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  1. Some shots from Munich and Innsbruck Using FSX + FTX Global 1.2 + FTX Vector 1.15 + FSG2010 FTX
  2. Glad to see my livery in the right place!
  3. The feeling of this scenery somehow get's stronger at rainy weather and sunset!
  4. The light and clouds make it look so chilly, just great! Nice shots! Spend some weeks on that update, glad you like it.
  5. I know I took about 600 images for that project and created the textures. But I think it should be possible to downsize it to an AI aircraft. I'm going to ask Manfred for the source model.
  6. Why not using the freeware BT-67 instead of the DC-3?
  7. Sunset Tour with my C185F, somewhere around Juneau If somebody likes to fly that livery, too. It's available -> here <- Greetings, Daniel
  8. All my liveries can be found at my homepage so it's easier for me to handle updates. http://www.cheese-repaints.de/ The first C185F exterior paint is already online. Will get to the interior later on this year. I'm glad you like it!
  9. I fudged on a few aircraft, once again ... Today, it has taken on the Carenado C208B Super Cargomaster ... The interior of my previous FedEx Feeder Livery (C-FEXB) I did, is now updated, too. Let's see what I can do on the Cessna C185F Series ... Greetings, Daniel
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