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  1. Hi Jim, where can I find John's announcement? I follow just about all the Orbx forum threads, but, still seem to miss all the juicy bits.
  2. In that case we will be waiting for a long time. They are planning to add a second runway in the coming years. (Maybe over ten.) I have tried Godzone airports in the past, but, in my experience they don't mesh well with Orbx. And I found the boundaries too jarring.
  3. Hi Tim, I have just popped in to welcome you to the forums. And wish you many happy hours flying in the Orbx world. 
  4. Neil, you do a fantastic job. And I bet that all those who know how hard you work for our enjoyment will agree with me. Thank you.
  5. I will very happily join you in doing that Dale. I'm just a young three score and eleven.
  6. You have already done things that I never imagined could be done. When I think about the future... Congratulations to you and your team John.
  7. Me too. And including Nevada, so the gap between the Rockies and the rest of the West Coast is complete.
  8. So sorry it has taken so long to reply Fred. I forgot! As far as I know, none of the filming for LoR was done this far north. Hobit Town was filmed in Cambridge, south of Hamilton and is still there for tourists to visit. Quite popular I believe. I think most of it was filmed in the South Island. Quite a bit of the "Mutiny On The Bounty" was filmed off the north heads of Whangarei harbour, because it looks so much like Tahiti.
  9. Thanks Jeff. I don't think I will ever be able to join that club then. Not unless I live to over 110. Mind you, I only have 8,080 to go now.
  10. Congratulations John. Just out of curiosity, what actually qualifies one for the VIP club?
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