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  1. Beautiful pics Mitch. Thank you for your continued inspiration. I'm already on win 2004 and will update to the latest driver ASAP. It's hard to believe that my i7 2600K is still kicking... BTW, I upgraded my 1070 to a Pascal with 12gigs of VRAM and added 16gigs of system RAM. Now I have 32gigs of system RAM.
  2. I picked Thailand because there's nothing out there for this region. I predict that it will be epic! I did not pick Italy because there's a very nice freeware version. I also want an Orbx Greece but I doubt that they will venture into those Islands. OBRX has not been able to do ALL the Hawaiian Islands, I doubt that they would even consider such a huge project. Lastly, maybe you have not heard that there's a new sim that is going to be released that will bring us most of the world rendered in Orbx TE fashion. That's what really excites me!
  3. The pics look nice and bright. That's the way I hope my XP 11.50 looks when it finally goes final. I also upgraded to the latest version of Win 10 (2004) and everything went without a hitch. I can't believe that my Sandy Bridge chip and Asus motherboard still kick you know what even with the May 2020 update. The only thing I had to do is downgrade the F1 GTN 750 trainer. Now the GTN trainers (F1 & RXP versions) work on both P3D v4.5 and XP 11.
  4. That last pic is my fav. The clouds look amazing!
  5. Beautiful pics Mitch! I will be upgrading to Win 10 2020 soon.
  6. Rod, I just checked the file and I do not see Vancouver as part of the red box. Jose
  7. Those clouds in pic one are real.
  8. No issue here and I have many add-on airports with libraries. Loading times are under 3 minutes. The best way to test is to move the custom scenery folder outside of the Xplane 11 folder. Then create a new custom scenery folder and only move the Orbx TE Florida folders. You can also move the default global airports folder and a copy of the sceneri.ini file. That should reduce loading times and help you isolate the issue. Add sceneries and test to see if loading times increase. That's what I would do.
  9. My texture res is all the way to the right and I still have excellent fps in LA. It's an amazing accomplishment. My only issue with the HD version will be the amount of space. The mountains look ok, not great, with the SD version. It does not take away from this outstanding product. Thanks!
  10. @Tony Wroblewski I love SoCal but I wish the mountains were rendered better. Is there a way to improve the way the mountains are rendered in TE SoCal? I have the SD version.
  11. As you probably know Washington & Oregon are coming soon. I can conclude that it's very likely that NorCal & SoCal will come after that, but Tony can confirm.
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