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  1. Happy Birthday John have a great one, we're all young inside
  2. Balmoral has been done by Richard Bui, he has also done Windsor great park look in Community Scenery addons [Scotland - Scenery] Royal Estate of Balmoral for FTX SCO]
  3. And if we are moving on to cards, I spend a lot of time playing canasta against the other half, have played whist, bridge, and most card games
  4. Sorry slow reply, Petanque is a French game also known as boules, you throw a jack which is about the size of a golf ball, and then you throw metal balls about the size of a cricket ball to see who can get nearest to the jack. Number of players varies, and there is a peg board to score first team or person to 13 wins
  5. Super shots Mark and nice to hear what your performance is like as I also have an i5 2500k not overclocked as much as you but I do have the same graphics card and 16 gb of memory
  6. Good for you John, I am the same don't go anywhere without a book, I am lucky I can sit in a car or bus and lose myself in a book. Also into crosswords, sudoku and as I am a bit younger still do a lot of walking, spent the morning playing petanque followed by a pub lunch
  7. Nice shots, I just watched our local news and were showing live footage of a DC3 landing at Headcorn which is going to take part, so very topical
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