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  1. Sodndale, beyond the airport

    I had seen the comment about "just the airport" and was holding off on Sogndal. I had read the release regarding the outlying towns. Thanks for posting more of the whole area, great shots. Your idea worked. I'll be picking up Sogndal this evening. I just love Norway. Thanks of course to Andreas.
  2. Thank you JV and the team

    JV, Thank you for bringing this issue to a positive solution that appears fair for all. I also appreciate you leaving the thread open yesterday and allowing folks to express their opinion. I may not agree with your style, but you always seem to do the right thing in the end. Which is what is important. You guys make great products and are the reason I'm back into flight simming. I look forward to new releases. I'm not sure if this was aimed at me but I would like to address this from your final post on the discussion thread: "Can I just say how taken aback I am at the ferocity of some of the posts in this topic, it's very disappointing. Most people seemed to have posted without even trying to install a product using FTX Central but chose instead to inflame the situation. We are simply trying to do our best and provide the best online store for you all. Don't be too quick to cry foul when in fact we have only capped a single function of the entire OrbxDirect system to one per day. Everything else works as it should." First off, I never chose to inflame the situation, you did that all on your own. I asked directly several times if this applied to installs or backup files only. I never got a response to my question. I did get grilled about why would I want to reinstall my system and told that there is no tone in email. But you never answered my direct question regarding whether this applied only to backups. That answer would have cleared everything up, at least for me. So you can pass this off as I didn't understand you, but you had plenty of opportunities to clear this up. You decided to take another tack. Thanks for the space to express myself. All is well. hank
  3. Nick, Thanks for fixing my font, I didn't catch it. I won't get into a religious battle about installing fresh vs copying files. My experience, I have a lot of it, has been that it is always best to reinstall fresh. Everyone can go about however they want. I don't have a clean install right now so that doesn't work for me. Also what would that baseline be, ORBX products, addon aircraft, what would be baseline? If I understand your solution above it only applies if you only have FTX products installed. Not sure if that is correct but it makes no difference. Your asking users to avoid your installers and instead copy files around and hope for the best. Unprofessional for a developer your size and not acceptable to me. One of my (growing) frustrations is that you (ORBX) keep deflecting from the main point. Which is, if I need to reinstall my purchased ORBX products I can only do this one product per day. ORBX touted how great going to the cloud was going to be for customers. I bought in. I followed all the instructions, I've deleted all my old FSS downloads and now I'm being made to look like this is my problem. This is not fair to me, plain and simple. I have faith that ORBX will provide a fair solution. hank
  4. JV, I have a dedicated PC for my flight sim that I rebuild at least once a year from the ground up. This keeps my install cleaned up and provides a solid known base. In this scenario saving folders and copying them back defeats the whole purpose. I could copy the whole P3D folder and hack the registry also, you wouldn’t suggest that. But I’m not sure why that is relevant here at all. I was looking forward to using ORBXDirect and FTC Central v3 for my next rebuild, no wrappers to deal with! I have no problem with moving forward. I think your communication pre-launch was very good. As I stated, I tried to read everything I could and thought I understood the process very well. My plan was to rebuild my PC, reinstall P3D, transfer my license to ORBXDirect, and use the new facility to reinstall my ORBX products. That is what I understood was the proper procedure for reinstall. There were several questions pre-launch concerning this exact scenario of rebuilding and the consensus was to wait for ORBXDirect and Central v3 then rebuild. The reasons for waiting were no more wrappers, download speeds would be better, and unlimited downloads. This is what I took from your pre-launch communication. If I misunderstood please let me know. I’ve asked in this thread to clarify if this one per day is applied to installs also or only to backups. I have no interest in storing backups since you touted moving to the cloud. It sure seems if this was caused by a few users that is who you should have addressed. Is there a way to see that I have purchased products not installed, then allow me to install more than one per day? Really, expecting me to take months to install products I’ve already purchased while saying buy something new and you can download all you want is poor customer support. I’m just trying to figure out where to go from here. I’ve been a great customer and I love your products. You seem to have made a bad business decision and instead of doing everything you can to make it up to the customer you are blaming them. You committed to allowing users to download backups, reassuring them they would be able to, and now you’re saying they’re the problem. You are really starting to sound like a politician. Once you change the rules like this you can no longer expect trust. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I had the issue with the blurries after migration, mighty frustrating, but you guys provided a good solution. I do have doubts about future purchases from ORBX and will your infrastructure sustain the load. Will you just make up new rules as you go? I will wait to see how this one turns out and I am confident you’ll find a fair solution. But, if it takes months to use your installers to install my purchases, I’ll certainly be rethinking my commitment to ORBX. Just my, probably not wanted opinion, but instructing people to copy folders and files around instead of using your installers is asking for trouble. You should have a good handle on what your user community is all about by now. hank (I hope you don't mind, your font size was making my eyes hurt. Nick)
  5. I won't quote AUREL42's long post but I will say I agree 100% (although I do have a long history with ORBX products) and this is exactly how I feel about ORBX right now. I've read and followed all of the FAQs and posts regarding moving to ORBXDirect and FTX Central 3 and was looking forward to it. I can follow directions, I'm not planning on doing backups of every install file. I do want to do a "clean" install of my OS and P3D, to include ORBX. I want a clean install due to some of the issues raised above (don't want to copy over my existing folder). If I understand correctly, as of now, you're saying I can only install one product that I have previously purchased per day. This would take a few months to reinstall my ORBX products, I must be misunderstanding this. Does this new rule really limit installs? This is due to a few customers overusing the backup capability? Why would everyone suffer? I do have faith that ORBX will come up with a better and fairer solution(?) than this.
  6. I would have no problem with upping prices across the board for new purchases. For the products that I currently own, part of selling ORBXDirect and FTX Central was the promise that you would be entitled to unlimited downloads and that the download speeds would be sufficient. There were several threads before ORBXDirect and FTX Central with users concerned about backups and download capacity, we were assured this would not be an issue. Personally, I understand the dilemma, I don't use the backups in this manner (although I may start). But, it seems ORBX ignored or overlooked this "need" by several customers to backup. Maybe limit backup downloads but not installs? I've followed all the instructions and am trying to do it the ORBX way, I'm not sure why I have to suffer, or pay more for doing so. JV's tone does not help matters at all. hank
  7. John, Does this limit only apply to these backup downloads? I am planning on rebuilding my system from the OS up over our U.S. thanksgiving holiday (Nov. 24). I've specifically waited for FTX v3 and some of the dust to settle. I do not care about backups and am glad you are going cloud based. But, are you saying I can only install one product per day under these new guidelines? As far as $30 for downloads you already said I was entitled to....I'm not buying it.
  8. Return to Misty Moorings has a STOL competition set up at their "Annette Island Fly In" Scenery. edited to add: Valdez is spectacular by the way!
  9. useful tip **FTX Enhanced Freeware Airport requests**

