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  1. Still hanging in. Have a great Christmas everyone and a happy new year. Above all, stay safe.
  2. Hi there NHWan, I just want to add my welcome to that of Doug's. And wish you many happy hours flying the Orbx world.
  3. Very well said Shawn. My experience has been similar to yours. I had given up on flight simming until I saw an add for Orbx. They have cost me thousands in scenery and hardware. And I thank them for it.
  4. That is just life. Pick yourself up and get over it. Just be happy for all those who don't have them , and thankful Orbx is so generous in so many ways.
  5. Hi Chris, I have just popped in to welcome you to the forums. And wish you many happy hours flying the Orbx world. I am sure it will not be long before someone with more knowledge than me will answer your questions for you.
  6. You are right Larry. I was very impressed with that too.
  7. And a warm welcome from me Chris. I wish you many happy hours flying in the orbx world.
  8. Me too Neil. In fact at the moment I have completely buggered up P3D and can't find the enthusiasm to sort it out. My thinking at the moment is to just wait and see what MS2020 is like when it comes out. I just hope that orbx will be involved.
  9. Hi John, thank you very much for the tip. After all the years I have put up with this problem and the request for help, this is the first time I have heard of it. I am looking forward to putting it into action.
  10. I feel that the reason for not including seasons at the outset has been well explained by the development team. And quite frankly I agree with their reasoning. As for paying a subscription, I would happy do so, especially if it means that any updates are done automatically and I don't have to continually play around with keeping a multitude of different programmes up to date. One programme will may do all I want. (I think) We will see I guess. And as I have fiber right to the beginning of my LAN, unlimited data and unrestricted speed I don't anticipate any problems in that regard
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