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  1. If XP11 has Seattle Helipads you should be able to start and land there. Also look at the Gateway Scenery website for 3D helipads that might not be included in the simulator. Hope this helps, Mike
  2. When I was a teenager, a regional department store, would always have a yearly photo/electronics expo and dad and I would always try to attend. We were both in awe at an early version on an early apple desktop. And I have been simulating ever since. Mike
  3. Application sent, looking forward to trying out Orbx Central. Mike
  4. I agree, since I went all in with the two simulators, P3D4 and XP11, I will install the True Earth PNW products in XP and because I have all of the regions for P3D, not duplicate. Mike
  5. Thanks for posting these. Would it be possible to move these threads to the flight plan forum and pin them at the top for quick access. Thanks, Mike
  6. Here is a link for $100 hamburger and other flyable destinations. Start at the airport of your choosing, select the distance and see the results. I do not think you have to join to use. http://www.adventurepilot.com/Default.aspx?tabid=36 Mike
  7. Another option is to wait until early next year to see the opinions of this new yoke and throttle quad. I own both the Saitek Cessna yoke and rudder pedals as well as the last version of the CH Yoke and right now both are sitting unused. I am currently using a brushless joystick (T1600M), I know not realistic for GA flying but it is very responsive and uses less desk space. Also I got tired of adjusting joystick assignments every time I switch controllers for different aircraft that benefit from a joystick or yoke. Multiply this by three for my three simulators, P3D, XP11 and Aerofly, so I decided for the time being to just use a joystick and my CH throttle quad. Mike
  8. Slightly off topic, does anyone know if there is a program that saves joystick configurations, optimally for P3D and XP11. I have both a Yoke/Rudder Pedal combination and a joystick. Having a yoke & joystick connected do not play nice if connected at the same time. When I disconnect the Joystick to use my yoke, I have to reset all of my buttons and possibly re calibrate which is a pain. What I would like to do is to load a saved config file for my attached configuration. Am I dreaming or does something like this exists. Thanks, Mike
  9. Love it, really looking forward to this one. Mike
  10. If you do not mind subscriptions, two recent ones for me that ad to a realistic experience are Foreflight Pro for the United States and the Navigraph FMS and charts subscriptions for the ipad tablet. Do not know if available for Android. Foreflight pro is nice because with the addition of FSXFlight app (also works with P3D) I can have a moving map sectional and charts. Xplane does not need an external app to use. It is expensive but I divide it by 12 and factor into my monthly budget. Navigraph has a free utility for both the P3D and Xplane but only has IFR maps and not sectionals. I use Foreflight when simulator flying in the United States an navigraph when flying in the rest of the world. Mike
  11. Thanks for sharing, helps when deciding which airports I need to buy. Mike
  12. Also, if you just want to know what airports and other landmarks are included with the regions, you could open the Google Earth files for each region. These are located in your Orbx documents folder after purchase of the region. Not sure if available anywhere before purchase though. Mike
  13. I like it and especially the speed, opening and moving between topics and pages. Mike
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