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  1. ORBX has nothing to worry about. They have cemented their place in MSFS add-on royalty!
  2. This announcement will keep most simmers wishing, hoping, and speculating, when what they should really be doing is enjoying what they have. Which right now is better than the video.
  3. YPEC is the airport that made me fall in love with ORBX. After AU DVD, YPEC was my first airport purchase and I still marvel when I visit this place. It looks better than ever: Jose
  4. Pleasantly surprised at the excellent performance. Dusk Great job! Jose
  5. Finished downloading and installing. That was fast!
  6. I got an error while uninstalling v1. I do have symbolic link to another large SSD. I managed to delete all the big folders, but did not see any AU bgls in the scenery/word/scenery folder. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Server looking good right now. orbx_ftxcentral_log.txt
  7. I open ftx central and there was an update. It made me think, is it possible that they would release AU v2 today? Amazing!
  8. In anticipation! Jose
  9. Excellent catch. R u going?
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