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  1. A Boeing 777 is on its way over the Atlantic. It flies constantly at 800 km / h at 30,000 feet high, when an F-18 in deceleration from Mach 2 speed suddenly approaches. The fighter pilot flies next to the Boeing and greets the airline pilot by radio: "Boring flight, eh? So, look at this !" Trims his jet on his back, accelerates, breaks the sound barrier, increases rapidly to a dizzying height, only to fall back into a breathtaking dive almost to sea level. With a looping , he returns next to the Boeing and asks: " How was it?" The Boeing pilot answers: "Very impressive. But look here now!" The jet pilot observes the Boeing, but nothing happens, it continues to fly straight, with the same speed. After fifteen minutes, the Boeing pilot says by radio: "Well, what do you say !?" The jet pilot asks: " What have you done?" The other laughs and says: "I got up, I stretched my legs, I went to the bathroom, then I had a coffee, a donut and I tore up an appointment with one of the hostess for the next three nights, in a 5-star hotel paid by my employer . " The moral of the story is: When you're young, speed and adrenaline seem to be a fantastic thing. But if you can get old and experienced convenience and tranquility are not to be despised. It's called "S.O.S." Slower - Older - Smarter.......
  2. Iain the Moscow skyline is added by Moscow airports by Drzewiecki Design but the main area is ORBX FTX Global with Buildings HD, but If this could be over rules i will change the screen.
  3. "Knights of Moscow" A "Russian knights" demo team SU30 UB on low level ride over Moscow Good luck everyone!
  4. I could be wrong but I think there is a small mistake. In the ORBX preview post, it is indicated that one of the airports will be Boulder City 61B, (KBVU), located a few miles from Las Vegas, while on the map is indicated the Boulder Municipal (KBDU), near Denver....
  5. No. This is a real Edwards custom made scenery , created by " Proximo " a member of the MAIW community. With the aid of google maps images he worked to recreate as close as possible the real base layout.
  6. A request for the Orbx developers... any chance to see the Kodiak airport for SAK in the next future ? Not too big, and i think of great interest for the simmers !!!
  7. Looks for the Edwards free FSX scenery and then convert it to P3D....... ( @ moderators....I hope my answer does not break the forum rules !! Just to show how orbx can interact perfectly, even with free scenery ! )
  8. Following the results of the poll made by Orbx between Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Rest of Scandinavia, and Holland and the claims by JV on it , if i remember correctly the next region should be Italy !!! Any confirmation appreciated !!!
  9. Fantastic video !! By the way allow me a correction, the exact name is Mount Vesuvio. Thankx for showing the beauties of my country !!
  10. Awesome bird and awesome pics !!
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