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  1. The Beech is capable for Tipella with some practice, but your approach speed @ 100 KIAS is a bit hot for Tipella. The runway runs uphill by 13 ft. when using the South approach. This will help braking and keep you on the strip...not in the river. I'd suggest any aircraft with STOL capability and an approach speed less than 90 KIAS. The freeware Dash 7 by Milton Shupe is a good STOL for this strip if you don't have a livery of pay ware to draw from. The Dash 7 is very stable and has a four turboprops for reverse thrust once on the ground. Short strips are a great challenge in this aircraft. You can actually get the Dash in at Tipella using only half the strip once you learn the airplane. Approach speed in the Dash is about 80-85 KIAS depending upon weight. For most bush strips an initial overfly is highly recommended to establish your short final, line up and speed. Give it a few runs in something more suited to the strip, then try the Beech once you have a feel for the location. The water landings are, of course, a different experience and quite comfortable. Be sure to take advantage of the beaching ramp at the water hangar. You can save your flight once parked in the hangar, then spawn in directly from the saved flight menu on future flights.
  2. I'd like to personally thank you Mike and the crew at ASN for taking the time to put together this wonderful review. Squamish was definitely my experiment, intended to expand the concept of what the simulator environment should offer. With recent improvements we've seen in simulator tech I attempted to utilize the new platforms to their highest potential. I believe that in reality, I have barely scratched the surface. I hope you, and the community at large will continue to enjoy all of the small features I built in to this beautiful location. Cheers
  3. Really a fantastic review. It's obvious a tremendous amount of time went into the evaluation and comprehensive screen shots. Thanks so much.
  4. An great review with an un-biased perspective. Thanks Andrew.
  5. I did quite a bit of the test/dev flying at CYSE with this old bird. Great shots...and sense of nostalgia.
  6. Super shots Jimmy. That last one could easily pass for real. Excellent settings....
  7. The trick in the development work is to try to anticipate where the sim is headed, and accommodate where it has been. Looks like V2.3 is going to provide a great environment for the new builds. Happy to see you enjoying the update. Great video...keeps the inspiration level high.
  8. Really convincing shots....you've nailed the colors. The 172 looks right at home.
  9. I'm going to have to go with all 10's on that one...that was just toooo good.
  10. Great shots and color. Are these edits or straight caps?
  11. Great video...and thank you. Sutton/Musa will make a good pilot out of you for sure. I originally took my training in '67 at Meadowlark Field in Huntington Beach, CA in our C-150. We had power lines at both thresholds. Sutton had a nice familiar feeling to me when I was working on the re-boot. Glad to see everyone enjoying this great little strip. Cheers
  12. I'd love to see the helmet cam video....nudge nudge....wink wink
  13. Always the innovator Ted....great video. I had to fire up the JBLs to really appreciate this one... KUDOS
  14. A unique approach (pardon the pun). It must have taken a bit of time to set up the capture of the horse rearing up. Very well done.
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