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    Flight simulators. I had A2-FS1 on my Apple II+ computer in 1981 and I have had every version of FS since. I'm currently running FSX. Additionally I have MS Flight & aeroflyFS. I have a lot of others that I currently no longer use.

    I am also interested in nice cars both real and simulated. I have a Dover gray 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder in my garage and I run GT Legends, GTR2, rFactor, and a number of other racing games. I follow NASCAR, F1 & the IRL.

    I love the Internet but I'm an old guy and I don't follow Facebook, Twitter, and that sort of thing. I'm too old and cranky for that. I have followed various forums for years and even moderated a few but that is as "social" as I get.

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  1. Oh dear sir or madam, Can we please, please, pretty please have this for AFS2? I promise to buy it on day 1 it is available!
  2. I have noticed that both Narrows Bridges show up in more recent videos but these shots only show the original... well not the original but the one which replaced the original after it fell down before I was born. Around 1940 I think. Reference the YouTube videos on "Galloping Gertie". Also in the Tacoma "North End" (the area immediately South of Point Defiance Park and extending several miles South from there) the streets appear to be running NW to SE & NE to SW (diagonal) but those streets run North to South & West to East. Is this a case of you using an earlier beta version? I hope. Thanks for the shots! PS - KTIW looks great in these shots!
  3. Having been born & raised in Tacoma I do have to say I am impressed. I'd like to see some of the South end headed toward McChord AFB... I guess that is supposed to be Joint Base Lewis-McChord in these PC times... I hate that. But downtown and McKinley Hill look about right. In particular you seem to have nailed the port. I've never seen justice done to the Port of Tacoma before... Port of Seattle many times but not Tacoma. One minor complaint is I believe you overdid the mud in the Puyallup River. It has never been the freshest looking river but it isn't the muddy Mississippi after all. It starts with runoff from the Puyallup Glacier very pristine but it does pickup some silt and whatnot but the time it empties into Commencement Bay at the Port of Tacoma. In any event I have not seen it that brown even after major Spring flooding. Perhaps you have. I will admit that I haven't been up there since my mom passed away in 2004... it has been a while. Does anybody know how to remove DD's Seattle City & Airports scenery from XP11? I mean how to remove it without damaging XP's scenery indexing setup? I need to take that out so as to not conflict with this stuff. Thanks for the pretty pictures!
  4. The model does look good and keep in mind that my wife worked as a telephone operator in an office behind that right powerhouse for about 18 months so I have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. But the truth of the matter is that the model of the dam was never the problem. It always seems to get placed poorly. Usually sitting on top of the scenery with the ends not surrounded by the rock of the canyon as it must be. It has been quite a while but I believe that was also the case with the ORBX version from.... hmmm... I think it was RMN or Rocky Mountain North? But as I recall you guys did do a fair job on the little airport just outside Electric City in that scenery 3W7. You say I will be pleased so I'm willing to bet that you are correct. I'd love to see those pics of the bridges. I appreciate the reply.
  5. Now that is impressive! Far more so than I expected and I knew you guys would do a great job of it. The Seattle area is good enough that I will have to ditch the DD Seattle City & Airports and I didn't expect that. Although I never had any doubt that your Seattle would have much better frame rates than DD's. But the truly impressive part is the 3 to 5 second glimpse of Tacoma downtown & port... just seeing that much qualifies as the best treatment Tacoma has received in any FS scenery I've ever seen. Go way back to the days of FU3 and for the technology of that time it was fairly good... but that was an entirely different era. The area around KTIW looked a bit strange to me but then I haven't been up there for a while now so I will admit this criticism may not be valid. Probably isn't. It would be nice to get a glimpse of Gig Harbor and the Narrows Bridges. I'd like to see how you deal with the area around Grand Coulee Dam... no FS scenery to date has done justice to that area. I'll cross my fingers that TEW (TrueEarth Washington or whatever your going to call this product) is the first. Now I have to figure out how to remove DD's Seattle. PS - I do now intend to purchase this for XP-11 but when you release this for AFS2 is when I will really get excited!
  6. I am very glad to hear this. I am trying my best to be patient but man I'm 68 years old... nature will only allow so much patience I'm afraid. GB South will be excellent for AFS2 and I'll buy it the moment it arrives but the one I really want for AFS2 is PNW and on East from there. Also it has been a while since I've read your 2019 roadmap but I believe you made mention of Hawaii coming this year... probably for FSX/P3D but that would be awesome in AFS2. Please! I very much appreciate this update on the status of AFS2 scenery.
