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  1. Simply awesome in P3D v4.5 HF1. Jose
  2. This sim is getting better with every update. Very few pauses and loading times increased. That alone is worth the time that it took to do a full reinstall: Here are some unedited crisp and clear pics from KLAS-KTNP-KPSP flight: Jose
  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm looking forward to a full upgrade to v4.5 fix1. Maybe this weekend. I have to wait to see if REX SF is updated.
  4. After I found a fix for the vc sounds, I flew it all over the Caribbean, but then I got side tracked with testing the DA-60. I'm glad so many other users are able to enjoy one of my favorite twins in FSX and now P3d v4. I forgot to mention that you can easily substitute the GPS for the F1 GTN650 by editing a few lines in the panel.
  5. Those are default taxiways. You probably also have double wind socks too. Let's not hijack the thread. PM me if you want the fixes. a.k.a. djjose
  6. Are those default taxi signs I see? PM me if you want the fix.
  7. This nice guy named DJJose @avsim made an updated afcad that not only eradicates the default objects, but he even found a way to bring back the bridges. He's such a great guy.
  8. Which sim? T2G KMCO has not been updated to P3D v4.4. Thanks.
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