true dual core windows XP game maching coughed and spat its HD. Well I thought it had but as I have been able to resurect it with an install of Ubuntu, but without the graphics card, I think the problem (wouldn't boot up) was the card. Of course all my Orbx zips were on the C partition of that HD. I have been able to get most of the files off the other partitions using Ubuntu. Funny though, the Ubuntu machine can see my laptop but is unable to connect because the win8 machine says it needs a password to share, even though I think I set the sharing up to not need one, but sees and shares with the wifes PC no problem. My laptop can't see the Ubuntu machine at all but shares quite happily with the wifes. So I am doing 2 way transfers, Ubuntu to wife and then wife to Win8. Just another brilliant Win8 quirk. Oh yeah and from Ubuntu to XP via cable network transfer speads are very fast (7Mbit a sec) but from XP to Win8 they are all over the place averaging 2-3Mbits sec and dropping to zero quite often. I am assuming the Win8 overhead is doing this. Would love to give the Win8 install the old format C: treatment but at the moment I am reticent after a less than spectacular attempt to install Win7 on the old XP machine. The install kept failing telling me I had changed the hardware and needed to remove any new hardware and try again. This was on a brand new blank HD. Oh well. Hopefully I will get back up and running soon. Paul
  9. Sorry all but I have got to get in on this. John, great product, good pricing and thanks for the discount that you have put in place. Much appreciated. Those asking for more, especially those of you in Europe buying in euros. How to put this sensitively, Get a grip. You have an advantage against the Aussie dollar of 1.4 to 1. Try saving for Orbx products from a position of less than equity (like 0.8 to 1). So sorry that your desire to have everything for bugger all is not supported by the reality of good economics, but the rest of us manage and will continue to support this great company and buy their products as and when we can afford them. You know, like old fashioned economics. Save up and buy when have enough. Again John. Thanks for one of the best products available for this hobby, and I look forward to more. Cheers Paul
  10. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI6TRTBZUMM. This video was posted on YouTube by the New Zealand Defence Forces this week. It is of the men and women of the 2/1 RNZIR Battalion performing a Haka in tribute to three of their comrades who were killed in Afganistan last week. They were Corporal Luke Tamatea, 31, Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker (Medic), 26, and Private Richard Harris, 21. Jacinda was the first NZ defence Force woman to be killed in action and the first NZ Defence Force woman killed since WWII. In the video the leading sniper is in respect to Corporal Tamatea who was a trained sniper. I found this increadibly powerful and moving. Just thought I would share the link. I know that our losses are small compared to those of other countries serving in Afganistan and I mean no disrespect to those losses. Regards Paul
  11. Hi everyone. Thank you for the kind thoughts. To help with this and to set everyones mind at ease, the quake on Friday was what we in Christchurch are now calling moderate. It was a 5.2 and has been followed by a small number of other aftershocks with a 4.4 this morning at 5:00am that woke most of the city up. To put this in perspective, we have now had 10,515 quakes since September 4th 2010 magnitude 7.1 and 158 over the last 30 days, they are diminishing. To say we are OVER them is an understatement. They are starting to prey on peoples nerves and long term health but most of us, while a little shell shocked are coping well. The flurries we now experience are just our new reality. One thing we have all learnt is that most are just a short sharp jolt that really only affects the nerves but the occasional big one (5.5 and greater) is another story. Funny though, not many people here think a 5 is a biggy any more. Two years ago the Friday quake would have had buildings evacuated but at work people just paused, hugged the few that it affected and 5 minutes later work was back to normal. My wife has Post Traumatic Stress from the February killer but is now back working in town, not far from her original building site (the building is gone) and is coping well. We will be fine. just hope the Alpine fault holds off for a few years, don't think we need a magnitude 8 or better just yet. Regards Paul The shaky city in GodZone.
  12. There seems to be some interesting observations coming from GNS. This is from the Geonet website. "The highest shaking was recorded at Heathcote Valley Primary School at 220% g, with readings of 188 %g at Pages Road Pumping Station and 107 %g at Hulverstone Drive Pumping Station." There is also some speculation that the base rock of the Port Hills (Basalt) reflected the wave back into the city. This led to far greater motion than would otherwise have been seen from a quake of this size. It would also lead to "nodes" of very high motion, and the two newer buildings "may" have been prey to this phenomenon. As already stated above, the official reports will deal with this. All I know is we have a tragedy of monumental proportions. And I know, there are other places in the world that have suffered as much if not greater. That doesn't lessen the effect of this one though. Given that we live in an active tectonic region (one of the worlds most active, 10,000+ quakes a year) I think we (as a country) need to get our heads out of our collective asses and start doing something now. I agree with ytzpilot. We can not afford to ignore the fact that old historic buildings, even strengthened ones are death traps. And this also includes a large number of pre 2004 buildings that have not been brought up to the latest standards. To have the compliance as optional due to possible costs to the building owners is gambling with large numbers of human lives. What we are actually doing is playing Irish Roulette with a loaded gun (6 rounds in a 13 shot automatic). Wellington is a disaster of huge proportions waiting to happen. And it will. Also from geonet; "Location: Wairarapa Date (NZ Local Time): Tuesday, January 23 1855 at 9:32 pm Epicentre: 41.4°S, 174.5°E Focal Depth: 25 km Maximum Intensity: MM 10 Magnitude: MW 8.2" There are lots of pictures posted on the Stuff web page now. Shows the extent of damage to the older buildings of the city. My daughter (30) got to drive into the center of the city today as part of her job. She said the actual damage on the ground is 100 times worse than seeing it on TV or in the media. Very sobering. To me one of the most telling arguments for modernising all our cities that are on or near fault lines (read all of them, either tectonic or volcanic) is the repeated pictures we see of the base for the rescue center. The new Christchurch Art Gallery. Seeing Bob Parker and all the rescue people standing around in front of the buildings completely unscathed GLASS WALL is surely the best advertisement for good sound earth quake design. Not even a single crack. I apologise for my outburst yesterday. I still stand by my comments re armchair authorities, but I also ignored the fact that a lot of the people posting to this thread are NZ'rs who have in some way experienced earthquakes first hand. Please put it down to wind or collic or something. Regards Paul Somewhat shaken, a bit stirred, a little battered, but never beaten. PS. Took Sue (she who must be obeyed) to Darfield for coffee today to get out of the house. We sat in a small cafe, in the back of the room, out of site of the windows. After 15min she had to get up and leave. It was too much. We have a ways to go before she will be completely comfortable with being in a building without a clear view of the exits. I fear there will be many Christchurch people with the same feelings now. How do we convince them that multi-storey buildings, or older structures are safe?