  7. Hello Chris, A long time indeed! Did you ever learn to like trim? PS - That younger looking fellow in "my photo" is actually my dad in his last driver's license picture. He died at age fifty six... 45 years ago today... at which time I was residing in London England. I don't mean to burden anyone with this factoid but it is kinda on my mind today.
  8. I'm glad to see that you are releasing something for AFS2. I do appreciate your continued support for XP11 as well. Thanks! PS - In addition to all the stuff listed below I have every ORBX product for AFS2 and probably 80+% of your XP11 products. I'd like the chance to buy more for AFS2. Please.
  9. To forum management: I remember that I was supposed to edit/change my signature block to be shorter. Sorry. I didn't bother because I wasn't posting at that time. I will check into how to do that towmorrow but I haven't time now. In the mean time I was pleased to get a screen capture of it with the long list of my ORBX products. When my system drive died a month ago my records of such was lost and I wasn't sure I'd be able to come up with the list should I need it if or when those products become available for FSW or AFS2. If this stuff ever does ever become available for FSW I'll be wanting to buy some more regions & airports. No need to try to recover any of it now as I no longer have FSX or P3D installed. I had removed FSX to make room for AFS2 and my install of P3D went away when the system drive - my system SSD - died. (I now have 2 newer and larger SSDs.. a 1TB one and a 2TB one. Also a GTX1080Ti vid card & added 16GB RAM for a total of 32GB.) Anyway I promise to work on my signature block on Sunday or Monday at the very latest. Be well, Tom Wunder
  10. Hi guys & gals, It has been 2 plus years since I've posted in these forums. I have been doing home computer based flight simming for about 37 years but I had kind of drifted away for a while. I no longer use FSX or P3D. No need for any "my sim is better than your sim" nonsense. Lets just say that I have got to be too old and crotchety to enjoy those particular simulators. The recent advent of 64 bit simulators has sparked my interest in flight simulators again. I was using AFS1 even during my absence from other simulators. I have removed it some months ago as it seemed to create a conflict when I put the Swiss scenery into AFS2. My point is that I never completely left flight simming although many might argue that AFS1 was not a real sim. At this point I am running 3 flight sims: Aerofly FS 2 (AFS2) Flight Sim World (FSW) X-Plane 11 (XP11) [Yes I know you aren't doing anything with XP11 and I'm fine with that... I use it very little and only for the outstanding instruments.] Yesterday I bought KCGX & LOWI for AFS2. What ever else I say below be aware that I am very pleased to have both. Now for my reviews of those products: KCGX - 3.5 of 5 stars. What is there is beautiful and brings back many memories of various versions of MSFS. Great stuff. I take away a half star because it isn't as big as it should be. Unlike FSX or P3D in AFS2 we have no near by airports. It would have been wonderful if you could have included at least passable versions of KMDW & KORD. Perhaps you could put out an expansion pack that include KMDW for say $15? Or maybe KMDW & KORD for $30? I take away the other star because the river bridges in Chicago are in my opinion not up to ORBX standards. Perhaps a minor update? Please? LOWI - 5 of 5 stars! Absolutely stunning! I'm tempted to stretch it to 6 of 5 stars. Regarding FSW and the ORBX FTX Global it contains: Good stuff. Far better than the default scenery with FSX or P3D at least so far as I remember those. Obviously in addition to Global it seems to have some decent mesh as well. I never bought Global for FSX or P3D but I have got the impression that mesh was not included by default with that product. If I am wrong please correct me. Now I would hope that one day my FTX regions and airports might become available for FSW but I doubt that will be real soon. The FSW platform will have to mature a bit before 3rd party developers such as ORBX will want to invest a lot of time and trouble. But in the mean time it would be great if you could release your Vector & openLC products for FSW which might help that maturation process along some. Any chance of something like that happening? Also regarding AFS2 what are we likely to see coming that way in the near future? I'd suggest that Block Island & Catalina would seem to be excellent choices with their proximity to existing AFS2 scenery. Also your highly detailed version of San Diego would provide a nice upgrade to the already decent default SD. In conclusion I would like to thank you guys for what you have provided for use with my current 2 favorite simulators. Very enjoyable! As I said above I hope to see more for both sims but what you have already done greatly adds to their current worlds. I hope I haven't offended anybody or been too demanding. Gee I guess I can start submitting entries to the screenshot contest again. Best wishes for all, Tom Wunder
  11. #2 gets my vote this time. Mallard's #44 was a tie as both are of favorite airports and both will cause a double take as to whether or not they are actually a photograph. But in the end I had to cut it to 1 so the haze in #2 won me over... the real world haze so close to the ocean beaches is often just like that. Just looking over the prior votes I don't think either will win but they are the class of the field IMHO. Luck to all!
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