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  1. Still my fav after all these years.
  2. Yeah! I went through hell to get the freeware working. Maybe you can convince JB to let you create an updated version of LESO? Thanks everybody for your kind words. Jose
  3. Why sweat in anticipation for MSFS2020 when you can enjoy flying in these beautiful destinations? Day Dusk Still testing Spain with FTX vectors enabled and I really like what I'm seeing. Jose
  4. As usual, thanks for all the kind words. I need to find time to post some pics more often.
  5. Not as new as the XP version, but FTX NCal & KHAF for P3D v4 are a still easy on the eyes, even in bad weather! FB KSFO blends perfectly with FTX Jose
  6. Beautiful pics, How did you get the scenery to look so clear and the water to look so good? Also, the light blue sky texture. Looks so nice! Thanks. Jose
  7. P3D v4.5 is a different animal. I can't wait to see how WA is going to look. Every other photo scenery I've tested looks amazing in p3d v4.5HF1.
  8. I think that ORBX True Earth is the perfect add for XP 11 because that where XP really shines. But, that's the only difference I see from years ago. It's still the same sim with awful sounds and the weather is getting better with an expensive add-on, but it's just not at the level of P3D v4.5 I do love XP's terrain engine, roads and traffic movement, and the dusk & night lighting are second to none. But it's missing too many important features that are not even available as add-ons. The main issues are inherent within XP and they can only be addressed by the main developer. Sorry for my rant, but I have respect for Jack & John and value their opinion. I was just hoping that my initial XP investment was not a waste of money. It looks like it still is.
  9. Jack, Have you heard of X-Camera? It's free. PMDG has one aircraft available for XPlane. SimCoders turns some aircraft in "A2A like" in XPlane 11. Maybe you already knew this. Jose
  10. This is interesting. You and Jack are both considering XP11 as your primary sim. I've tried XP 11 with payware addons and some of the best freeware and I still stay away from it. What am I missing? ASXP? X-Vison? Freeware AI traffic? The one thing that keeps me away from XP11 is that the planes do feel like one is flying on rails. If this subject is too controversial for some, please PM me. I'm seriously interested in knowing why XP11 is all of sudden so special.
  11. Thanks! It's not going to water down your add-on. It will actually make it better!
  12. That was fast. Looks good. How the performance in xp 11?
  13. Hi Scott, The community is requesting 2048 resolution to improve AG loading and fps. Thanks. Jose
  14. ORBX has nothing to worry about. They have cemented their place in MSFS add-on royalty!
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