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  1. Great video and certainly earning his wages, but shouldn't the pilot have been at school? Mick
  2. Have done in the past. The discount for everyone is 10% for seniors it is 20%. Not particularly bothered and would not have mentioned it had your thread not been there, anyway, TE GB Central is worth every penny. Mick
  3. Just purchased TE GB Central and did not get the 20% discount. Not had a problem previously. Now lets see counting backwards 1,2,3,4,5-10 oops ran out of fingers.
  4. Yes please. Hopefully they are already in the next release. Great photo of the Bomber Command Center Spire. Mick
  5. Me too. The P3D version of TE GB is set for a November release but unless I have missed it there has not been a date given for the AFS 2 version. Mick
  6. No offense taken. Like you I have been waiting months for this to be released. Mick
  7. Sorry but you don't appear to be moving anywhere! At 72 I don't have the time to wait. Mick
  8. Thanks for reminding me how old I am!!!!!! Been doing this since Sublogic version 1.2 on an Atari. What a lucky generation I/we have been, and how lucky and spoilt for choice we are today. Thanks for sharing. Mick
  9. This is probably what you are looking for. Thanks go to Rollmops for his work. http://www.avsim.com/topic/478204-x-plane-like-easy-to-use-camera-plugin/?hl=+camera Mick
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