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  1. A Happy Birthday from me too Matteo. And a big thank you as well.
  2. I'm sure they are not dead. However, I'm also sure the team are very busy on other projects and will let us know when the time is right.
  3. Thank you so much everyone. I had a lovely day. That would be a great birthday gift Sniper31.
  4. Hi there Jeff, Shane and Mark, thank you all for taking the time to help me. Would you believe that when I went to try out your suggestions this morning, the problem has gone. Boy this thing is so frustrating. It is a wonder I have any hair left. I will keep your suggestions in mind if it happens again. Once again thank you.
  5. My rudder is registering in FSUIPC. In spot view the rudder and nose wheel both move. However, there is no response to my input from the sim (P3D V4.5 with hot-fix). The airplane (all of them) just keeps going straight when taxing. So, I was just wondering if anyone with knowledge in the dark arts of a computer insides have any ideas that might help me. Please.
  6. Thanks Ripcord, yes I have been having a love hate relationship with the sim for about 18 months. Problems with the controls dropping out. After my long sulk a'm hoping it has learnd it's lesson. So I am giving it another chance.
  7. Thanks for your reply John. I realize there are the demos for the normal regions. However, none for TE areas. I am sure there are quite a few people like me who would like to try TE, but, are not sure their systems will handle it. If we had a demo area for P3D it may be good for sales.
  8. Hi rtissera, I have just popped in to welcome you to the forums and wish you many happy hours in the Orbx world.
  9. Yes John I have both North and South Islands. Got them as soon as they came out. I have also flown to and landed at every airstrip and airport. Over seven hundred of them. Orbx have done a great job and it is a great place to fly.
  10. Thanks guys. I'm please to know that I helped to inspire you Ziggy. Maybe you could post a photo. I would like to see it. Hi Graeme, the reason i have not been active is that I have been having a love hate relationship with the sim. And have been in a big sulk with it for about 18 months. The whole thing crashed and after reinstalling everything, I would just get it working nicely and something would go wrong again, and again, and again. One of the biggest hassles has been the controls continually dropping out. However, I'm having another go, hoping that my long absence has taught it a lesson.
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