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  1. These pics are a good example of why I've moved on from my legacy sims and I'm never looking back. I'm now fully invested in MSFS. BTW, stunning pics Carlos.
  2. It's a minor issue, but was wondering if there's a fix. Two objects on railroad. Thank you.
  3. Have all the issues discussed in the video been rectified? Thanks. Jose
  4. Updated successfully. Even LOWG needed an update and it appeared. Excellent!
  5. Hi Nick, I checked this morning. I have not tried this afternoon. Thanks for the prompt response.
  6. I'm wondering the same thing. How soon before we can download the update? Thanks!
  7. I've resorted to put one or two pics here because I'm not able to post multiple pics here. Posted some more here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/589042-lieo-olbia-costa-smeralda-airport/ Jose
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