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  1. Wow, thanks for the good vibes! I didn't realize that anyone had made the connection between my Orbx work and "FS9 Tree" (side note - really? I couldn't think of a better name than that?? ) But anyways, it's great to hear that you've enjoyed my work through the years; very nice for a developer to hear! Cheers, Scott A
  2. Thank you for the suggestion Dominique, it's certainly something to consider
  3. Hi Scott, No, Buildings HD doesn't add any additional variation to building types seen in the sim. The building textures used by houses in Alaska are the same as those used in the rest of northern North America (both in default P3D and in Orbx regions). BuildingsHD DOES improve the accuracy to building appearance and detail throughout the world, but adding small regional differences like you described was beyond the scope of the product. Best, Scott A.
  4. Wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying it so much, and thanks for the kind words! Cheers!
  5. Hi Lars, Wow, what a tour! I’m glad to hear you’re overall enjoying the new textures! If you take a closer look at the buildings in Japan, you will indeed see lots of signs and company logos on the buildings (and they light up at night to give that flashy Tokyo effect). I hadn’t been to Japan before developing this product either, but I travelled there in February to take photos and nearly all of the Japan textures are based on photos from that trip. I found that what I expected beforehand and what Japan actually looked like we’re two different things; the entire country does not look like the flashy Shibuya neighborhood that you often see in photos. So it’s places like Japan where I tried to strike a balance between the “stereotype” appearance of a region vs the actual thing.
  6. Actually yes, I visited Reykjavik for several days and took many photos downtown. And yes, the Iceland demo will see the improved building textures with Buildings HD. But it’s important to not that Buildings HD does not add specific real world buildings to your sim. It improves the appearance of autogen buildings, which are the generic buildings that populate the landscape. See here for a full description of what Buildings HD does and does not do:
  7. Yes, the new textures appear to be displaying correctly on your system.
  8. Hi Ridvan, Back to the original topic here... There are a couple of shots of Sydney from AUv2 in the original preview post, see here: Ian posted some Sydney shots as well:
  9. Hi Jackietools, Buildings HD does not add or improve specific real-world buildings; it's a replacement for the sim's autogen (generic buildings that populate most of the FS world). The first post I made in this thread explains it all pretty well I think Cheers, Scott
  10. No problem, I'm very glad to hear that you are enjoying it overall!
  11. Hi all, I understand the reasoning behind the request and this is something we will certainly consider for a future patch. Thanks for the input
  12. Hmm, that looks like you're just south of Harvey Field in Snohomish to me I grew up not far from there; sometimes the hot air balloons would fly so low over my house we could wave to the folks on board. Beautiful shot!
  13. No, I might just be displaying my ignorance on where the boundaries are for OLC NA and EU Regardless, the textures would be the same whether they were installed or not.
  14. Here are some shots from user-requested areas, plus a few extras Enjoy! San Jose, Costa Rica (Global BASE): Los Angeles, California, USA (NA Southern California): Manila, Philippines (Global BASE): Around North America (OpenLC North America): LDPL Pula Airport: St. Petersburg, Russia (Global BASE): Germany (OpenLC EU): Honolulu, Hawaii (OpenLC North America): Beijing, China (Global BASE):
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