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  1. You are right Larry. I was very impressed with that too.
  2. And a warm welcome from me Chris. I wish you many happy hours flying in the orbx world.
  3. Me too Neil. In fact at the moment I have completely buggered up P3D and can't find the enthusiasm to sort it out. My thinking at the moment is to just wait and see what MS2020 is like when it comes out. I just hope that orbx will be involved.
  4. Hi John, thank you very much for the tip. After all the years I have put up with this problem and the request for help, this is the first time I have heard of it. I am looking forward to putting it into action.
  5. I feel that the reason for not including seasons at the outset has been well explained by the development team. And quite frankly I agree with their reasoning. As for paying a subscription, I would happy do so, especially if it means that any updates are done automatically and I don't have to continually play around with keeping a multitude of different programmes up to date. One programme will may do all I want. (I think) We will see I guess. And as I have fiber right to the beginning of my LAN, unlimited data and unrestricted speed I don't anticipate any problems in that regard, And I have no interest in VR, how do I find my controls and switches? I only hope that they can find some permanent way of stopping W10 from disconnecting my controllers I will be an early adopter, see how it goes and trust their word that they will not abandon us like they have in the past.
  6. Hi Dusterman, I have tried to find this review without any luck. is there any chance you could post the link to it. Thanks
  7. This may be of interest to you Michael. I was only two and a half (so don't remember of course ) when we traveled this route from England to NZ. I still have all the information from the trip. We flew to Sydney in the RMA Hudson reg G-AGJN a Hythe class flying boat (a Short Sunderland V converted to civilian use). She carried 24 passengers first class. G-AGJN was sold by BOAC to Aquila Airways in February 1949 and was lost on the 21st of January 1953 when she dragged her moorings at Funchal Harbour, Madeira and broke up. Flight times in GMT from the official records of BOAC D Southampton 1042 30th October 1948 A Marseilles 1430 " stayed overnight D " 0800 31st " A Augusta Sicily 1308 " Stayed overnight D " 0747 1st November A Alexandria 1305 " stayed overnight D " 0550 2nd " A Basra 1238 " D " 1340 " A Bahrain 1559 " stayed overnight D " 0414 3rd " A Karachi 1046 " D " 2024 " A Calcutta 0435 4th " D " 0626 " A Rangoon 1038 " D " 0036 5th " A Singapore 0856 " stayed overnight (where I ran naked through Raffles. Would not get away with it now.) D " 0255 6th " A Surabaya 0800 " D " 2327 " A Darwin ? 7th " time not recorded D " ? 8th " " " " A Bowen 0435 " D " 0530 " A Sydney 1210 " Flight time 84 hours 24 minutes. Flight path distance 13,812 miles. Average speed 163.5 miles per hour. And from there to Auckland in a DC4.
  8. I am sure orbx will be involved in some way. They (MS) talked about enhancing airports etc. I sure hope so. And you can bet they knew that FS2020 was under development long before any of us.
  9. I have just popped in to add my welcome to Doug's.
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