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  1. Crossgrade Pending

    That's what I did several days ago and I still have not received a response.
  2. Crossgrade Pending

    Placed an order on the 1st but there was an error with the order. Notified customer service of the mistake right away and still no response. Nick can you please check the status of my order? Thank you.
  3. If at first I don't succeed, I dust myself off and I try again. Jose
  4. Crossgrade Benefits

  5. Crossgrade Benefits

    Thanks ORBX! Now I can fly from KJAC - KBZN. Jose
  6. WOW Moments!

    Jack, The FSX and P3D versions work in P3D v4. PM me if you need any help.
  7. WOW Moments!

    Realair Lancair. It's no longer available.
  8. WOW Moments!

    3 snaps of epic FTX EU with add-on airports. Jose
  9. Awesome Tapini Set 2

    Here's another adventurous set: More to come....
  10. Amazin' Tapini set 1

    AYPY-AYTI More to come
  11. Very impressive videos! You really have to enjoy making these videos. It takes creativity, the right software, and some time. Excellent!
  12. YMML out and in V4.

    Beautiful pics!
  13. Orbx sale - 48% off!

    You Sir are very talented.
  14. TONGASS Fjord on V4

    Thank you for reminding me about this gem. There's a well written article at AVSIM does does a great job explaining how to properly install in P3d v4. That article & the plane fixes make this an excellent place to visit in v4. I took some pics. You want to see?