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  1. Today I went from Tamworth to Port Macquarie Cherokee decided to fly real close to me while I was taking off runway 30L I love the in depth P3Dv4 AI badges because... You can see their flight plans Nice Mist Descending from 8000ft Nice views, now to relax before a very long hop to ferry some passengers to Lord Howe Island then Coffs Harbour tomorrow
  2. Stormy Weather out of Lilydale Bit of Lightning Caught a Bolt
  3. Cessnock to Bathurst via Dochra, Singleton, Scone and Mudgee in a Carenado C172N P3D V4.3 Orbx AUS No OZX Leaving Cessnock Flying away from Cessnock YDOC Dochra Military Base Singleton Township YSCO Scone NSW Scone Township YMDG Mudgee NSW Bathurst Township in the distance Runway 17 YBTH Bathurst Nearly at Touchdown (was very much a greaser)
  4. Hi Caleb I did read/watch something (on the A2A Facebook page and later on a Frooglesim News show) that A2A are finally working on the V Tail Bonanza
  5. @Aussie123 I'm more of a fan of Port Lincolns biggest export: Southern Bluefin Tuna
  6. VH-KDK I usually set it so I can see the bonnet as when I get into an aircraft, being 6'1", thats how it looks IRL
  7. For a twin like the Duke Turbine, I use the Carenado B-58 Baron for P3D V4.2 (FSX version before the free intergration was my first EVER payware purchase), all you have to do is turn the engines on and go, for a bit of added realism prop sync button is installed (just dont forget to turn it off when taking off like I sometimes do)
  8. Just left Port Lincoln Crossing York Peninsula On Final Runway 05 (Default P3Dv4.2 YPAD)
  9. Watch out guys going to be a bumpy takeoff!
  10. Carenado C172N Floats at YRC Virtavia UH-60 Blackhawk RAAF Livery (Standard with P3DV4) at YWLM Williamtown IndiaFoxtrotEcho F35 (also standard with P3D v4) above Hawaii Inverted too because why not
  11. Just some picture from the past couple of days. Been overtaken by an AI C-130 bound for YSRI Richmond RAAF Base, I was YSTW to YSSY Boeing C-17 Globemaster III bound for YAMB from YSCB Tonight I did a repositioning flight from YPAD to YSSY in the new Carenado PC12 HD Series that took 2 hours 40 minutes at FL250 going a whopping 165 knots with a ground speed of 300 knots Flight was FD593 which did a flight from YPAD to YSSY yesterday IRL that took about the same amount of time
  12. Purchase Orbx FTX Global for an early Christmas Present on special and I love it
  13. Yes the Aboriginal Name for Ayers Rock is Uluru https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uluru
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