    Please consider; KAPN - Alpena County Regional or KPZQ - Rogers City or KDRM - Drummond Island There's not much on the sunrise side of Michigan. Thanks for the taking the time to do these.
  10. John, I purchased Horovice last night just before your offer, it was the only one I didn't have. Hopefully my purchase can be part of the offer to Vlad's family (I'm not asking for the discount). My order number was FSS0524473. Thanks for doing this. RIP Vlad.
  11. RIP Vlad Maly

    Condolences to his family and all who knew him. Love all of his work, I'll be taking a turn around Parry Sound this evening.
  12. Snap view to insturments?

    I use a second monitor below my main monitor. I open an extra view, something like IFR Main Instruments (depends on the aircraft), undock the view and move it to the second monitor. This works great for me. You can also assign panel views to keystrokes, this may be where the idea of "Shift+Num" comes in. I may not be using the right terminology here, but I'm close. For instance, you could assign a radio stack panel to "Shift+1" and pop it on and off your main screen with Shift+1. Some aircraft have some of these combinations built in but you can add your own. You could also assign keys to jump directly to a view. Two keys to switch between VC and no VC view would work. hank
  13. Curved Monitors

    Ken and Bruce, Thank you both for the information.
  14. Curved Monitors

    Ken Terry, Sorry to jump in here, I'm also looking into the Phillips. I've read 5 or 6 reviews and none of them have mentioned the monitor going black. Would you have a link or more info? Thanks, hank
  15. Limberlost Ranch

    Could it be that you have to start on runway 10 not the "Active " runway when loading the airport? BTW, I love this package....nicely done!