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  1. Send me a PM with your mail !!
  2. No. This is a real Edwards custom made scenery , created by " Proximo " a member of the MAIW community. With the aid of google maps images he worked to recreate as close as possible the real base layout.
  3. A request for the Orbx developers... any chance to see the Kodiak airport for SAK in the next future ? Not too big, and i think of great interest for the simmers !!!
  4. Looks for the Edwards free FSX scenery and then convert it to P3D....... ( @ moderators....I hope my answer does not break the forum rules !! Just to show how orbx can interact perfectly, even with free scenery ! )
  5. Following the results of the poll made by Orbx between Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Rest of Scandinavia, and Holland and the claims by JV on it , if i remember correctly the next region should be Italy !!! Any confirmation appreciated !!!
  6. Fantastic video !! By the way allow me a correction, the exact name is Mount Vesuvio. Thankx for showing the beauties of my country !!
  7. Kulbit

    Big Bird in v4

    Awesome bird and awesome pics !!
  8. Kulbit

    The sleeping giant...

    The Vesuvio is still active but quiescent at the moment. However, the big problem is that the volcano is just part of one of the most dangerous "supervolcano" in the world know as Phlegraean Fields . Vulcanologyst iare pretty sure of a disastrous future eruption that iit will be capable of creating a total devastation across the Mediterranean area, with the potential for immense tsunami to the Atlantic coasts of the United States
  9. Kulbit

    The sleeping giant...

    Mates ... even if i can see only the larger version of my pics i apologize for the Inconvenience, absolutely unwanted !!! I will switch to IMGUR immediatly. Anyway many thanks fto all or the appreciations at my screens !!
  10. Kulbit

    Mt St Helens, WA

    Awesome shot !!
  11. Overflyng Mt.Vesuvio..... (click to zoom)
  12. In Italy we use to say " If you want something done well, do it alone " !! Well done. Keep up the good work mates !!
  13. Kulbit

    A few from PAVD with my new card.

    Many thanks Sir !! Will try the same !!