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  1. Hi Charles, I have just popped in to add my welcome to Jack and John's. And wish you many happy hours flying the orbx world.
  2. I know the feeling Ezra, the last upgrade I did was over $5,000, and is now behind the latest and fastest. However, I am a sucker for eye candy and love flying low and slow. So, I am planning an upgrade of my GPU and an increase in RAM. I may be able to pay for it in 2030.
  3. Oh I read it alright. And as you say it is very interesting. Whether I will be able to afford and of that new tech will be my problem.
  4. Thanks Benny. I watched them both and have subscribed to their YouTube channel.
  5. Thank you Benny, nearly bought tears to my eyes. What a fantastic achievement.
  6. very interesting. I did not no the story and had no idea who invented them. Thank you.
  7. Nice to hear from you Derek. Welcome back.
  8. Hi David, I have just popped in to belatedly welcome you to the forums. Great suggestion too.
  9. Thanks Benny, I enjoyed the interview which I would not have seen otherwise (I don't use Facebook). Especially the part about them being keen to to do TE for NZ. Very very happy.
  10. Have a great time on your trip. Try not to get too wet.
  11. We will never know that. Commercially secret me thinks. The reason I did not go to Xplane is, some time ago JV commented that "Orbx for Xplane will never happen." Now I could never afford to repurchase Orbx products for another sim. I guess in some cases, the saying "Never say never" is true.
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