  13. Hi. I don't want to get into a sh.t fight here, but to say that historic buildings did better than more modern ones is just bollocks. Pure unadulterated bulls hit. The only reason we are seeing more TV footage of the two "modern" buildings (CTV and PGG) is that they are, tragically, where the greatest concentrations of trapped people are, and are where, because of their more modern construction, there is a chance that there could be survivors. Tragically that now seems to be not the case for the CTV building. And yes a lot of the older buildings that were shown on TV appear to have just lost facades. But the buildings themselves are totally buggered and will all have to be bulldozed. Also where they fell on people, there were no survivors. The cathedral holds somewhere between 16 and 22 bodies, but is too dangerous to enter to retrieve them. And that is not the only place not searched yet due to the danger to the rescuers. There are dozens, if not hundreds of "historic" buildings in the CBD that will have to be bulldozed as they are not reparable. We are only now being shown footage of the level of destruction away from the two main focus points. Whole streets are down and even those buildings that look OK from a distance have major structural damage and will be unrepairable. This quake was very different from the September 4 one. That one was 7.1 on the Richter Scale at 13km depth and 40Km from the city center (also just 7km from my house at Kirwee) giving a shaking moment in the city of about 6 on the Mercalli Scale. This quake was 6.3 on the Richter but only 5km deep and only 10km from the city center. Interesting though, this one was measured as an 8 on the Mercalli scale. I don't know what it must have been like to be in the 2nd, 4th or 24th storey of a building in the CBD during the quake, but I do know what it was like 15km away at my work. It was violent enough on the ground floor of my work building to make it inadvisable to remain standing. My wife however knows. She was on the 2nd floor of her work building one block over from the CTV building. Luckily she and all her co-workers got out fine and uninjured. I do know what the shaking moments were like in the September quake though. They were bloody terrifying. Our house was shaken like a rag doll for 45 long and terrifying seconds. And if you don't think that is long, try holding your breath for 45 seconds. The ground accelerations in the September 7.1 quake at Darfield (approx 7-8km from epicenter) were measured at nearly 1.5 times gravity (14.7m/s). The ground accelerations on the February 22nd quake were measured at nearly two times gravity (19.6m/s). This quake was an extremely violent one and has done catastrophic damage to my city. It is not going to be terminal for the city, people are far too resilient for that, but it will make life very challenging for a long time to come. I apologise for ranting a bit, but whilst it is gratifying to hear and read all the wonderful support and heart felt concern that is coming from everyone both here and on other forms of media, from people all over the world, it is somewhat galling to read "expert" opinion from those who weren't here. I'm sorry, but if you weren't here, you know jack sh.t about this event and I for one would prefer you keep your opinions to yourself. If I have upset anyone here, harden up. Regards Paul
  14. Hi. This has indeed been a very tragic day for us. Luckily I and my family are all safe and well, although I had a very long 2.5hr wait until I could contact my wife who works in the CBD. She doesn't have a cell phone and it took her just over two hours to drive from the CBD to my work on the outskirts of the city. A very nerve wracking time. She was on the second floor of her building when it hit. Her and all her co-workers got out OK and their building survived, but may be a basket case. My work survived OK but with a lot of terrified people, worried about loved ones and friends. The earth did surely move. Not as bad as the September 4th quake in duration but definitely comparable in motion and a hell of a lot closer. The reports of deaths are provisional at present but there are 65 confirmed fatalities. With multiple buildings down that number will increase. There are reports of up to 50 people trapped in the CTV building alone with many more in other buildings. Very little news coming out of Lyttleton at present but apparently it was severely hit. We will get through this, but it is going to be a long road to recovery and I fear for some it may be the last straw emotionally for them. It has taken a huge toll on people to live with the constant aftershocks (over 4000 now) and then to have this. Whilst we were always told that the computer models predicted an aftershock of at least 6, most (including the experts) had thought the time had passed and we had ducked that bullet. Unfortunately we were all wrong. Tragically this time. Regards Paul From Christchurch. Shaken but not broken.
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