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  1. Hallo Holger, thank you very much for this comprehensive summary. Now the"penny has dropped" on my side , too.
  2. Well, reading John's statement I thought I understood but now I found this, a statement by "Turbulent" and I'm confused again: - Posting by Admin Greg Jones: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/forum/topic/828-terraflora-trees-hd/
  3. """Is the download version on FS Global for P3DV4.xx compatiable with ORBX Vectors and scenery """ Orbx sceneries (especially full fat regions) don't need an additional mesh. Everything is already included. A mesh is necessary if you fly outside Orbx areas. There is no official recommendation for PILOT'S - FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - NEXT GENERATION mesh made by Orbx. Users often reported problems, also here in the forum. Orbx products are based on the former FS Pilots Global 2010. Even the FS Pilots Global 2018 replacement hasn't got a clearance by Orbx.
  4. I cannot confirm your problem. I'm running WIN10. P3Dv4.2, TongassX installad, all RTMM sceneries, all AI-traffic active - tried different views, no pauses or any kind of stuttering. Frames stay at my blocked rate of 30. Btw. bmp files in P3Dv4.x don't have any impact on the frame rates.
  5. Thanks for the Europe Airport Pack kmz-file. - Is the latest one for Northern and Southern America availlable somewhere, please?
  6. Is "OZx Image Hosting" also affected? http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/
  7. Orbx had New England Martimes in consideration already some years ago. Hopefully this dream will come true!
  8. There are many proposals done but one area is missing that needs much more attention: - Australia - In this regard OZx does an excellent and out standing job designing "tons" of freeware sceneries spread all over this continent, suitable for FSX and all P3D versions. Sceneries are based on Orbx Australia and Holgermesh for Australia. I recommend to visit this webpage and getting familiar what is offered there: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php This will greatly enrich your field of activity in matters of bush flying.
  9. Additionally: The "AI_Rotorcraft_Bell_206L_TFX" has been "repaired" by RTMM and is now operating correctly including the traffic route. (P3Dv4) (what she didn't do correctly up to now even in FSX.)
  10. """ reading about issues with Tongass Fjords AI traffic crash P3D I'm not going to buy it. """ This is your decision but I wonder why so many users (maybe thousands) are happy with this scenery even in P3D v4.1? This "old" scenery by Holger Sandman was his masterpiece and works very well in P3Dv4 when you follow given advice. So there might be no reason for Orbx " to fill the gap." (because there isn't one)
  11. Excellent, looks inviting and very cosy.
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