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  1. That's the very famous Heddal Stave Church and is Norway's largest one.
  2. First I followed Nick's advice verifying the files for open LC North America - no success. Then I opened Orbx Central to do an uninstall of LC North America. At this time I got the update to version 4.0.27. After that I completely uninstalled open LC North America and did the new installation (into P3D/Orbx main folder). Result: Texture Morphing has disappeared. (I don't know if this is due to latest Orbx Central or not as I already did same procedure some weeks ago without success.)
  3. Just two more examples: - TVSM / Mustique Island - near TFFR / Pointe-A-Pitre about 2-3 NM southwest of the place, exact coordinates: N16 ° 14.70 ' W61 ° 32.86 ' B.t.w. it's same in FSX! Requirement: - no payware or other freeware sceneries installed in the Caribbean area. - Orbx openLC NorthAmerica 1 + 2 active Screenshots attached.
  4. The entire Caribbean region is affected by this "texture morphing". It's up to Orbx openLC NorthAmerica! This problem is not new, see here: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=182741#p182741 and https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=133011 I had contact to about 15 experienced users. They all have this problem! It is an inconsistency between P3D v4.x and Orbx openLC NorthAmerica. I do not know if this problem was ever reported to Orbx? Try deactivating Orbx openLC NorthAmerica 1 and 2. Then the problem will be disappeared. Even if your insertion points are correct and you don't experience any terrain.cfg error, the problem will stay! All help and advice to eliminate this problem are unsuccessful and run into a void.
  5. - former error message deleted - I confirm, scenery is working with the new 3 bgl files provided by Nick.
  6. The former OZx-homepage is long gone. Here at the Orbx forum the community meets again. Building up the former OZx scenery complex means a lot of work: - downloading the sceneries, reading the manuals, installing them, doing necessary changes as descibed in the readme files. You might start your downloads here from this page: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/165-community-scenery-addons/ First you need all basic OZx stuff from here: And the you go step by step ...
  7. I don't know about an kmz file but this might help, too: https://www.google.com.au/maps/d/viewer?mid=10SHWlRe1ZNztwR6KAkmpJZB_4GOZaG0H&ll=-22.777977658359436%2C137.4470668995608&z=6
  8. Try the scenery after you dactivated the North America part of FSGUNG to make sure that this is really caused by FSGUNG.
  9. Your problems might base on using FSGUNG which was never recommended by Orbx. See Posting #6 and #7.
  10. Is it possible to install and run the new Orbx Central software parallel to FTXCentral3 without deinstalling this one?
  11. I imported the above provided elevation adjustment file for YGLA/Gladstone Airport. This fixed the elevation bug. Thank you!
  12. Oh, thank you. Very helpful for simmers who don't have them. - Are these starting point .bgl's updated versions of those ones from 2010?
  13. """ I created a few bgl’s to enable these airports to appear in the Airport section menu if anyone is interested. """ Hello Graham, I'm sure it's not only me who is very interested in your created starting point .bgl files. Will you attach them here in the forum or do you only intend to send via attachment to an email?
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