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  1. Beautiful shots, Ian! I completed my flight training in central Washington and logged many a flight hour between Bower's Field in Ellensburg and McAllister Field in Yakima. TE Washington captures the look of the region absolutely perfectly. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hi Brent et al, Figured I'd give you an update, straight from the horse's mouth Shortly after starting development of Buildings HD, I received a promotion at my 'main job' that ended up requiring much more time and effort than I anticipated. This left me without much spare time for FS development work, so I had to put Buildings HD on hold for a while. But things have now died down quite a bit, so I've picked up work on Buildings HD and I have to say that it's looking very nice indeed Expect more frequent updates (and screenshots!) in the coming weeks. Rest assured, the project is not dead, and work is progressing steadily! Best, Scott
  3. Glad you are enjoying Trees HD, Jeff; those are some fantastic shots!
  4. Thanks all, glad you are enjoying them To answer Matt's question, Trees HD will retain the current tree types that you see in your sim now, but just gives them better, higher-resolution textures. So if you have the FTX AU regions installed, you will still see eucalyptus as teecee said, but they will have a new, improved look to them. - Scott
  5. It's something that we'll look into, but no guarantees - Scott
  6. Glad you like them Anthin, thanks for the good vibes! - Scott
  7. Thanks guys, the title worried me at first glance but I really appreciate the great feedback Have a great weekend enjoying the new trees! Cheers, Scott
  8. Stunning shots, Dreamer As a native of the Pacific Northwest myself, I tried my best to capture the right look and feel of the area with Trees HD. Cheers, Scott
  9. Both standard and old FTX trees. Keep in mind that the key words are UP TO 20% increase, so please manage your expectations. But the testers, myself, and many users so far have reported typical gains around the 10-20% range, at least when FPS are lower to begin with. If your FPS are already above 50 or so, the percentage increase tends to not be as drastic. A 20% increase from 30 fps is 36 fps, so don't go expecting your FPS to climb through the stratosphere, but you should pick up a few FPS in most situations. Hope that answers your question
  10. No, Trees HD will not replace custom trees, only autogen. Custom trees include Nature Flow 3D trees, any other custom-made airport vegetation, and custom autogen like that found in Jarrad's great KPSP and KSEZ sceneries. The main reason for this is that these custom trees already look fantastic! Jarrad's trees for PSP and SEZ were expertly done by him to achieve the look and feel that he wanted for his products. Hope that answers your question Cheers, Scott
  11. Nicely done! #3 for me, especially. Cheers, Scott
  12. A nice improvement there for sure, thanks for posting -Scott
  13. Stunning shots, Filou! Just beautiful work. -Scott
  14. Great shots as always, Ian! And what a beautiful plane, too
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