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  1. The Beech is capable for Tipella with some practice, but your approach speed @ 100 KIAS is a bit hot for Tipella. The runway runs uphill by 13 ft. when using the South approach. This will help braking and keep you on the strip...not in the river. I'd suggest any aircraft with STOL capability and an approach speed less than 90 KIAS. The freeware Dash 7 by Milton Shupe is a good STOL for this strip if you don't have a livery of pay ware to draw from. The Dash 7 is very stable and has a four turboprops for reverse thrust once on the ground. Short strips are a great challenge in this aircraft.
  2. I'd like to personally thank you Mike and the crew at ASN for taking the time to put together this wonderful review. Squamish was definitely my experiment, intended to expand the concept of what the simulator environment should offer. With recent improvements we've seen in simulator tech I attempted to utilize the new platforms to their highest potential. I believe that in reality, I have barely scratched the surface. I hope you, and the community at large will continue to enjoy all of the small features I built in to this beautiful location. Cheers
  3. Really a fantastic review. It's obvious a tremendous amount of time went into the evaluation and comprehensive screen shots. Thanks so much.
  4. Hi Bill, You're correct, Musa has no IACO, so it won't load through the Go To Airport menu. To spawn at WA7M Musa, first fly into WA7M, then save the flight at the Musa location, To launch a new flight from Musa you can load the saved flight. The windsock should be working. Post up a screen shot...I want to see that it is the correct model.
  5. I did quite a bit of the test/dev flying at CYSE with this old bird. Great shots...and sense of nostalgia.
  6. Super shots Jimmy. That last one could easily pass for real. Excellent settings....
  7. The trick in the development work is to try to anticipate where the sim is headed, and accommodate where it has been. Looks like V2.3 is going to provide a great environment for the new builds. Happy to see you enjoying the update. Great video...keeps the inspiration level high.
  8. Really convincing shots....you've nailed the colors. The 172 looks right at home.
  9. OK... I just did a quick test and installed the original Walter Sutton on top of the new Sutton in FSX. I ended up with both, which is what I would expect. Then I hand deleted all of the files, leaving no trace of WA79. I installed from the original installer into FSX...got a good install of the Walters you are looking for. So.. let's work your problem. Hand delete: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_WA79 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\User Documents\Versions\FTX_US_WA79 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Flight Simulator
  10. One quick question Howard. Are you running only FSX or FSX/P3Dv2 on your system?
  11. Hi Howard, You should still be seeing the tractor in front of the house with the mechanic working on it. Also Walter will be found drinking beer in his usual spot at dusk only...spring, summer and fall. If you aren't seeing these and the other people I added we need to look at your install. The grass is a matter of removing the existing bgl and replacing it with the original.
  12. I'm going to have to go with all 10's on that one...that was just toooo good.
  13. Hey there Howard, I'd try deleting the OrbxFTXWA79120 using Wolter's guidelines, then run the registry cleaner tool http://www.fullterrain.com/support.html (bottom of page), then install your original. We have another option. We can place the original people and grass .bgl files into the new OrbxFTXWA79120 build, and re-name or delete the new files that you don't want to use. I can walk you through that process. I'll keep on eye on this thread to see how you're doing.
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