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  1. New forum software

    I like it and especially the speed, opening and moving between topics and pages. Mike
  2. Happy Fathers Day

    I just want to wish all of the fathers out there a very happy fathers day! Mike
  3. Aerofly Airport List

    Thanks, my aerofly forum was just approved so all is good. Mike
  4. Aerofly Airport List

    Is it possible to post this file on another site. I created an account yesterday but I still do not have permission to access this area of the forum. Thanks, mike
  5. Cessna Skycatcher

    Actually it is Flight 1. Details here: http://www.simforums.com/forums/flight1-cessna-162-skycatcher-for-free_topic58073.html Mike
  6. none Orbx question

    Probably a similar setting in FSX, in weather options. Mike
  7. I have been on the fence about AF2 but finally decided to purchase last night and will be my simulator of choice for quick flights to explore an area. I do not own a VR headset so strictly traditional simulator for now. At this time I am going to enjoy the two free hi resolution areas available and do not know if I am going to purchase additional scenery for it. Probably will purchase Orbx regions when available. Mike
  8. none Orbx question

    Iain beat me too it, looks like thermal visualization. In P3D, option is on weather visual settings window. Mike
  9. Survey on what you mostly fly

    Number 1 for me though I do have a couple airliners (classic and modern) but do not have the time to learn to operate properly. Mike
  10. Global NA Airport Pack

    Paul, have you looked at the free airstrips from OZx or Misty Moorings . They have several Idaho bush airstrips available to download from OZx and Misty Moorings has plenty of Alaska & British Columbia airstrips to explore. I agree with the others, if you are flying primarily in the regions, you do not need the free NA airport pack but the price is right.. Mike
  11. I agree about the GoFlight modules. I got tired of my Saitek stuff not working or having to purchase drivers (spad next) and still not work with most aircraft. This still applies to Go Flight depending on the AC developer. Received the GF-SECM switch module for Christmas and the switches work with the default driver with the A2A C182 without additional programming but they do not work with some of my Milviz aircraft. I also like to support local companies, I live in Seattle and GoFlight is located in Hillsboro, Oregon. This really only applies if you are looking for something new but I am now starting to build my home cockpit one module at a time. Mike
  12. Lancair repaints

    Greg, here is the forum link to a really nice new one. Mike
  13. Pilots FS Global Upgrade

    Richard, to get the upgrade price which is also time sensitive, you need to register your FSS purchase at Pilot's. It is easy, select your product, if FTX Global Mesh select the Global 2010 version and enter your FSS Key and then you are now registered on the Pilot's store and will be eligible for upgrades, sales, etc. Even with the discount, shipping and insurance to the U.S. is still to expensive for my budget. Mike
  14. Pilots FS Global Upgrade

    I just got the email and you can register the FTX version of the Global mesh if you want, just select the 2010 Global option and enter your FSS Serial key. I think I will pass on this one, I am happy with the FTX Global 2010 mesh and even with the discounted price it is expensive for me living in the United States. And unless I am willing to spend extra for priority mail (still takes a minimum 20 days for overseas shipments), I will spend my money elsewhere. According to the website if you do not pay for priority mail, it will take up to 8 weeks to be delivered overseas, no thanks. Hopefully some day they will have a download option. I would be willing to download the areas that I fly the most, the others later and I am not interested in mesh for the water features ( bathymetry (P3D only) ) of the world. Mike
  15. Project A

    Can someone tell me if will this work with all VR units or does it only work with the top two everyone is writing about. My dad owns a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, can I have this experience using the Galaxy Gear VR which is more in my budget range. Thanks, Mike